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Pye Corner Audio
Hollow Earth

Not to be confused with 2017 EP Where Things Are Hollow (which is really good, by the way), here we have another new LP from Pye Corner Audio entitled Hollow Earth. The third album Martin Jenkins has done for Ghost Box as PCA sees him updating the sound of some of the label’s classic artists. The quixotic electronica of The Focus Group and The Advisory Circle is beefed up with a little bit of techno edge by Pye Corner Audio here.
  • Vinyl LP (GBX032LP)
  • CD (GBX032CD)

Sharron Kraus with Belbury Poly
Other Voices 10

How can't you get excited by this? First up it's the last ever release on Ghostbox's highly collectible 'Other Voices' series and second up it's a track by wondrous folk musician and singer Sharron Kraus backed with a remix by Ghostbox favourites Belbury Poly.  You just know these will be collectible so don't miss out.  

The Apple Tree

Hintermass is the duo project of The Advisory Circle’s Jon Brooks and Tim Felton of Broadcast. In appropriate Ghost Box style, they slink around they combine sweet melodic song with uncanny electronic touches: komische was a particularly strong influence here. The Apple Tree, their first album in 5 years, is out on Ghost Box.
  • CD (GBX023 CD)
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Beautify Junkyards
Other Voices 08

Beautify Junkyards sound like the perfect Ghost Box band. Their music is full of hazy 1960s memories, harpsichords and hazed out vocals. We hear bits of Broadcast, Pink Floyd and Nick Nicely in their swirling sound. This limited release on the Other Voices series should turn a few people on who missed their  2015 album 'The Beast Shouted Love'.

Beautify Junkyards
The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards

The third LP for Lisbon hypnagogicists Beautify Junkyards sees the group sticking to the rose-tinted music that landed them on Ghost Box in the first place. The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards brings together English acid folk stylings, Brazilian tropicalia, Iberian psych and the German Kosmische to create a style that sounds suspended in space and time. Stereolab and Os Mutantes come to mind, but Beautify Junkyards are out on their own with this one.
  • Vinyl LP (GBX030LP)
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Belbury Poly & Moon Wiring Club
Other Voices 09

Two of Ghostbox's best and brightest collaborate on the latest in this ongoing series of limited 7"s. Moon Wiring Club is graphic designer Ian Hodgson who specialises in creepy soundtracks, Belbury Poly is Ghostbox founder the magnificently named Jim Jupp who is interested in 70's library recordings and TV soundtracks. Buy this record to find out what happened when they got together.  

The Focus Group
Stop-Motion Happening

Ghost Box founder Julian House returns with more psychedelic sound collages, though in a way more in line with the Avalanches than Schaeffer. This unpredictable journey is playful and psychedelic, referencing saturday morning kids TV, Italian horror movies and Eastern European animation. 
  • CD (GBX028CD)
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The Belbury Circle
Outward Journeys

Two of the head honchos of Ghost Box hauntological music meet together here for their first full-length collaboration! The Advisory Circle and Belbury Poly have become The Belbury Circle… The resulting album is a beautiful nostalgic trip through the future as imagined in 1981, with all the right elements working in all the right ways. LP, CD and tape editions on Ghost Box.

The Advisory Circle
Ways of Seeing

Inspired by late 70s and early 80s electronica, The Advisory Circle's 'Ways of Seeing' is a meticulously produced and melodically rich body of work, Jon Brooks lacing the record with a sparkling, fresh vibe. Look out for cameos from Friendly Fire's Ed Macfarlane and Edd Gibson. A substantial, heavyweight record.

Pye Corner Audio

Synth expert Martin Jenkins rolls another one out as Pye Corner Audio. This is his second LP on Ghost Box and in a way it is a sequel to 2012's 'Sleep Games'. What you can be sure of is massive big old fashioned synth sounds that reference all the greats including Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and John Carpenter.  
  • Vinyl LP (GBX025LP)

Ghost Box
Logo T-shirt (Orange & Black)

Be the coolest dad on the school run with one of these lovely Ghost Box T-Shirts. Their classic logo in orange on a black cotton tee in all sizes from hipster small to big old fat forty five year old extra large. Perfect for relaxing whilst remembering what library music from the 70s sounded like. 
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  • Ghost Box

Ghost Box
Logo T-shirt (White & Grey)

Ghost Box's designs are too good to be wasted purely on record sleeves so why not pick up a t-shirt that you can wear to any event and ensure that everyone knows that you know all about retro synths and library music from the seventies. Al kinds of sizes available all the way from Alexis Taylor to Action Bronson. 
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  • Ghost Box

Brooks and O'Hagan
Other Voices 01

Another lovely thing of note in today is the first in a new series of highly collectible 7"s on the Ghost Box label. The Advisory Circle's Jon Brooks and Stereolab/High Llamas legend Sean O' Hagan get up close and personal with two wee vinyl faces of sweet sunshine pop delivered just in time for the weather to turn to shit. Being the first in the series and also the work of two highly regarded UK underground musicians we expect this to fly out so please don't snooze. You know you'll lose.
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  • Ghost Box

Listening Center
Other Voices 02

David Mason's synth work is influenced by accidentally hearing subliminal music in television and visual media, as well as in found sound sources. His work under the Listening Center moniker for Ghost Box has involved crafting unexpected melodic works from electronic equipment; this time around, on 'Other Voices 02', he cites educational music used in schools as an inspiration.

The Pattern Forms
Other Voices 03

The third 7” in Ghost Box’s ‘Other Voices’ series involves the intriguing trio of The Advisory Circle’s Jon Brooks and Friendly Fires’ Ed Gibson and Ed MacFarlane. As might be expected from such a team-up, the two tracks are highly melodic, beautifully constructed and gently eerie, similar to a witch-haunted XTC or the pastoral songcraft of Emptyset man James Ginzburg in his Faint Wild Light guise.

Steve Moore
Other Voices 04

Zombi synth sorcerer Steve Moore contributes two helpings of kosmische reverie to Ghost Box’s ‘Other Voices’ 7” series. It’s a wonder this particular hook-up has taken so long to happen, as the correspondences between the haunted audio of Ghost Box and Moore’s own brand of gleaming retrofuturism are undeniable, while the two camps have maintained a mutual respect for some time. A (Tangerine) dream team, then.

Pye Corner Audio
Sleep Games

Here is a much-needed vinyl re-press of Pye Corner Audio's 2012 era opus on Ghost Box. This is a supremely eerie batch of warming nostalgia-synth from the self styled Head Technician. Influenced by John Carpenter and Italo horror films, this is a dreamy odyssey of analogue synths with fragments of underground techno.  

The Advisory Circle
From Out Here

The Advisory Circle almost interlude style electronic music inspired by library records and the such. The sound is electronic but warm, it’s soundtrack like and could be be the music behind a science fiction film from the 80s, as our brave protagonist steps out onto the surface of the desolate planet for the first time. There are echoes of Jeff Wayne’s War of The Worlds but From Out Here is much much more than just an 80s tribute act. Vinyl comes with download code, CD comes with three bonus tracks.

The Pattern Forms
Peel Away The Ivy

Collaborative project between Edward Gibson and Edward Macfarlane of Friendly Fires, and Jon Brooks of Hintermass. The Pattern Forms is 80s soundtrack inspired, from heart warming ballads, to city nighttime drives, to youthful exuberance, loved and lost. All built on a bed of synths, vocal harmonies, and blissed out hooks.

Im Hag

Berlin’s ToiToiToi thinks of German culture and internationalism while he makes the music on Im Hag, his debut album for the Ghost Box label. The pieces here are a beautiful mixture of the rural / bucolic / acoustic and the urban / synth / electronic, ending up with a European angle on a very Ghost Boxy sound. Presented on LP and CD editions, designed with typically gorgeous Ghost Box style.
  • Vinyl LP (GBX027LP)
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In A Moment... Ghost Box

Available on either double heavyweight vinyl, or a double digipak CD, In A Moment….Ghost Box is a collection from the label’s back catalogue to celebrate ten years of releases. Hand picked and remastered, artists include Pye Corner Audio, Belbury Poly, The Advisory Circle, and John Foxx to name a few.

Belbury Poly
New Ways Out

It seems that Jim Jupp’s long-running Belbury Poly project has managed to escape from the tangled maze of hauntology, and is pushing out into more unambiguously happy vintage territory! New Ways Out shimmers brightly with synths, flutes and guitars, and even grooves on some glam-rock stomp vibes at times. On Ghost Box.

Pye Corner Audio
Other Voices 05

Two smashing sides of classic retro-futurist Ghost Box action here from Pye Corner Audio. Other Voices 05 provides another vibing insight into the imagined past-world that exists in the collective mind of Ghost Box; assisted on the B-side by Belbury Poly. All vintage synth-chime working up and down. 7” vinyl single.

Cavern of Anti-Matter
Other Voices 06

Ex-Stereolab frontman releases heavyweight 7” vinyl on Ghost Box. Has a more perfect sentence ever been written? Tim Gane’s Cavern of Anti-Matter beam shimmering guitar lines and motorik grooves straight from who-knows-where. We do know the rich guitar and synth jams were recorded especially for this series and that, as always, Ghost Box package it impeccably.

Other Voices 07

Another unique release from the esteemed Ghost Box label. This heavyweight vinyl 7” from ToiToiToi is an eccentric blend of drum machines and homemade synthesizers. The two tracks on Other Voices 07 are a perfect fit for the small-town psychedelia and library music of Julian House and Jim Jupp’s label. It’s also beautifully packaged and includes a download code.

Listening Center / Pye Corner Audio
Study Series 09 'Projections'

Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle
Inversions (Study Series 08)

Satellite Stream

Acquaintance is a member of Bristol's Anti-Ghost Moon Ray collective which also includes Gazelle Twin, Bernholz and Great Pagans, and 'Satellite Stream' is his debut album following a promising EP. His real name is Chris Griffin and he plays a dreamlike hypnotic electronic pop inspired by '80s pop, '90s r'n'b, house and techno, and led distinctive layers of breathy androgynous vocals.

John Foxx & The Belbury Circle
Empty Avenues

Pye Corner Audio With The Advisory Circle
Autumnal Activities

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The Advisory Circle / The Advisory Circle with Hong Kong in the 60s
Study Series 02: Cycles & Seasons