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Juanita Stein
Until The Lights Fade

Until The Lights Fade is the sophomore long-player from Howling Bells and former Waikiki vocalist and guitarist, Juanita Stein. Musically the album stays true to her 2017 solo debut, America, whilst lyrically its subjects and musings are closer to Stein, both geog...view item »

Juanita Stein

Juanita Stein's rich musical background spans from Coldplay involvements, to bands such as Howling Bells and Waikiki. On this occasion, her solo album is America is pure and unadulterated. Inspired by photos from the Great ...view item »

Malcolm Middleton
You & I

A taster for his forthcoming 'Summer of '13' record this 7" contains three new tracks from the former Arab Strap bloke with his cheeky brand of Scottish pop. On Nude. I had no idea that label was still going. You learn something every single day including how to flub your way to a word limit.   ...view item »

Lou Rhodes

Listening to Lou Rhodes’ solo work (she also makes up half of Lamb) immediately pulls the listener right back to the 1970’s, living in a treehouse somewhere during a long, attractive summer. She has captured some essential essence of that era’s classic folk-rock: partly voice, partly songwritin...view item »

Malcolm Middleton
Summer of '13

The ex-Arab Strap songwriter Malcolm Middleton returns with his first solo album in seven years. Summer of ‘13 sees his dark and witty lyrics set to synths and strings as Middleton pays homage to Glasgow’s underground dance culture. This is a collection of bold, romantic and utterly ...view item »

Youth In Decay

A trio of dynamic pop experimentalists come together to form Troves, who are releasing their debut work through Nude -- with the rather apocalyptic title 'Youth In Decay'. The 7" proudly presents a self-titled track of glittering and icy electro-pop, while the flip side shows off "Afterthought", an even more chilling tune. The band's set-up -- a...view item »

Foreign Islands
Fine Dining With The Future

FOREIGN ISLANDS , Nude's "latest signing" (yawn) Twangy post punk guitar (check) Bendy funk bass (check) ramalama disco new wave drums (check) itchy meaningless vocals delivered in that muffled conversational rap style that the guy from At the Drive In invented. This sucks. Don't be fo...view item »

Get Well Soon
Rest Now Weary Head You Will Get Well Soon

German band Get Well Soon have a rich and esoteric character, bringing a wide range of stylistic influences (a bit of tango, some Morricone-esque strings, brass-led folk etc.) into the cinematic sweep of their music. This reissue of their 2008 debut Rest Now Weary Head You Will Get Well Soon is released...view item »

Get Well Soon
You / Aurora / You /Seaside

Get Well Soon: You/Aurora/You/Seaside (Nude) Curious sleeve on this seven inch from an unknown to me, swirly 17 century (William Morris even?) styled furnishing fabrics collaged into anonymous/blank, clutching couples. The music is a weird blend of klezmer/marachi horns backed by furious sounding drums, hand claps and mournful vocals in an amz...view item »