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The Telescopes
Early Studio Recordings

Telescopic noisegazers The Telescopes are best known these days for steadily releasing ear-splitting beauties ever since breaking a decade’s silence in 2002. So just in case you’d forgotten that they have numerous releases from before then, here’s Early Studio Recordings, where you’ll find some of their early studio recordings (namely the EPs Kick the Wall, 7th# Disaster, The Perfect Needle and To Kill a Slow Girl Walking).
  • Vinyl LP (BANGLP126)

The Gun Club
Elvis From Hell

Elvis From Hell by The Gun Club is a new two LP set of rarities from the Californian post-punk-cowpunk outfit. The four sides are split between their first demo recordings from 1981, their first on-air radio performance from New York in 1982,  a bunch of acoustic rarities from flamboyant singer Jeffrey Lee Pierce and an essential live recording of the band captured on 1993 European tour. It all comes tastefully packaged in a gatefold sleeve. Essential for Gun Club fans the world over! Limited to 500 copies on Bang!
  • Vinyl Double LP (BANGLP108)
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Wipers Rarities

This underground Wipers material has only been available through back-alley bootleg channels for the last 25 years, but now these Wipers Rarities are respectable at last, with an official release on the Bang! label. A full 2 LPs of live shows, B-sides, compilation tracks and their super-rare first single. Pow! 1000 copies only.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BANGLP98)
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  • Label(s):
  • Bang!

Rex Everything

Former Kyuss and Queens Of The Stoneage bass player Nick Oliveri is currently twanging the four thick strings for Dwarves under the pseudonym Rex Everything. This album is a compilation of tracks featuring Oliveri on vocals with Dwarves backing him up. Head Dwarf Blag Dhalia produced the album. 12 songs in 20 minutes - punk as f**k. LP on Bang! Limited to 1000 copies.
  • Vinyl LP (BANGLP123)
  • Limited edition
  • Label(s):
  • Bang!

Lydia Lunch
Honeymoon In Red

A Lydia Lunch album recorded in 1982 is an exciting enough prospect even before I tell you that her backing band for Honeymoon In Red was none other than Nick Cave’s original band of bruisers The Birthday Party. And Thurston Moore even pops up for good measure! What a wild and dirty ride this album is. This reissue adds a bonus track and boasts remastered audio. On Bang!
  • Vinyl LP (BANGLP109)

Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard
Johnny Smiled Slowly

Johnny Smiled Slowly brings together two post-punk giants - Rowland S. Howard of The Birthday Party and Nikki Sudden of Swell Maps. This album, originally released in 1987, features the songs of Nikki Sudden’s other band, The Jacobites. This album is a must for fans of The Birthday Party, Swell Maps, and of course, The Jacobites. 150g LP, limited to 500 copies.

The Dark Horses
Tunnel At The End Of The Light

Tex Perkins writes moody down turned and deep melancholic ballads, like a slowed and streamlined Mark Lanegan Band. Together with The Dark Horses, made up of a soundtrack score writer and members of Beasts of Bourbon and The Ape these tracks are minimal and tonally foreboding, and now see a release on vinyl after it’s release in 2015.

Rowland S. Howard Vs The Devastations
Autoluminescent / Ocean

Rowland S. Howard will be most familiar to you via his time spent in Nick Cave’s original wildmen The Birthday Party. On this 2005 solo 7” he is supported by backing band The Devastations, playing a Howard original (Autoluminescence) and an epic cover of The Velvet Underground’s Ocean. Reissue 7” in a gatefold sleeve, on Bang!

Grant Hart

Ouevrevue is a compilation album by Husker Du founder, drummer and songwriter Grant Hart. It gathers together odds and sods from 7” singles, EPs and compilation albums and is available on vinyl for the first time. The album includes cover versions of Love’s Signed DC and Bob Dylan’s Master’s Of War.
  • Vinyl LP (BANGLP101)

The Dream Syndicate
Weathered And Torn (3 1/2 The Lost Tapes 85-88)

Arguably known for “The Days of Wine and Roses”, here on Weathered and Torn (3 ½ The Lost Tapes 85-88) we have The Dream Syndicate’s lost album, recorded between their third and fourth albums. It bridges the divide between their earlier Americana sound and the rockier sound on their fourth LP and that’s what you get; a bit of classic Americana guitar with some rock moments. 500g vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve with liner notes. Limited to 500 copies.

Ebbot Lundberg
The Immaculate Concept Album

Ebbot Lundberg presents a double LP compilation of material both known and unknown, released and unreleased. The Immaculate Concept Album successfully represents Lundberg’s psychedelic rock stylings, in both electric and acoustic modes (one LP for each). Released as a deluxe gatefold 2LP by the exciting Bang! label.

Grant Hart
Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo is an acoustic live album by Grant Hart. It was recorded in Seattle in 1994. The set shows Hart at his most vulnerable as his desperation is laid bare in his honest lyrics from songs that are stripped to the bone. Ecce Homo contains songs from his time with Husker Du, Nova Mob and his solo output. The album was only ever released on CD in 1995. Now it is available on 150g vinyl. Essential for fans of American alt. guitar rock from the pre and post-grunge era.
  • Vinyl LP (BANGLP95)


Wovenhand are one of the darkest and most intense musical entities currently operating within the American musical landscape. This eponymously titled first studio album, recorded in 2002 and has only now finally become available on vinyl. Wovenhand marks a new era in the musical career of  David Eugene Edwards and is his first new work since alternative country band 16 Horsepower.
  • Label(s):
  • Bang!

Five Dollar Priest
Eyes Injected With Love

Filthy rockers Five Dollar Priest add a third record to their roster with the pretty creepily titled 'Eyes Injected With Love', which continues their love of covering every genre under the sun in dirge, be it No Wave or jazz. This is basically like a punker version of Tom Waits for people who never get bummed out.

The Chrome Cranks
Dirty Airplay - Radio Session Wmbr, Boston 1994

Reissue for this seminal 1994 sonic ear-bleeder. Featuring members of Boss Hog and Sonic Youth, The Chrome Cranks are dirty bluesy punk based in New York. This was recorded in a single studio session and is one of their most brutal and intense recordings.  Limited stock, the vinyl LP includes never-seen-before pictures and amazing artwork. 
  • Label(s):
  • Bang!

The Drones
The Miller's Daughter

  • Vinyl Double LP (BANGLP05)
  • Label(s):
  • Bang!

Kim Salmon And The Guys From Mudhoney

  • Label(s):
  • Bang!

Five Dollar Priest
Jazz Salt

The Gun Club
Lucky Jim

Reissue of the last album recorded by The Gun Club founder Jeffrey Lee Pierce, first released in 1993. They are still unique in their vicious combination of post-punk and country. Lucky Jim is by far the darkest entry in their discography as the band grappled with identity, death, and belonging. 

Gallon Drunk
The Rotten Mile

Gallon Drunk come with the glowing endorsement of Nick Cave! That's probably because James Johnstone, the band's brooding frontman, helped found the Bad Seeds. Listening to 'The Rotten Mile', it's clear how the Aussie post-punkers have kept their morbid pose and unsettling vibe up all these years; Johnstone's music is greasy-haired punk rock for non-believers and fuzzed out melancholics. 

The Gun Club
Mother Juno

These weird avant punks blended a garage rock sound with rockabilly and raw energy to subvert the expectations laid down by their genre, taking influence from post-punk and all its weird offshoots. The Gun Club originally released the often more traditional 'Mother Juno' in 1987, and it now sees reissue by Bang! Records.
  • Vinyl LP (BANGLP82)