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Living In Extraordinary Times

I learnt my lesson when I called James 'serviceable' and therefore created a Twitter storm. I later apologised and called them 'functional' instead but were their fans happy? Well, no not really. So I will refrain from saying anything other than they are back with a new album influenced by Trump and all the things going wrong in the world. ...view item »


Now, I thought Ash had given up after 2001’s Free All Angels album, so it was a surprise to find them releasing a new album, Islands in 2018. It turns out however, that I was totally wrong, and all though productivity has slowed since their late ‘90s heyday, they’ve still been making albums. Islands is their 7t...view item »

For Now

Because I'm forced to listen to saxophone music all day I really enjoy reviewing bands like DMA's. The band apparently are Liam Gallagher's favourite Australian band....apart from the Necks who I'm told he is a huge fan of.  The DMA's continue here along the line o...view item »


I didn’t hate this for two minutes and forty seconds. In fact, I loved it: those opening unassuming loops of quietly lopsided guitar on “3ww” should have gone on for thirty minutes with little-to-nothing interrupting them, Joe Newman’s voice rising no further from its distant, barricaded mumble. The pianos shouldn’t...view item »

The Acid
The Bomb

You thought this was going to be an acid house record didn’t you? Wrong! It’s actually by a band called The Acid, and it’s pretty damn impressive. The LA group’s score for the A-Bomb documentary The Bomb is wrought from great billows of synth that give it a feeling similar to the soundtr...view item »

The Golden Age of Not Even Trying

Debut LP from the young four-piece Dead! hailing from the Isle of Wight. Its title ‘The Golden Age of Not Even Trying’ hints at some of their audible grunge influences, but their sound also takes some even heavier hints from contemporary pop-punk. Fierce and snappy. Out on Infectious Music....view item »

Shed Seven
Instant Pleasures

Stop everything! Shed Seven are back with a new album! Instant Pleasures is their fifth album in total but first for 16 years.Apparently, in places it even reaches the same heights as debut album Change Giver (1994). They rode a wave of success during the Britpop years with songs such as Chasing Rainbows and Going For Gold befor...view item »

The Sherlocks
Was It Really Worth It?

The Sherlocks are writing and playing songs in the traditional indie-guitar-band mold, and their new single is called Was It Really Worth It?. It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves isn’t it, especially when on uncertain realms of creativity. This guitar anthem is released by Infectious Music, as a ...view item »

The Sherlocks
Chasing Shadows

The Sherlocks are a South Yorkshire indie quartet made up from two sets of brothers. The band have released one album, Live For The Moment, and eight singles. Chasing Shadows is single number seven. The band have been championed by Radio 1 DJs Annie Mac, Huw Stephens and Greg James as well as 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq. L...view item »

The Sherlocks
Live For The Moment

We may mock lad rock a bit here at the towers but we could really do with another band like Arctic Monkeys. By default they seem to have become the festival topping big band but as I'm sure Domino Records accountants are aware there's only one of them (or two if you include the Last Shadow Puppets)....view item »

You Me At Six
Night People

Weybridge's finest rock practitioners You Me at Six are back with their fifth album of Reading/Leeds festival-friendly big rock moves. The band churn along like a juggernaut of rock with emotional vocals and big singalong choruses. One for the younger people generally but comes on cassette so your rock loving dad can listen...view item »

Live At Red Rocks

The full package coming from everyone’s favourite band with the strange vocals, alt-J. Live at Red Rocks is their first live album coming from their concert in Colorado in 2015. This 75 minute double LP or CD has all the hits that you’d expect and even a DVD and Blu-ray of it all. The box set comes i...view item »

Local Natives
Sunlit Youth

Third one from the very much still existing Local Natives, whose winking take on baroque pop charms those who love their lushness perfectly imperfect. Over their first two records this group proved themselves very Fleet Foxes and sorta of Montreal, but Sunlit Yo...view item »

Thom Sonny Green
High Anxiety

Thom Sonny Green pays the bills by being the drummer in alt-J, but he also has a solo sideline in instrumental electronica. Solo debut High Anxiety is a generously-proportioned set of 21 tracks: some coalesce into hazy beat tracks, others space out into ambience. The man has multiple talents. CD / doubl...view item »


“Sun Kil Moon sounds with Bon Iver singing over the top”, promises my editor man Clint, because he is a monster and likes to see me struggle to like things. In reality RY X is a lush quasi-folkie who softly mutters over nylon strings, subdued pianos and skittering drum...view item »

The Temper Trap
Thick As Thieves

We haven’t heard from Australian fellas The Temper Trap in a full 4 years, but that’s just because of the heavy effort they’ve been putting into new album Thick As Thieves. Widescreen arena pop-rock aplenty here, put together with a keen ear for...view item »

Hills End

If we want a new band to help soundtrack Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Grimsby' then DMA's are your lads. They are an Australian group that sound quite astonishingly North West English. The singer smokes a cigarette like Liam Gallagher and sounds like him too. However this is not all meat and potatoes lad indie. Opener 'Timeless' is waaay better than tha...view item »

Bloc Party

Just look at them. I don't know about you but the only thing I ever really liked about Bloc Party was the drummer. But he's not in it now and the band seems to be more of a Kele Okereke solo project than ever. Where does Bloc Party start and Kele end? Answe...view item »

Albert Hammond Jr.
Momentary Masters

I listened to the opening track here from the Strokes guitarist (I wanted to say former the Strokes guitarist but they are still dragging on indefinitely aren’t they?) whilst answering a few emails. This is perfect email answering music - it’s pleasant enough on the ears but at no point did I want to...view item »

Alternative Light Source

Leftfield isn’t really an act that has impressed me in the past. After being recommended a certain album and digging into their back catalogue, their sound came across as a bit dated after being exposed to modern dance styles. Not quite committing to house, techno, trance or dub, the group became a legendary crossing point for the disparat...view item »


The only band any politician likes that isn’t Radiohead, Drenge have their work cut out proving themselves to be anything but a recommendation on MP Tom Watson’s letter of resignation back in 2013. On new album ‘Undertow’, their two-man post-punk accepts the role of political darl...view item »


The DMA’s are a three piece who present a classic 90’s Britpop sound, and yet they hail from Australia! Whatever is going on? This self-titled EP is their first major release, available on CD or on nice white vinyl. Would suit fans of Oasis who want to listen to a band that isn’t actually ...view item »

Don’t Say That

This Birmingham four piece are a joyous fun-packed group squarely aimed at the late teens/early 20's market with infectious danceable pop with noticeable hip hop and Beck influences. They have nothing important to say, their songs are generally about food and fun but I'm sure would sound life affirming down the indie disco. This is their first f...view item »

This Is All Yours

For most of 'This Is All Yours', Alt-J aren't a band writing songs -- just a vessel delivering sounds. This is not in and of itself a problem -- "Intro" is appealing in spite of its chaos, bringing together a chanted vocal of the band singing "la" as if it's the most urgent word in the alt-rock dictionary, Joe Newman wailing a drab harmony that ...view item »

DZ Deathrays
Black Rat

Like many bands these days, these are a two piece but sound like there are about a million of them on the recording. They make a brash noisy grungy effort that compares with the likes of Royal Blood and touring partners Blood Red Shoes but they have a metal sheen to them, not grungy as such but like hair metal gone pop punk. Like many people, th...view item »

The Acid

Here's a debut album from Californian producer Steve Nalepa, British producer Adam Freeland and Australian producer RY X, who collectively call themselves The Acid. Despite the seeming abundance of producers among their line-up, 'Liminal' is a crisp and concise brew, fusing minimal synthpop and techno, with falsetto vocals from RY X that soar ...view item »

The Acid
The Acid

The Acid are Steve Napela, RY X and Adam Freeland who between them have a rather illustrious list of successes; a grammy nomination, top 40 album success and a widely respected DJ. They combine in an “Avengers” type collaboration of excellence to create some deep R&B inspired minimal techno. A 12” p...view item »


This is about as exciting as it gets for a new band: the release of a much anticipated debut album. When it comes to making music, caution is clearly absent from the two Leicestershire brothers’ constitutions. This is an explosive, gripping and loud start to a career that clearly points towards a promising future. ...view item »

Cloud Control
Dream Cave

Psychedelic pop from Cloud Control on their second album, Dream Cave. Melodic tunes with harmony based vocals, expect some nice reverb and some heavily percussive tracks which change from summery, fun numbers to dark, brooding pieces. CD and Vinyl lp. Vinyl is a gatefold with a booklet and download code included...view item »

Face Like A Skull

When it came to finding a name for the band, the Derbyshire two-piece drew inspiration from the Danish word for boys: 'drenge.' this decision, one assumes, must have been met with a degree of irony. Intended or not, there is nothing at all young about their sound. This record is an ambitious start to a musical career with much promise.  ...view item »

Local Natives

Local Natives’ debut album, Gorilla Manor, was full of international chart superhits - the likes of World News, Airplanes and Who Knows Who Cares should rightfully have made this band a household name. The problem was no one much heard these smash hits, so the band didn’t get very far. Three years later they returned...view item »

An Awesome Wave

It could be my age but I despair of the constant use of the word 'awesome'. They all use it here at Norman Towers - the young lads. Anyway let's see if there is anything awesome about this much heralded debut. I've read tonnes about this band in every publication from 'Metro' to 'Horse a...view item »

The Temper Trap
Conditions Remixed

I always thought that Sweet Disposition would be a hard song to remix and I'm not wrong here. It's not bad by any means, but the angle it was approached just didn't work. I think more could have been done with the stem of just the guitar riff. Working over that. There is some melody lost throughout and it's one of those moments like some of the ...view item »

The Temper Trap

Here is a re-issue of the debut LP from widescreen Aussies the Temper Trap. The album first showcased the soaring falsetto voice of singer Dougy Mandagi which glides across the atmospheric arena rock and places the band somewhere between Radiohead and U2. White/blue/black splatter vinyl re-...view item »

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