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Lay Llamas

There was a time when all I ever reviewed was the Lay Llamas or bands that desperately wanted to sound like them. Darlings of Rocket, the psych rock band have long been the champion of jangly repetitions, making the best version of a taut, rhythmic jam outfit swimming in a sea with leagues of them. I’ve come to accept this music will never...view item »

Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine

I told my parents to go and watch King Gizzard at Glastonbury or wherever they were with the premise that they’re ‘sorta noisy psych’. Seeing as they hadn’t listen to psych rock for around 40 years, a lot has changed since then, and upon reporting back they exclaimed ‘not very psyc...view item »


Finally, Goat's "difficult" second album is upon us. Their debut 'World Music' catapulted the mysterious Swedish voodoo-psych outfit onto the world stage with its mixture of wah-fuzz riffing, energetically chanted vocals and mystical polyrhythms, with colourful and hyper-kinetic live rituals to match. The pressure is on, then, for 'Commune' to b...view item »


We've got another one of those Scandinavian Krautrock outfits for you to sink your teeth into here. VED are a five-piece from Malmo who create lengthy tracks built on Motorik grooves, droning synths and instrumental freakouts. They claim that there’s a big influence of ‘Middle Eastern [and] African’ music on ...view item »

Temple Ov BBV
Temple Ov BBV

If you didn’t know it already, there are these two bands called GNOD and Radar Men From the Moon, and they’re both good at transmitting very heavy repetitions at extremely slow rates. One of them does it to great, tumbling noise, while the other likes to warble ...view item »

Bonnacons of Doom
Bonnacons of Doom

Whoever it is that’s behind Bonnacons of Doom - members of Forest Swords, Mugstar, Youth Movies and more have all been known to contribute - they clearly know what they’re doing. The band’s debut LP claims acid house as a starting point, but really the record l...view item »

Chapel Perilous

Working out in Eindhoven, shapeshifting Salford racket warriors Gnod had time and space to construct two pulverising tracks that they had already been playing on the road, plus sculpted further material more abstract in nature. The result is an invigorating album of furious riffs and bleak dubbed out soundsca...view item »


Whether you see them as commune-dwelling psychedelic voodoo psych mainstays or Sweden’s answer to the Wombles, Goat have managed to build up a huge following since their word of mouth smash ‘World Music’ with their mysterious melange of psych, world music and jazz-like structures. A cursory lis...view item »


If you’re an old fan and know what happened to the Horrors, please write in and let me know. Who they are. For I have never listened to them. Sorry, but fourteen year-old me was still playing Starsailor albums on repeat. Regardless, a Horror has crept his way into psych rob...view item »


Titans of idiocy Anthroprophh offer Paul Allen -- a serious psychedelic stalwart in the Heads -- the chance to make true on the most ludicrous of thoughts his brain is channeling energy for. ‘OMEGAVILLE’ is a wacky trip through a cosmos busy with banality, his usual brand of fuzz here entirely unfiltered as he growls, squeals and squ...view item »

Fuzzed In Europe

Masked myth-makers Goat have pulled all of the psych rock fables, playing its light pop version as paying tribute to its noisy, distorted hellscape. Fuzzed In Europe is a collection of six tracks pulled from endless recordings of their continental tour, deciding upon the ones that sounded estranged f...view item »

Shit & Shine
That’s Enough

It’s easy to consider Austin's Shit & Shine as spiritual descendants of near neighbours Butthole Surfers, but it’s a valid comparison in the best possible sense, capturing their unpredictability, abrasiveness, and a giddy humour undercut by subtle malevolence. This indie-only 12”, limi...view item »

Fear On The Corner

Slice and splice the Talking Heads’ avant-dance classic ‘Fear of Music’ with ‘On the Corner’ -- one of Miles Davis’ most daring fusion records, invoking the experiments of electronic composer Karlheinz Stockhausen -- and you apparently have ...view item »

Hey Colossus
Radio Static High

Hey Colossus proved themselves the least noble of sludge bands with a reissue of their seething ‘In Black and Gold’, a record as into silly rock as serious metal. Between showy string bends and noisemaker distortion, that record offered something for both camps: those who believe this sort of thing should be taken seriously, thank yo...view item »

Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation
Horse Dance

I fear Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation may have the same high-minded ideas about revitalising psychedelic music as everyone else who makes psychedelic music, but that doesn’t stop their newest record, ‘Horse Dance’, from fitting the genre’s standard mould very nicely. The Krautrock synth figures that begin the record&rsqu...view item »

Goatfuzz / Goatfizz

A special edit of Goatfuzz, a key track from recent album Requiem, here specially tooled for maximum effect as a single and paired with a new and exclusive number called Goatfizz. Which makes for a very appealingly titled 7” altogether. Goat are as madcap as every here, so jump on board! Vinyl on...view item »

Hey Colossus
The Guillotine

After filling 2015 with more gloom than it could possibly handle, Hey Colossus attempted to take a break which really didn’t last long cuz here they are, loud and proud, with another full length record to cut you in half with on Rocket Recordings. Ah, yeah, I remember this, the impenetrable sludge of the Hey Colossus sound. There&r...view item »

I Sing in Silence

Here’s that band who for all intents and purposes have spent their career in sanitation, cleaning their [most mysterious] noise music ‘til it was wiped clean and became mere psych pop. Are you not slightly less entertained?! With its sideways guitar twang, lethargically hummed lyrics, twisted hand percussion and...view item »

Flowers Must Die

Proggy weirdos Flowers Must Die expand their minds, and also their discography, with their debut record. It’s on Rocket and doesn’t it just know it: this swirling, dipping and diving record of all-ages psychedelia has shades of many of the label’s mainstays, meshing them together like a kid with no understand of what p...view item »


Look, listen, know: this is the best krauty band of the now. They are fun and poppy and they harmonise. They perpetuate the same thing over and over again with something resembling feeling. They introduce new flourishes and put their methods of hypnosis to bed at the right time. Conditions are perfect when you listen to a Gnoomes record...view item »

Crystallized - Celebrating 15 Years Of Rocket Recordings

Rocket Records have been going for 15 years. That’s quite a feat in this fickle industry we inhabit (cohabit?). What with labels, artists and record companies losing money left, right and center these days (cos folk want music for free and straight away) things are a lot trickier than they used to be....view item »

Teeth of The Sea

Teeth of the Sea are back with album number three, ‘Master’, as they further refine their spaghetti western space rock into new cosmic forms, with lots of krautrock repetition and lashings of synths which bring to mind the likes of Eat Lights Become Lig...view item »

Alive at Roadburn

Hills are alive with the sound of psych rock. With four songs they have sung for many years.  Hills may fill your heart with primal hypnotic rhythms. They'll make you want to sing every song you hear. Their songs beat with the rhythm of the Byrds. Playing 'Eight Miles High' forever up in the trees.&...view item »

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
Feed The Rats

Opening their new EP with a haughty heavy rock yelp of “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhh!” or something similar over crunchy ‘n’ thick riffs and smashes, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs might as well have called this record Yes, We Are Stoners, It Is The Case That We Get Stoned. They didn’t, though, and t...view item »


Kuro are a duo made up of Lyon-based Agathe Max, and Bristol-based Gareth Turner. Both of whom have more than enough extensive musical knowledge to create the progressive and intuitive record also called Kuro- a dark and deep mix of ambient and psychedel...view item »

Teeth of The Sea
Highly Deadly Black Tarantula

Is this fucking fantastic or am I being scared into agreeing with it? Teeth of the Sea’s hybrid of Godspeed end-timesing and 65daysofstatic’s more industrial electronic bleat really could’ve, and absolutely should’ve, been a disaster -- those are two blun...view item »

Live Ballroom Ritual

I was moaning to Mike the other morning as to why there appeared to be no DVD issue of this and he snappily retorted, "Maybe they didn't film it?". I just assume they film everything these days but maybe that's just all the twats with their mobile phones innit? An eternal bone of gig-going contention if ever there was one to gnaw hungrily on....view item »

Trinity Way

Sometimes psychedelic rock musicians think of themselves more as lords of time and wizards of thought. I’m expecting such is true of H.U.M., who dress up much of their archaic drone noise with lyrical soliloquies as bold and booming as Gandalf flying, you fools. The music on ‘Trinity Way’ is nauseating, ruminating somewhere bet...view item »

Necro Deathmort
The Capsule

Necro Deathmort, then: you know how they do. The heaviness of metal percolating through the electronic milieu. Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson’s seventh album as Necro Deathmort has ominous, pulsing, breathing synth and dirty bass all over it. Opener ‘In Waves’ certainly lays out its statement of intent with a punishing beat whic...view item »


Generally disgruntled experimentalists Gnod continue to hiss and snarl but through the medium of music rather than just sound. They’re kinda psychedelic, if you recall, but they also love mantras, so brace yourself for abstracting riffs and shouts of things like “too many faces.. buried.. deep inside the mirror!”. Gnod...view item »

Symphony for the Devil

Mamuthones kick off their cover version of The Rolling Stones’ classic ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ with a distinctly LCD Soundsystem-esque drum machine / synth combo. It’s certainly a new direction for the hardy old tune, but in fact it works rather well, especially when it ...view item »

Hey Colossus
In Black And Gold

The reason Mastodon were so fucking good back in the day was because they realised how wonderful it was  to be ridiculous. They said: riffs plus riffs equals riffs, so what else even matters? They wanted their music to be as big, terrifying and imaginary as a huge mythical whale that only exists in random passages of the Old Testament. Some...view item »

White Hills
Heads On Fire

Fresh from the roaring success of their split LP with The Heads, White Hills have seen fit to reissue their 'Heads on Fire' album on sweaty vinyl with extra Julian Cope-endorsed twiddles in the form of your download codez. I really like their shit (their music obviously, not their actual faeces) and the way they crank up their all tube (of course...view item »

World Music

Ahhhh, the mysterious Goat from Korpolombolo in Sweden! Yes, if there was a proper buzz band for 2012 it's these cultists and we're not talking what the bloody BBC would have you believe is exciting - this is the sound of the underground lighting a pyre for these dark, troubled ...view item »

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