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The Hi-Life Companion
Say yes!

The Hi-Life Companion are a powerful force in the world of twee indie pop. Hailing from Bristol The HLC are a loose collective of musicians based around the nucleus of the brothers Troy. One of said Troy brothers is apparently a notorious wedding singer with a fine repertoire of ABBA and Wedding Present songs at his disposal. When not performing...view item »
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Arts & Crafts

Based in Manchester we have Amida with Arts & Crafts on Plastilina records. They appear to be a very raw jangly indie pop act who wear their heart on their sleeves. It sounds like it's made by a group of no hopers drawn together with their lack of musical ability and their love for a pop tune. The singer struggles with tuning which only adds to...view item »
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The Felt Tips
The Felt Tips

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St Christopher
Lost At Sea - The Sarah Recordings

I seem to be the man entrusted with retrospectives recently! Am I just getting old or what?? On quite a contrast with the above slab of wax is this Lost At Sea compilation CD of St. Christopher's Sarah records output in the early 1990's. Now I bought a handful of these songs at the time and am bowled over at just how Scouse this York 3 piece sound!...view item »
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The Soft City
The Soft City

Missed Comet Gain last week, they were supporting The Clean in Brighton & I was ignorantly stuffing my chops with Tapas round the corner. Gutted! At least this Soft City CD may relieve the edge of disappointment clouding my brittle heart. I think it's summat to do with a CG member (Phil Sutton) and they're from NYC I believe. Comprising...view item »
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Has My Heart Gone To Sleep?

Plastillina have their first ever compilation CD entitled 'Has My Heart Gone To Sleep?' If you're familiar with this Peruvian label then you'll know that their sound is pretty much indie pop to the core. The disc boasts 14 tracks from Twig, Stars In A Coma, The Bridal Shop, The Occasional Flickers, Sodacaffe, Amida, Annemarie, The Life Companion, H...view item »

The Pearly Gatecrashers
But Wait There's More...

Look closely at the Pearly Gatecrashers sleeve and you'll see a small girl holding a box of cereals with crispy bacon on it. My life is almost complete... now I just need to find someone who sells it. Though on the tiny pic we have on the site you won't see it which is a shame cos it's got an amazing collage sleeve thing. Anyway the PG's are from A...view item »
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The Bridal Shop
In Fragments

Not sure how to explain 'In Fragments' by The Bridal Shop. They've obviously been listening to later period New Order and The Wake, possibly The Beloved. They've got that electronic pop sheen with slightly awkward indie vocals that I really kind of like. I'm sure fans of The Magnetic and Saint Etienne will really love this CD, especially with the h...view item »
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What You Get For Being Naive

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My Darling You
16 Major Problems

A Swedish indie duo on a Peruvian label? What the chuff? Goteborgian's MY DARLING YOU! provide effortlessly catchy indie pop, some acoustic, some electric, all supremely good quality. Smart, wry lyrics, warm production, accomplished arrangements, they appear to have it all in spades. The South American label Plastilina loved t...view item »
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Stars In Coma
You're Still Frozen In Time

After Phil's review of summat else on the label, Plastilina records of Peru also have available Stars in Coma's 'You're Still Frozen in Time. On the front he looks like a young Julian Cope in drag!!! The music is incredibly chipper Euro indie with slightly fey lyrics, a chic, funky chugging guitar taking this man Andre's songs out of the realm of D...view item »
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Shoot Charlie
Junior Senior

Shoot Charlie with Junior & Senior again on Plastilina records. Hailing from Sweden and carrying the twee indie pop torch which Phil has labeled "tweedish". Sounding like The Go team or the B52's!! (or old Sarah Records records....) Sounds like a party in some brightly coloured living room where we're all high on fizzy drinks and birt...view item »
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On the same label we have Annemarie with abc on tv from............ Indonesia.. never heard a pop act from there, so my heart is with them from the start. It's sounding very cheeky English (or Scottish) jingle jangle pop. Male and female singer dance around with the sweet jangle of a Belle and Sebastian guitar and twee indie lovelyness. Inside is a...view item »
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