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Melt Banana
Teeny Shiny

Repress of Melt Banana’s fourth studio album. 11 tracks of completely nuts off the wall noise rock from the genre defining group. Grindcore speed, punk energy and almost pop-like entertainment value all the way throughout.. Interspersed with bizarre noise and glitchy scrapes. Never a straight line with these guys....view item »

Melt Banana
Return Of 13 Hedgehogs (MxBx SINGLES 2000-2009)

Available on CD from A-Zap. Before going on two North American tours the inimitable Melt Banana present a collection of singles and tracks from splits between 2000-’09 in the form of Return of 13 Hedgehogs. Features covers of The Damned, DEVO, Mina, and a brillian...view item »

Melt Banana
Cell Scape

The Japanese are always guaranteed to completely buck any trend in the world by taking elements of western culture (in this case something called 'music') and distorting it into some kind of startling, spazmodic mess. Melt Banana scare the shit out of me as a rule because I think what they do might act...view item »

Melt Banana
Bambi's Dilemma

Here's a brand new Melt Banana album. Wooee!! Bambi's Dilemma is here now on CD (for the mo...) and it's a right old laff. I saw these last year and they were so loud and so crazed I had to order a new brain to be put in after the gig. They were fantastic.... so fantastic both Ant and me bought T shirts though mine doesn't fit me now.... too much l...view item »

Melt Banana
13 Hedgehogs

Melt Banana make me laugh. Their noise is the music inside a cartoon mouse's mind as it's been chased by a very large cat with enormous fat paws and juicy slavering teeth. For the unconscious out there you can enjoy this superb compilation of scary Tom & Jerry lunacy called 13 hedgehogs... The sleeve has a hedgehog on a record deck w...view item »