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That Santa Fe Channel

Hailing from Nashville, The Cordovas harmony-laden Americana sound melds the ‘70s folk-rock of California’s Laurel Canyon with the southern rock from the same era. If you like American Beauty-era Grateful Dead, Little Feat circa Dixie Chicken, or more recently, Dawes...view item »

Rayland Baxter
Wide Awake

Rayland Baxter, a man with a first name I can scarcely believe in, seems to be pulling a Bon Iver on this album, which grew out of a period of seclusion spent in an old rubber band factory. Fifty songs written, of which ten made it onto this here finished album, produced by Butch Walker. Soulful...view item »

Okkervil River
The Silver Gymnasium

Well, this is a schizophrenic bag of oddities huddling awkwardly together beneath a worn-out umbrella of lyrical nostalgia. Like a bag of Pick 'n' Mix with all the interesting sweets taken out. Nice bag though! Opening track (and first single) 'It was my Season' is a bouncy summery pop song with morose lyrics and chucked-i...view item »

Jim James
Uniform Distortion

My Morning Jacket’s angel-voiced frontman Jim James is getting angry about the way our news is delivered. His third solo album, Blanket Distortion explores ways in which we can escape the fuzziness that’s dividing the world and get back to appreciating the simpler thin...view item »

Natalie Prass
The Future and the Past

Natalie Prass was so appalled at the Trump election result that she re-wrote her album to reflect her swirling emotions. She then chose to wear a bow-tie on the album sleeve but the less said about that the better. 'The Future and the Past' taps into 80s pop, 90's r&b with some emotional ballads thrown in amongst a myriad of...view item »

Okkervil River
In The Rainbow Rain

If you found yourself somewhat depressed by Okkervil River’s introspective album, ‘Always’, then ‘In the Rainbow Rain’ is the welcome catharsis. Produced by bandleader Will Sheff, and mixed by Shawn Everett (Perfume Genius, The War on Drugs), the new LP is a hopeful...view item »

Jim James
Tribute To

When George Harrison died in 2001, Jim James of My Morning Jacket reacted by playing a bunch of Harrison’s songs on an acoustic guitar into an 8 track recorder. The results are sparse and emotional and made into an album called Tribute To which was originally released in 2009. Now it is be...view item »

Jim James
Tribute To 2

Jim James the artist whose name is one letter away from being a pet name for pyjamas (and My Morning Jacket guy) releases 'Tribute to 2'  - an album of hope where he covers some of his favourite songs just for fun or to make himself feel better. Not to be confused with 'Tribute To' ...his previous album of ...view item »

Jessica Lea Mayfield
Sorry Is Gone

Sorry Is Gone, Jessica Lea Mayfield has called it -- the latest (fifth) studio album from the Ohio singer-songwriter finds her with a redoubled confidence and positivity. Her music is her voice, her self-therapy. Recorded at Electric Lady studios with producer John Agnello, Mayfield's reverb-soaked bluegrass chimes...view item »

The Claypool Lennon Delirium
Lime and Limpid Green

Once an RSD item but now re-available after smirking at your wasted night spent queuing in the cold. This is a collaboration between Les Claypool and Sean Lennon. Here they have fun covering songs by Pink Floyd, the Who, King Crimson and Flower Travellin' Band. All comes on &nbs...view item »

Slow Dancer
In A Mood

He might be in a bit of a mood but it's the kind of relaxed yacht rock ish mood that you'll enjoy if you like Mac DeMarco, Lindsay Buckingham, Conan Mockasin and even Flight of the Conchords. His voice is a bit weird but this has the sultry laid back feel of driving down the coa...view item »

Nick Hakim
Green Twins

Nick Hakim’s debut album Green Twins, following up on a pair of very well-received EPs, is the result of a stack of musical experience and a battalion of inventive production techniques. Consequently, each track on Green Twins is positively brimming over with pleasing little sonic details, making the soul...view item »

Nick Hakim
Where Will We Go Pt. I & II

Mixing his competence on piano with a variety of musical disciplines that make him sound slick, professional and tremendously emotional -- like James Blake in another, slightly different life -- Nick Hakim presents his new record, 'Where Will We Go Pt 1 & 2'. The instrumental flourishes are largely the work of Hakim himself, who cr...view item »

Old 97's
Graveyard Whistling

Rhett Davies's popular Texan bar band have long since broken out of their local scene and now compete with the alt country big boys such as  Uncle Tupelo and the Jayhawks. This is their umpteenth album of feel decent country rock with a low down and dirty feel and hi-paced driving gritty rhythms. ...view item »

Chicano Batman
Freedom is Free

Chicano Batman draw on the multicultural liveliness of their hometown of Los Angeles to produce a soulful brew of classic R&B with Brazilian tropicalía and funky pop. Their third album, Freedom Is Free, is an especially positive and energetic set from these guys, and it’s released by the ATO Records lab...view item »

Hurray For The Riff Raff
The Navigator

Hurray For The Riff Raff is the musical project of Alynda Segarra, who combines her roots (Puerto Rican, Brooklyn-born) with her present (New Orleans-dwelling), particularly on new album The Navigator, which explores elements of her own story through a fictionalised veneer. All set to a lively soundtrac...view item »

Margaret Glaspy
Emotions and Math

Want a mix of KT Tunstall guitar chords and Laura Marling singing? Well, it’s a little unfair to immediately place Margaret Glaspy somewhere between the two, although her voice is strikingly like Marling’s, because Glaspy brings her own kind of blues, riffy guitars and just solid son...view item »

Okkervil River

After leaving us in the dark since 2013’s The Silver Gymnasium, mystery surrounded Texas folk rockers Okkervil River. Apart from some digital singles in 2014, we didn’t know what was going on, but now frontman Will Sheff is clearing things up. Away is somewhere between a true Okkerv...view item »

Jonny Fritz
Sweet Creep

With Sweet Creep Jonny Fritz takes a bit of a step away from the country formula. Keeping the poignant and heart-warming storytelling but replacing the barnyard/hay-bale/Conway Twitty setting with a more isolated experimental feel, backed up with subtle electronic swirls and hypnotic, rhythm box percuss...view item »

Drive-By Truckers
American Band

Drive-By Truckers celebrate their twentieth anniversary with their eleventh album, very directly titled American Band. It is of course a strange and heavy time to be American, and that’s how the Truckers feel about it. This is ...view item »

Blind Pilot
And Then Like Lions

It's a sad fact that many of the best album come after periods of loss. Blind Pilot’s Israel Nebeker has cultivated this album after the death of his father and the end of a relationship. Therefore it's going to be a sad affair though at times uplifting as Nebeker looks to the future. Blind Pilot have performed on &ls...view item »

The Claypool Lennon Delirium
Monolith of Phobos

This is where Sean Lennon and Les Claypool collide together, resulting in the fantastically unwieldy band moniker The Claypool Lennon Delirium. Their album Monolith of Phobos is a real psychedelic suite, with a cheerfully proggish approach to studio manipulations and instrumental profli...view item »

My Morning Jacket
It Still Moves (Deluxe Edition)

My Morning Jacket’s southern indie rock classic It Still Moves was first released in 2003, and is here reissued in truly deluxe style. The original record (some say the band’s finest) has been remastered, and is accompanied by 10 of Jim James’ demoes and another 3 tracks, previously un...view item »

Drive-By Truckers
This Weekend's The Night

Drive-By Truckers fans of the world rejoice, the band are releasing recordings of their three-night residency at San Fransisco’s Filmore venue. For the shows they reached deep into their Southern rocking back catalogue to present the full span of their music. This Weekend’s The Night takes 13 of the best tra...view item »

Two Gallants
We Are Undone

Sometimes these artists pick the weirdest titles. We Are Undone seems curious, as Two Gallants in fact just finished this album, their second on ATO records. Then again, the title is a critique of our consumerism-driven society. And of course, we agree. But we’d like to recommend you to buy this record anyway...view item »

Sun Club
The Dongo Durango

Sun Club have allowed over a decade to pass before recording their debut album: consequently, they have honed their sound to perfection. The Dongo Durango is full of pop songs that are kept fresh with unexpected rhythms, rare time signatures, and some wildly energised vocals. Released by ATO Records....view item »

Drive-By Truckers
It's Great To Be Alive!

Drive-By Truckers fans of the world rejoice, the band are releasing recordings of their three-night residency at San Fransisco’s Filmore venue. For the shows they reached deep into their Southern rocking back catalogue to present the full span of their music. It’s Great To Be Alive! presents a remarkable 35 ...view item »

All a Man Should Do

All A Man Should Do finds Lucero in a gnarly Americana mood. Lyricist and leader Ben Nichols has a snarly tone and a writer’s eye for the interesting parts of human relationships. The music behind him features bold brass, which pulls the regular band line-up onto a higher plane. Released by ATO Re...view item »

Rayland Baxter
Imaginary Man

Featuring contributions from Bucky Baxter on pedal steel and Jessie Baylin, Isaaca Byrd (MYZICA), Mikky Ekko, Jordan Lehning (Caitlin Rose, Steelism) and Matt Vazquez (Delta Sprit) on backing vocals, ‘Imaginary Man’ is an eleven track journey through the multicoloured imagination of Tennessee based alternative country musician Raylan...view item »

Fly Golden Eagle
Quartz Bijou

Fly Golden Eagle are a band who like to rock: psych rock. Quartz Bijou is their latest record, and it takes inspiration from Jodorowsky’s film The Holy Mountain, which can only be a good thing. The group have recently played as backing band to a number of releases recorded in their native Nashville, inclu...view item »

The Bronx
The Bronx (IV)

The Bronx (IV) makes for a protracted return for a band who have released six albums in ten years. Five years on from their last under The Bronx moniker and all is present and correct. A loud, brief and anthemic return, after a couple of curveballs as Mariachi El Bronx. The CD is released by ATO...view item »

The Whigs
Like A Vibration/ That's A Lot To Live Upto (demo)

Brian thinks The Whigs are from Leeds cos the cover of the sleeve has some oldee pictures of Leeds on (Well 70's). Maybe he's right? We're not priveee to such information. Their debut 7" has landed here and it's called 'Like A Vibration'. The production on this record is great... it's really loud and full of beans. The guitars and drum...view item »

My Morning Jacket
The Waterfall

Recorded in Stinson Beach CA, ‘The Waterfall’ is Louisville Kentucky based rock quintet My Morning Jacket’s seventh full length album, due for release on ATO Records/Capitol Records. Following in the footsteps of their highly acclaimed Grammy nominated 2011 release ‘Circuital’, ‘The Waterfall’ is a focus...view item »

Primus & the Chocolate Factory With the Fungi Ensemble

Wacky high energy Californian rockers Primus have been going for 30 years now, their unique brand of bass-heavy prog-funk silliness doesn't really need any introduction. Nor does the soundtrack to the musical film version of Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. On New Year's Eve 2013 the band performed their Zappa-meets-Beefheart-me...view item »

No One Is Lost

Stars, the sweetest of all twee pop bands, return with their first record in two years. The follow-up to 2012's sleek 'The North', with its accomplished electronics, 'No One Is Lost' continues to show the band in versatile and colourful form. On this record, they're joined with producer Liam O'Neil, who knows his way around the sound of indie po...view item »

Mariachi El Bronx

Otherwise known as Californian hardcore punk band The Bronx, the band’s alter ego Mariachi El Bronx return with their third album of Mariachi inspired music. Released via ATO Records ‘III’ is a different direction for the band as they come into their own: with a different approach to writing, the band defy tradition here with t...view item »

A Tribute To Bob Dylan In The 80s: Volume One

I think it is fair to say that the 1980s is perhaps not Bob Dylan’s most favoured period… So it is all the more refreshing to see ATO Records chose to bring focus to this area of the big man’s work by marshalling together contemporary bands including Built To Spill, Bonnie ‘Princ...view item »

Drive-By Truckers
English Oceans

Readers of Uncut magazine will notice that everytime Drive By Truckers release a new album it regularly gets 9 or 10 out of 10, yet a cursory listen to their music fails to explain how their pub rock sound enjoys such platitudes. True to form opener ‘Shit Shots Count’ is an awful brass-led bar band dirge, yet once I started d...view item »

Les Claypool's Duo De Twang
Four Foot Shack

Plank-slapping goofball Les Claypool's oddball funk-rockers Primus are one of the ultimate "Marmite" bands, like the Red Hot Chili Peppers multiplied by Ween - few people will deny there's talent on display, but their refusal to take themsel...view item »

The Whigs
Mission Control

Mission Control starts off with a blazing "Like a Vibration", a short take-no-prisoners track that immediately grabs your attention. The sound of the band unmistakably reminds you of the Replacements. The first half of the album is superb, with gems like "Production City" and the best track of the album "Ri...view item »