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Ulan Bator
Ego: Echo

one of bests album of this band!!!GREAT!!!It was produced by Michael Gira (Swans) in 2001...It's the first american releases by the band...(I think) by YOUNG GOD RECORDS. ...view item »

Akron/ Family
Akron/ Family

This is an album that could have only been made in the 21st century. It does not suffer as a result. It is honest and at times, very sad. And yet, it does not wallow in self-pity or depression - it sounds both somber AND proud. Some of the production techniques are unusual, and yet, quite often, it's usually just a voice and a guitar with ambien...view item »

The Seer

As the current incarnation of Swans draws to a close, here’s the second studio album by that version of the band, from 2012. Michael Gira assembled a lineup of veterans like Norman Westberg and new blood including Thor Harris, guest spots from the likes of Karen O...view item »

We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head

I was fortunate enough to see Swans live twice on their last tour and they totally blew me away. I don't think I've seen such an intense, powerful, absorbing band in my life. In short they had you by the balls until the end of show (t...view item »

Wooden Wand
Death Seat

It seems like seconds ago that I reviewed an earlier Wooden Wand LP. This is his debut on Young God and barely has a label and artist fit together so glove-like. Its dark, back porch, slightly eerie, very bleak, coming from a lineage starting with Hank Williams veering past Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, and resting at the somewhat over populated world...view item »

James Blackshaw
All Is Falling

Here ol' professional geetar fondler Jake Blimshirt offers up his second optimum lengther for Mike Giro's foreboding folknoir imprint. Once you make it past the awesome piano led opener you're thrust into a vast chasm of sweet neo-classical beauty & cinematic, orchestrated folk. He's gone "electric" on this record but not in th...view item »

Fire On Fire
The Orchard

This Fire On Fire CD on Young God is amazing. The thing about Young God (and I'm sure I've mentioned this before) is they only release a handful of things each year but each one is amazing. So much love and effort goes into each release it's astounding. 'The Orchard' is no exception and the music itself on the album is superb. Following top albums ...view item »

My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky

The almighty Swans are back with a new album! Their last studio album was in 1996 and in 1997 they quietly disbanded. Since then it'd all been quiet on the old Swans front. Mr. Gira has been busy with a bunch of solo releases, 5 Angels Of Light albums (which are all astoundingly good) and of course he's been running Young God Records with a...view item »

James Blackshaw
The Glass Bead Game

So James Blackshaw's got album of the week, what a bloody surprise eh? Everyone in here totally fancies him except me, I've only heard one album and other little bits and pieces so I've not really had the chance to develop my love, but I must say it's grown exponentially with the release of 'The Glass Bead Game' on the always excellent Young God....view item »

Children Of God/ World Of Skin

This compilation chronologically precedes Various Failures, containing music recorded in 1986 and 1987. Most of the first two World of Skin albums are here plus Children of God, the work on which the band's transition from brutal industrial noise to a softer & seductive but deeply subversive style found true expression. New Mind and Beautifu...view item »

Soundtracks For The Blind

Soundtracks For The Blind was the final Swans album before their break up in 1996 and when the band reformed in 2010 this was the one Michael Gira referred to in order to push the band forward. Already a sprawling varied epic of an album, this reissue has been expanded to include the rare German languag...view item »

Swans Are Dead (LIVE '95-'97)

'Swans Are Dead' manages to show the group at its very best, which is when they are playing in front of a public, without boundaries, going from early '80s industrial to 15 minutes post-rock drone pieces. One only needs to watch a performance of I Crawled to understand how the band invests itself into its art; the way the members move with their...view item »

The Great Annihilator

When The Great Annihilator arrived, Swans took the best qualities of their recent chamber-folk tendencies from the last two tepid albums and combined them with crushing post rock catharsis (polar opposites, it would seem), to produce a record firmly centred around the spirit and regeneration. The production is jarring...view item »

The Angels Of Light
We Are Him

About 18 months ago I was [was?] a completely unbearable person to know. Mainly [mainly?] cos all I'd do is bang on about The Angels of Light. All I wanted to listen to was The Angels of Light and I spent far too much of my time listening to their music with headphones on. So with 'We Are Him' I was about as excited as I possibly could b...view item »

Larkin Grimm

Larkin Grimm then. Not really heard of her until I heard her new album which blew me away and now I know loads about her. My favourite Larkin fact is that she has no permanent address and that she lives in a tent in summer. Nice. If only we had a nomad appeasing climate here. We got a promo of this a month or 2 ago and I've not been able to put t...view item »

Akron/ Family
Love Is Simple

To some folks the Akron/ Family probably sound like a bunch of slack jawed hippy yokels who like clapping too much and make a right shambling racket. And I guess if you thought that I probably wouldn't argue, but I would add they have made/ are still making some of the most beautiful and important music made in the last few years. Here's their new ...view item »

The Angels of Light/ Akron/ Family

Is Michael Gira's hair painted on? Can anyone tell me? Anyway here his the new album from the ex Swans man which is a collaboration and split album with Akron/Family. To call it good would be like calling the Eiffel Tower tall.  Despite the horrid calvalcade of noise that ruins tracks 1, the Akron/Family side is...view item »

The Angels Of Light
Sing Other People

Finally oh finally my favourite Angels of Light LP has come out on vinyl 3 years after it's original CD only release. This is probably my favourite album of the last few years. I don't have time to do an in depth review now but one day I will. The vinyl pressing itselflooks a bit thin but it sounds great as I subjected everyone in the office t...view item »

Devendra Banhart
The Black Babies

"Black Babies" was Devendra Banhart's debut UK release. It's defiantly lo-fi, there's lots of tape hiss, and wow and flutter. If you didn't know any better you would assume that you'd unearthed a lost '60s relic here. In general the songs are okay, but seem to be ideas rather than the fully realised songs of later albums. Overall, this mini-albu...view item »

Mi & L'Au
Mi & L'Au

Gira also turns up on this, the debut CD by Mi and Lau also on Young God. If I tell you this record was made by a man and a woman in an isolated cabin in Finland then that should give you an idea of where its coming from. Slightly spooky slow songs that are stripped really bare. The lady singer has a lovely haunting voice a...view item »