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Jacob Olausson
Morning And Sunrise

This Jakob Olausson album opens with a cheery number called 'Don't Drown In Sorrows', in which he borrows the chord sequence from Cameo's '80s classic 'Word Up' and slows it down to a suicidal lollop through the mysterious swamps of this Swedish sugar beet farmer's internal misery. This g...view item »

Circuit Des Yeux

This is better. 21(yikes!)-year-old Haley Fohr with her third album of dark folk. Apparently this is a move onwards and upwards from the other two which I have yet to hear. She has a distinctive full blooded voice that recalls Nico but when matched with the simple guitar instrumentation she comes on like an early...view item »

Samara Lubelski

Well, I’ve listened to this and I enjoyed it so much I slapped the bugger straight on again, the joys of working late after the other boys and girls have gone! Samara doesn’t quite do what I thought she did, this album is st...view item »

The Parasites Of The Western World
Politico / Zytol

Every time this hits the deck Mike starts screaming “SY with Lee Ranaldo!” at every dim corner of the room. I have to agree with our resident arch-drude of indie rock, 'Politico' sounds a great deal like early Yoof with that more poetic NY noisenik at the mic. He reminds me a l...view item »

Peter Jefferies
The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World

Reissue of New Zealand singer / songwriter Peter Jefferies' brilliant debut album 'The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World'. Originally released in 1990, the album received some critical acclaim before disappearing into the ether. But it was just too good to remain forgotten. Incredibly strong songwriting, demonstrated no better than with the s...view item »

Wolf Eyes
No Answer : Lower Floors

Always good to score a “more commercially available” Wolf Eyes album that’s not some hand dubbed cassette released in an edition of two copies in someone’s dads old sweaty sock with bonus toe-nails. I often think these guys unfairly get lumped into the “harsh noise” cate...view item »

Hype Williams
Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Reel

Hype Williams return with another fantastic LP, this time on De Stijl who we're responsible for releasing their first long sold out 7" earlier in the year. You should all be familiar with Hype by now but for those of you still unschooled this London duo scribble sketchbook style all over the track. Yeah, that's right, I'm talking snippits, tit b...view item »

Robust Worlds
Emotional Planet

One of the worst sounds in the world is the sound of Vini Reilly singing. The Durutti Column guitarist has a wonderful dexterity on his chosen instrument but over the years insists on ‘singing’ over certain tracks - all but ruining t...view item »

C. Spencer Yeh

Following that there 7” record that revealed another side to CS Yeh he’s here with a full length for De Stijl continuing his foray into more traditional song based pastures. As the title suggests this is a move in a new direction as this time round he’s dropped the drones and racket in favour of a more experimental pop approach...view item »

Wet Hair
Spill Into Atmosphere

I’ve been monitoring the progress of Raccoo-oo-oon lads Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes with interest as they have slowly dragged their fractured fre...view item »

Hype Williams
Han Dynasty I

My highlights of last night included eating pizza, listening to Skullflower and discovering the Hype Williams Myspace page which has a super awesome video up there. Oh yeah this 7" is just what the doctor ordered with it's slow motion, ultra stoned exotic beats and monged to the maximum vocals reminding me a little of The Skaters. These guys are...view item »

David Kilgour
Here Come The Cars

David Kilgour was one of the people in The Clean who were an excellent band from New Zealand who, in a nice twist, have gained some much deserved props from younger bands influenced by their clinical taut garage sound. This album...view item »

Wet Hair
In Vogue Spirit

More action from the duo of Ryan Garbes and Shawn Reed which continues their vision of slightly skewed, semi lo-fi pop music. This is their debut release for the mighty fine De-Stijl imprint and follows up on cool releases for Not Not Fun and Night people....view item »

Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice

C. Spencer Yeh
In the Blink of an Eye / Condo Stress

This was originally due to be released AAAAAAGES ago. We finally cancelled all the pre-orders for it only for it to be re-sold to us as 'finally coming out'. Always the way. So was it worth the wait? Well I'm the one charged with being the judge of that and I think I'll say "Yes, yes it was". It's a bit of a surprise actually, I was expecting a ...view item »

Love Rules

Is it funny for a young child to be thrown out of their pushchair? I ask 'cause the sleeve of this Pens single is totally making me chuckle. I think that makes me a bad man. Anyway, Pens return with another slice of waxy lo-fi goodness. This ones got a right long title and real chunky bass line. Not an easy tune to pin down but it's certainly go...view item »

Hertta Lussu Assa
Hertta Lussu Assa

Sometimes this job amazes me. Here I am reviewing an avant-garde Finnish supergroup performing a track called 'Electric Spaniel - Wild Nights'. I'm sure we can all relate to those kind of nights, eh? The 'supergroup' c...view item »

Jerusalem And The Starbaskets

Where do they get those names? Jerusalem and the Starbaskets. Right then. Its very messy strung out lo-fidelity pop - the term I believe is shit-gaze, or its sister sub-sub-genre shoe-shit. Psychedelic Horseshit an' all that. There's a lot of 'shit' about these days isn't there? I'm reminded also of playful loa...view item »

Charlie Nothing
Outside / Inside

It's been quite a while since I heard it but I clearly remember having the impression at the time that 'The Psychedelic Saxophone of Charlie Nothing' was a weird record.. Especially for Takoma. This one's a reissue of his second album which I'm completely unfamiliar with but my vague memories are telling me doesn't sound hugely dissimilar to tha...view item »

The Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads
Swiss Cheese Back/ Watching TV

We should have scored copies of this way back but something got fucked up and we didn't get our copies... I cried like an infant in a microwave as after I clocked the press release line: "If the A side of this hybrid genre is the final aggregate regimented elements of deconstructed hard core that Harry Pussy by way of Magic Band displayed, the f...view item »

Ed Askew
Here We Are Together Again / Yellow Dollars

Can't find too much out about this dude but he's been making music since the late 60s. Having said that he's not released much... Just one LP on ESP Disk in 1968 and then an LP on De Stijl in 2005. What's he been doing in the meantime? I'd like to think he's been selling burgers in burger vans for the time in between (that's what all the best ar...view item »

King Darves
The Sun Splits For... The Blind Swimmer

This guy got some attention in the office yesterday. He's got an off-kilter croon that manages to evoke imaginings of a love child betwixt Neil Hannon, Calvin Johnson & Michael Gira, which is surely a startling nightmare/comedy scenario to have in your mind at any time of the day. This album is a hearteningly lo-fi thing. Built from the bare...view item »

Hey Friend, What You Doing?

Well if I don't get my weekly buzz of clattering ladies bashing out scuzzy no-wave & DIY indie rock then I may as well just start listening to the execrable Kid Harpoon & thus, my world would be such an empty, hideous place! Pens are here to make my life much more bearable with their fabulous debut album bursting to the seams with scratchy,...view item »