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Prefuse 73

Last spotted writing an album called 'Lady Parts' as Fudge, it feels like time Scott Heron got back to doing what he's best at. After many years of output he still has great production chops and though we have absolutely zero information about this album we're sure it will be as much anticipated as all his previous work. &n...view item »

Visit Malphino

Ooh this is a fun one. Visit Malphino is an sonic advert for the imaginary tropical island of Malphino. The group, while based in London, hail from places as far-flung as J...view item »

Andrew Hung

Andrew Hung of Fuck Buttons has been comparatively quiet compared to Blanck Mass, but he has been readying his debut album Realisationship. A step away from the heavy distortion and straight pounding of Fuck Button it takes a lean toward Bayonne’s...view item »

Tear The Roots

After two EPs London based synth-pop duo Kaleida return to Lex Records for their debut full length Tear The Roots. Stripped back electronic pop that is direct and embracing, with vocal strength of London Grammar or Lykke Li and the straight up appeal o...view item »

I Speak Machine
Zombies 1985

Vocalist and producer Tara Busch, and filmmaker Maf Lewis team up as I Speak Machine. Their releases always paired as a soundtrack to a film they also produce. For Zombies 1985 they have teamed up with Benge (Wrangler and John Foxx & Th...view item »

Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins
Show Pieces

Alan Moore (working with Mitch Jenkins) has been given the opportunity to produce a series of original short films, which are themselves a sub-set of a larger project / world named The Show. The Show Pieces set contains all five films on DVD, their mystic soundtracks on CD, and a book of ...view item »

Manila Ice

The first Eyedress album 'Shapeshifter' was inexplicable but good. A wild veer across hip-hop, jangle pop, Prince-like funk tomfoolery and Dilla beats. Anything went in the world of  Idris Vicuña it seemed. Now hotly signed to Lex he has issued a follow up which follows the sa...view item »

Andrew Broder
Wertheimer EP

So, Andrew Broder then. Member of Fog, Hymie’s Basement, Lateduster and The Cloak Ox. Now making disturbing music in the field of ‘completely electronic, with samples’ ™. Disturbotronica with old-skool mpc sta...view item »

Boom Bip
Sun Choke

Boom Bip is a meticulous creator. With each album he has done for Lex Records showing his huge range of mastery in sampling and pure instrumentation it’s only logical he would be asked to do score work for someone. The pieces are minimal,  droning and synthetic movements that don’t sit with you easily....view item »

Lady Parts

This is a collaboration between chief cut and splice expert Prefuse 73 and the hilariously monikered Michael Christmas. All very exciting and everything but what did they feel the need to call it that? Or put that on the sleeve? Hip-hop never grows up. Howeve...view item »


I’m just glad Tunde Adebimpe is doing something interesting. Considering the completely flat and flopping ‘Seeds’, it’s nice to hear the TV On The Radio frontman bolster himself with a totally new creative force, in this case combining elemental powers with Anticon hero ...view item »

Golden Rules
Golden Ticket

Paul White is a busy boy, hot on the heels of his solo project on R & S here comes a new collaboration with Florida vocalist Eric Biddines. Paul White made his name initially with psychedelic beat tapes, such as 'Sounds From The Skylight' and the excellent 'Paul White & The Purple Brain'; drawing on influences from around the globe ...view item »

The Mouse And The Mask

Motherfunning new album from Dangerdoom. In case you didn't know (and you may well not) Danger Doom is a duo consisting of MF Doom and Danger Mouse.. Kind of like Mr Marks & Mr Spencer.........  As I type we have the ltd special edition CD in fancy packaging but the vinyl should be here in a week or so.... T...view item »

DJ Signify
Sleep No More

The content is very solemn and brooding, and both guest emcees Buck 65, and Sage Francis contribute some of their best abstract work. Notable tracks are "Winters Going", "Haunted House Party" and "Cup of Regret". The samples Signify employs are very obscure and some are haunting in...view item »

BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah
Sour Soul

Here’s an idea: bring together the best of Wu-Tang’s alums with a jazz collective famed for their overpowering live prowess. BADBADNOTGOOD are not exactly working within the trends of hip-hop right now, which is favouring a free-for-all sampling approach that has resulted in some of the most creative wor...view item »

High Lucia

Post-driftstep's not dead! Here's a delicious mini-album of woozy basspop/trip-hop concoctions full of mumbly vocals, smudgy synths and slo-mo beats, tailor made for those who are getting restless waiting for something new from Clams Casino or Balam Acab. "Multi-directional ambi...view item »

The Mercury Craze

Speaking of SUBTLE they have a new single out called ' The Mercury Craze' which features a Soft Pink Truth mix and a guy from Wolf Parade singing on some track or other. I could be more informative but hey that's why you love us right? We don't care. Honest.... I quite like this but mainly cos I'm a fan of Dose One...view item »

There's A Fault

First Paper Jones, then Tiago La, then S.A. Andree. I love the production skill and mysteriousness of his lyrics – can’t tell if they’re profound or complete nonsense at times. This album is definitely more electronic than his previous ones, but it is a good one to lie on your bed and trip out to. The tracks sound rather simila...view item »

Tiago L.A
Is Losing The Plot

OK my final review got wiped and now I'm having to write it again and I really can't be arsed as I'm well busy. I remember it started off Taigo L.A is losing the plot. As it's by Taigo L.A and it's called Losing The Plot. Very clever you see. Then I can't remember what I said aside from it comes in amazingly lush 70's style Japanese Bowie import in...view item »

Kid Acne
Sliding Doors

Kid Acne: 'Sliding Doors' (Lex), Sheffield's bearded b-boy rocking the redneck look in his confederate baseball cap, string vest and union jack socks standing proud in front of some Yankee trucks. Not quite sure what he's on about but he's shouting in the style of early frat boys Beasties. I think he should maybe stick to his spraycan art. ...view item »


First up Fog with their new album 'Ditherer' on Lex. A rocky guitary album. Lots of tune ideas indeed. A softer Nivarna sound. Actually its got quite a wide range of ideas led by Andrew Broder's nasal vocals as it swings from stoner rock to prog rock. Yes it's good. Phil Elverum, Andrew Bird, Low, and Dosh all appear on the new album, as well as ...view item »

Shape of Broad Minds
Blue Experience EP

Shape Of Broad Minds: "Blue Experience ep" Feat. MF Doom (Lex) New on Lex is the first fruits of a collaboration with Philadelphia MC & producer Jniero Jarel, Dr Whodat, teaming up with newcomers Panama Blak, Jaawwad, Rocque One and the immense appearance of the infamous villain MF Doom. Seven tracks plus instrumentals on the vinyl, f...view item »

Dr Who Dat
Beat Journey

Not had too much Lex stuff recently but now a CD album's landed by DR WHO DAT & I dunno what to say but its jazzy hip hop vibe & clean cut swirling psychedelic summer cocktail lounge vibe is making me wanna do a load of crack in like a big fat gangsta. There's a real cruising in my red hot convertible down country lanes...view item »