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Aethyr Jumpers

I’m struggling to find much information at all about this mysterious CD by zK, the duo of Mark Godwin and Gareth Ormerod whose “approach is based on a singular concept; the revelation of the sympathetic core of each project through focused observation, interaction and listening.&rd...view item »

Wicked Messenger
Black Tourmaline

I am the dark lord of dark ambience and here I am with the new Wicked Messenger CD which is on the useful Plague Recordings from sunny ole Belgium. Black Tourmaline is an extremely lovely package which includes a sticker, some ceylon tea (a fine blend) and a CD in a Black C Shell case.... all this is packaged in a square black wax sealed pac...view item »


Ambient-heads with long memories will be aware of Audela’s Black Death series, of which this is part 7, coming a mere four years after 5 and 6 dropped in ‘09. Here we have a CD with bonus limited 3” CD in which we stare into the void with them once again in yawning expanses of frosty darkmospherics with static hisses and metall...view item »

Wicked Messenger
Infinite Presence

Well this is the sound of Varg Draculahammer murdering  his own soul  in a gloomy dank cellar with some nice dark ambient murky shimmer and melancholic drones as a soundtrack. Then it gets more industro-cosmic henceforth the searching, crashing and cascading waves of drones, black thrashing Oceana  and metallic echo-surges s...view item »

Ambient Temple of Imagination

This CD is on Plague Recordings and it comes in one of those plastic A5 sleeves that they do. It's by Ambient Temple of Imagination and it's called ATOI, which I eventually worked out stands for Ambient Temple of Imagination so I've saved you the bother of toiling with that one. It's pretty interesting actually, like some sort of odd ritualistic el...view item »

Wicked Messenger
Vision Rites And Techniques of Ecstasy

We've been stocking the Plague label for a while now and for me each release seems to get stronger and stronger. Which is kind of weird as it's essentially just dark ambience which doesn't really do too much. It's something you either like or don't. I'm pretty sure I use the same sort of words every time I review this sort of stuff... dark... isola...view item »

Wicked Messenger
Officium Nocturnum

Double droney dark ambient in one nice, black package. That's what Wicked Messenger are givin' ya. Two CDs of ominousity that sounds like it could be the soundtrack which begins playing the moment you discover some long-lost mountaintop shrine, windswept and epic, that nature has successfully reclaimed via ghostly trees with scary faces who talk in...view item »

Sombrero Fallout

This one sounds for all the world like another addition to the worldwide Axis of Hypnogogia with its watery, lo-fi feel, phased synths and occasional jackhammer drums pounding away in the murk but further investigation reveals this to have been recorded (yet sadly never released) around the late 80s/early 90s, long before talk of 'cosmic Baywatch m...view item »

Nathan Siter

Ant back again somewhat excited and relived after the chaos of moving house. I woke up this morning and felt like I was on holiday. The First night I spent at the new pad a little hedgehog came up to me in the garden to say hello. I almost shed a tear...."Oh come to me my woodland friends" After a couple of days out of the office I'm gree...view item »

Sid Redlin
The Immutable Paradox of the Chronograph

I'm always curious to hear what the Plague label is up to. This week we have a few new titles on the label. Currently playing is Sid Redlin disc 'The Immutable Paradox Of The Chronograph'. I'm drawn in from the beginning with the strange and mysterious electronics. There's a great deal happening as sounds twist and mutate with lots of backwards war...view item »

Black Death Seies Vol. 5-6

I was fairly astonished that a package from Plague Recordings got through customs unopened as it contained small plastic bags of what look like special drugs but are apparently edible paan, so there you go. Anyway each bag accompany's the cool Audela 'Black Death Series Vol. 5-6' limited edition double CD set. Futuristic ambient music is the order ...view item »


My mind was once utterly unequipped for ambiance sombre, a field of music that is often so sparse, discordant & unsettling that I still feel the need to translate it into French, such is it's Gothic menace & essence of Industrial decay. Well I could use Russian but that would lose it's romantic edge! To confuse the matter further, Manifesto...view item »

Wicked Messenger
The River Disappeared Sidewards

Here's some more dark ambience from Wicked Messenger courtesy of those Dark Ambient gurus at Plague Records in sunny Belgium. Is it sunny in Belgium? Not sure but the wife went to Ghent once and said it was lovely. Mind you judging by this the skies must be dark and grey and evil forbodes. This is some serious intense dark moving industrial soundin...view item »

May The Plague Be With You

Plague Recordings have reissued their anonymous debut release. 'May The Plague Be With You' is their brand of sinister dark future ambient, brooding Sci-fi electronics and murky soundscapes with occasional bursts of light. Silkscreened CDr in graphite ejector case. Three tracks all at running times of twenty three minutes. I detect this is no coinc...view item »

Ambient Improvisations 18.04.04

2tokiislands (Emmanuel Celestin & Sylvain Beorchia) have a cool CD out on the reliable Plague Recordings. 'Ambient Improvisations -18.04.04' is a brooding, rumbling dark ambient soundscape that evolves wonderfully. The low end drones are punctured by electronic pulses and as the sounds are subtlety tweaked the tracks run into one another and ea...view item »

39 Mysterions

fantastic deep-chill album, minimal, drones and icy scapes, very intense a track, womb-music. not too dark/spooky but surely not new-age neither goth-ish. great ambient to fall asleep with, in the tradition of trax by alio die or oophoi. anyway, imo the best plague title at present. great new label! ...view item »


Now AUDELA on Plague Recordings which is an ambient record of some size. Like the theme tune to exploring the cosmos and the planets, we drift through the gaseous space around Uranus and other planets. Some serious chillin' to be had here, like the moment you are about to hit sleep. "Like what jelly fish hear" says Philip. Lovely in a jou...view item »