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The Saxophones
Songs of the Saxophones

The Saxophones started as the solo project of Alex Erenkov. He wanted to incorporate some basic percussion into his sound so recruited his wife, Alison Alderdice, which also meant he could take her on tour with him. As you can probably tell from the cover of Songs Of The Saxaphones, he’s quite fond of her. Their influences...view item »

Songs You Make At Night

Rather like The Great Conjunction in The Dark Crystal, Tunng’s shifting personnel have aligned once again, for the first time in many years, just as they were at the outset.. I remember them back in 2007 as shaggy-haired, semi-electronic Brit-folksters, but something’s definitely happened in the intervening ...view item »

Michael Nau
Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread

The Mighty Thread is not a really bad conversation on a message board that deviates into people agreeing to disagree, but rather the bonus name for Michael Nau, who made a bright, folksy record in Some Twist. He's back with this knottily poetic follow-up that embraces ambiguity and uncert...view item »

Katie Von Schleicher
Glad To Be Here

Katie Von Schleicher returns with the first material since her 2017 LP Shitty Hits. ‘Glad To Be Here’ and ‘Party Dawn’ were recorded in the artist’s home of Maryland while on a break from touring, and the pair serve as Von Schleicher taking stock of how things are going. The pair are both b...view item »

Micah P. Hinson
Micah P. Hinson at The British Broadcasting Corporation

This record, which comes presented within a pleasingly vintage-style Ghost Box-esque sleeve design, documents various performances given by Micah P. Hinson for Marc Riley at the BBC, over the course of f...view item »

The Saxophones
Aloha / Just You

The Saxophones, an Oakland trio containing just the one saxophonist, are ready to start the new year on an exceedingly gentle note. ‘Aloha’ on the A-side is a barely-there dream-indie plod that resembles a sort of sugary, summer-pop version of Zelienople...view item »

Micah P. Hinson
Presents The Holy Strangers

Haughty Hinson and his big ideas. Let’s make a folk record, he says; let’s make a folk opera that spans existence from life to death, he says. Martyring himself as music’s answer to Richard Linklater (more ‘Boyhood’ than ‘School of Rock’), he ‘Presents the Holy Strangers’, a record documentin...view item »

Katie Von Schleicher
Shitty Hits

The debut album from the complicatedly named Katie Von Schleicher is an album of sweet pop that has nods towards the 70s soft pop of the likes of Emitt Rhodes. The grandiose arrangements suggest she could fit in as tour support the Lemon Twigs pretty nicely. Kind of emotiona...view item »

The Magnetic North
Orkney: Symphony of the Magnetic North

This little beaut here is the work of 'supergroup' The Magnetic North', which seems primarily to be under the capable direction of Erland "& the Carnival" Cooper, driven to creativity by a visit from a dead girl from the 1770s in a dream...view item »

White Denim

I'm pretty sure I've written some words about White Denim in the past, I can't remember what though. I'm getting by on a small amount of brain cells these days. 'Fits' I think is their second album for Full Time Hobby. It combines elements of 60's psychedelic rock, with a bit of a garage/ blues feel. They're a pretty rockin bunch actually and they ...view item »

Samantha Crain
You Had Me At Goodbye

Samantha Crain is fucking funny now. I mean, it’s tragic, but she sings about her dog dying with a wink on “Antiseptic Greeting”, the opener to ‘You Had Me at Goodbye’, and I have to kick myself to remember this is the same artist who made a rather pastoral folk record on ‘Under Branch & Tree’. The s...view item »

Michael Nau
Some Twist

After the short lived indie-folk-pop projects Page France and Cotton Jones Michael Nau went it alone, and after two full lengths in 2016 he returns to Full Time Hobby with a third. Close, warm and personal indie pop tracks with Good Thing being a perfect lead into his fireside crackle tone. Bleedin&rsqu...view item »


Recorded at the marvellously named Total Refreshment Centre in London, Venn are a London and Berlin trio who play a nice variation on the current vogue for all things kraut. The synths are squiggling, the drums are suitably Neu-like but right from the get go Venn are not content with simply making kraut shape...view item »

Aidan Knight
Small Reveal

Small Reveal is the brainchild of Aidan Knight, and is as sparse and songwriterly as you would expect from the Canadian-born indie-rocker. Tinged with folk and an experimental approach, the record is wistfully escapist and becomes a cinematic, immediate and evocative expedition across unfathomable land...view item »

Michael Nau

Twinkly folkie Michael Nau will make you feel like you're in a lounge receiving a good playlist of musical mood-lighting, with downbeat but ultimately hooking pop tunes produced and arranged with the starkness of an arena pop artist and the intimacy of The Tallest Man on Earth. Joined by a roster ...view item »


I was never really a fan of Tunng but I sure as hell remember what they sound like and it’s nothing like this. Indeed Throws are the two Tunng main men  Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders in collaboration. Since moving to Rekjavik and the even more glamorous Sheffield respectively,  the two have rarely conne...view item »

The Magnetic North
Prospect Of Skelmersdale

Assuming you are not stuck lifelong in traffic, if you drive up the M6 from Warrington towards Preston and look to your left you’ll see the town of Skelmersdale. It was originally designed as a new town to house overspill from Merseyside (or those wanting to escape) and managed to somehow lose 4000 inhabitants between 2004 and 2006. It&r...view item »

Aidan Knight
Each Other

I’ve always dreamt of Boduf Songs having the arena rock scope of Coldplay, and Aidan Knight has kindly obliged my subconscious with ‘Each Other’. This record of twilit guitar riffs, swirling synth magic and soft, low-concept drama makes for a record of curiously e...view item »

Flourish // Perish

Canada’s best kept secret Braids release the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut ‘Native Speaker’, now signed to Full Time Hobby, ‘Flourish/Perish’ is the sound of a collective of musicians really doing what they love, experimenting with electronics and inventing new sounds, Br...view item »

Till It's All Forgotten

I've got it into my head that this album is going to be a bit overshadowed by the forthcoming Julia Holter opus. It shouldn't. While Holter's record is probably going to be a future classic, Farao's shouldn't be underestimated. It's one of those records we've played regularly in the office without anyone really...view item »

School Of Seven Bells

SVIIB is the final studio album by School of Seven Bells. It was recorded in 2012. At the time of recording, School of Seven Bells were a duo consisting of Benjamin Curtis, previously of Secret Machines and Alejandra Deheza following the departure of her sister Claudia Deheza in 2010. S...view item »


Clint once described a Dralms song as “like a dream where you die at the end”. Can I bequeath any higher praise? My personal subconscious has protected me from dream death for twenty two years and counting (thanks, bud) so I’ll compare Dralms’ music to a different kind of dream: the one where you try to run, but walk even...view item »

Samantha Crain
Under Branch & Thorn & Tree

Unless there was a recording studio under that branch, thorn and tree, I contest this record’s pastoral chops. Samantha Crain has made a fine record, here, but it’s not the sparse folk story you might expect, involving instead a great deal of enigmatic production and electronic supplementing. Though Crain has her guitar and voice to ...view item »

Jacco Gardner

Jacco Gardner measures psych with a ruler. Unlike a lot of artists crafting tunes after their ‘60s heart and never worrying about the ramifications -- or acts like Foxygen, who make woefully sloppy concept albums twenty songs strong -- Gardner is a precise master of the silly pop music. With an abiding affecti...view item »

The Leisure Society
The Fine Art Of Hanging On

The Leisure Society’s debut ‘The Sleeper’ was a fantastic album of folky lullabies that made me get a speck in my eye on several occasions.  Since then they’ve rather strayed too far into the Mumfords folk festival territory for me at times but still remain a worthy entity. The ...view item »


Diagrams is a project by songwriter and producer Mr Sam Genders. His previous album was pretty good fun. Here on Chromatics Gender’s voice sounds a bit like that of an annoying priest who waters everything he says down a bit with a sickly smile and finishes his sentences with “God be with you and your family...view item »

Timber Timbre
Hot Dreams

Canuck Kirk “Timber Timbre” Taylor (“Soldier Spy”) returns with a new album this week, and no sooner do I start writing about it than Kim comes over saying it’s like Nat King Cole and Roy Orbison and Leonard Cohen. “It’s like a big hotchpotch of things that are really ...view item »

Erland & The Carnival
Closing Time

Erland Cooper is a strange specimen, someone playing a style of music which I tend to dislike - earnest, sweeping indie rock with big sentimental arrangements that is in many ways as radio-bland as Coldplay, The National or Stornoway - and ye...view item »

The John Steel Singers
Everything's A Thread

Phil sees the word ‘Australian’ and the word ‘pop’ on the same page and immediately sounds the Clinton klaxon. I was hoping to dislike this just to prove him wrong but nah...he’s right. The first main track here (there’s a little intro piece that precedes it) is a wonderfully technicolour slice of pop ...view item »

Smoke Fairies
Smoke Fairies

Smoke Fairies are one of those groups whose move towards the mainstream has been slow and steady. Each album seems to be more palatable to the mainstream than the previous one but they never do anything drastic enough to make you want to scream 'sell out' at them. I've written the words 'bit dull' on the post-it note on the front of the CD promo...view item »

Samantha Crain
Kid Face

The second time today I’ve played something which I seem to already know. Are these records just so infectious or have I really heard these things before somehow, somewhere? This Samantha Crain record was produced by John Vanderslice who, as well as having a name you can really get your teeth around, ...view item »


Seams is the alias of Berlin-based Briton James Welch, and ‘Quarters’ apparently takes its title from having been recorded in four different areas of the city. What’s happening on this LP is clicky and rhythmic electronica with shades of FourTet and ...view item »


This is the fifth album from those folktronica masters Tunng, ‘Turbines’ is the fruits of a heady 3 years work what with their last album being 2010’s ‘...And Then We Saw Land’, it’s certainly great to see them back doing what they do best. The cover features art from longtime friend and collaborator Vanessa d...view item »

Hooded Fang

I thought nothing of Hooded Fang’s first record but I have kind of enjoyed this second one, they’ve developed their garage rock sound further on to the point that they no longer sound like The Strokes without the tunes. It’s a blitzkreig sound with ...view item »

Reason To Believe - The Songs Of Tim Hardin

During a recent crisis, I drove across the pennines with Tim Hardin’s ‘Hang Onto A Dream-  The Verve Recordings’ on repeat. Partly as I just couldn’t be bothered to change the CD and partly because it’s bloody amazing. We have an age range of almost 20 years here at the towers and yet not one person apart from ...view item »

Omega Male
Omega Male

Features David Best from Fujiya & Miyagi it says on the sleeve. Presumably not the David Best I used to work with, a man who coined the ‘shuffling bits of paper around’ phrase that perfectly describes much of the office work I&rsq...view item »

Tourist / Sleeper

Hampshire/Berliner James Welch aka Seams is a brand new artist on Full Time Hobby and also to me as I’ve not heard of him before. New music for old ears...nice! This is a collection of two EPs called Tourist and Sleeper. Tourist is four tracks of summery electronic toy...view item »

Free Time

It's taken a little while but the drifting dreamy Beach Boyscapes of Panda Bear's lauded 'Person Pitch' record is finally being re-produced by others hoping to catch onto some of the magic that catapulted that album into the stratosphere. Firstly the excellent recent single by Jagwa Ma bu...view item »

School Of Seven Bells

A band with that most trusted of career trajectory of starting promisingly and managing to get worse on each release, School of Seven Bells have veered from a a vaguely interesting nu-gaze (sorry) proposition that showed hints of heading in a direction that could be termed interesting, to...view item »

Black Light

Diagrams is the brainchild of ex Tunng and The Accidental chappie Sam Genders. It's quite a departure from the former projects of this leftfield songsmith.. His voice is still as strong (yet sometimes fragile) as it was when he was laying electronic folk hits upon ya, but gone is the more ...view item »

This Is Tunng... Live From The BBC

This newie from Tunng is already a firm favourite with me. It's an LP that spans their career, and features their numerous BBC radio sessions. They have recorded sessions for Lauren Laverne, Huw “Welsh” Stephens, Marc Reilly and others. It's what you would expect from Tunng. It...view item »

Timber Timbre
Creep On Creepin' On

T.T a.k.a Kirk Taylor returns with a second collection of cosy mis-shapen pop recordings on Full Time Hobby. Anyone familiar with T.T will be aware of Taylor's rather strange take on a classic crooner vocal style. It's part Roy Orbison, part Richard Hawley fighting the power of a couple of strong valiums he consumed earlier in the day. 'Creep On...view item »

Erland & The Carnival

I know these have been kicking about for ages but I think this is the first time I've actually heard them. They're better than I thought they'd be! Way better actually. I mean, apparently the first album was Paul Weller's album of the year.. Not exactly the kind of accolade which generally gets me sprinting to the turntable but now I can see tha...view item »

Fujiya & Miyagi

I am a huge fan of Fujiya & Miyagi's breakout compilation, Transparent Things, and though Lightbulbs managed to push the band in a slightly new direction, it lacked the tight songwriting and general groove of its predecessor. Stylistically, this album is less varied than Lightbulbs, lacking that record's softer side, but the new songs simply...view item »

School Of Seven Bells
Disconnect From Desire

What is going on with all this watered down shoegaze we get these days? These guys have been absorbing late period Lush & Cocteaus I reckon. From the ethereal vocal harmonies to dated dance beats, these luscious ladies & their male cohort sound like a Goa backpacker's dream. I cannot bring myself to dislike it too much as they sound like...view item »

Micah P. Hinson
And The Pioneer Saboteurs

Quick, dust off them spurs, pardoner, don your stetson and marry your sister, The new album from Micah P Henson is here. Its a sprawling opus of wonder and grandiosity, a bit like the Old West itself or a night out with Keith Chegwin,if you will. This record sounds really great. All the songs are spacious and very much rooted in the mysticism of...view item »

White Denim
Workout Holiday

There's loads of bands with 'white' in their name at the moment and similarly there's loads of bands with black in the title. Lots of bands with wolf or wolves in their name. I wonder if its just because we are running out of words or are there so many bands now there's not enough words to go around. White Denim are hamstrung by having a very bad...view item »

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