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Simbiosi present a whole 14 tracks on this new Werkdiscs collection. The Italians immediately get heavy and hardcore from the first track onwards: ‘xxxxxxx’ has a kick/bass sound so thick the track distorts itself. Fantastic. Elements spans 6 sides of 180g vinyl, packaged in an attractive black and white sle...view item »

Helena Hauff
Lex Tertia

New EP from Hamburg’s Helena Hauff, full of dark, shuffling electronica and rolling rhythms. Lex Tertia (‘The Third Law’) sounds just a little bit deranged, and could potentially do amazing things on a dancefloor. Five track 12” released on Werkdiscs, the imprint of none other than Actres...view item »

Helena Hauff
Discreet Desires

‘Discreet Desires’ is the debut solo album from German electro artist Helena Hauff. Driven by a fascination with the relationship between artist and machine, Hauff creates a spontaneous, analogue generated techno, through freestyle jams and improvisation. Her debut release reflects her love for musical subcultures such as punk, nu wa...view item »


Perhaps Darren Cunningham should have reserved the title of his previous album (R.I.P) for his latest sprawling opus ‘Ghettoville’. The word on the streets of the information superhighway is that this is the final album from Actress. Whether that is in fact true, and whether it is just that particular ...view item »


I've not heard much by Actress recently but here comes something from his stable Werk. He's not a horse no. A werkhorse maybe? As with artists on other established artists labels there's something of a reverential sonic palette in common. Moire produces that hazy, urban electronic music that steals magpie-fashion from techno, house, bass music, ...view item »


Just when we thought Darren Cunningham had retired his Actress moniker this black label 12” arrives out of the blue. Was it bullshit? Is this a posthumous release? Who know’s but I for one am glad to have another record from the man. I thought it was pretty funny that most critics just couldn’t get with the gloomy vibes of &lsq...view item »

BBOY 202 / False

After his debut in 2013, Moire is back with more heavy thumping techno, thrashing around heavily cut up vocal samples as he rages through the club, rave and your ear. Bboy/False is one 12” that continues his growing legacy of ravaging around town with kick drum in hand. You can't say no to this if you care ab...view item »

Grey Over Blue

I’ve been loving this Actress 12” since it landed at HQ earlier this week. Now I’ve finally sat down to compose a review with an ice cold Old Jamaican Ginger Beer to compose a review, one of our delivery guys passed a comment; “Listening to more weird music eh? I’ bet you lot are suicid...view item »

Force EP

This is quite a fun little EP on Werkdiscs by Greek lady Eleni Adamopoulou AKA Giganta, four tracks of bouncy dance tunes with some clever vocal cut and paste action, the beats have a nice nod to the vintage side of dance music with handclaps and skittering hi-hats. Eleni tells us that the fun party element to her music is to move away f...view item »

Never Sleep

Still recovering from last week’s bizarre Actress release where the primary aim seemed to be to make the music sound as shit as possible, here we are with another record on the label run by the man from Actress. The lead track ‘Lose It’ has thumping 4/4 beats, a brief vocal sample and some si...view item »

Silver Cloud

New 12” from the much heralded Actress, in fact not an actress at all but a man called Darren. The opening track starts with a clicky sound which goes on indefinitely. It is soon joined by a nice distant gentle rolling Rhodes piano sample which at least one of us think may have previously belonged to ...view item »

Lonely At The Top

Well I've been struck down with an awful cold this week, always in October I land myself with this unwelcome curse but enough of my saga into of unwellness and cheers to Lukid for taking my mind off it by merely releasing a new album, his fourth, on ...view item »

Grim Dubs
Vol 5 (Atki12 revealed as artist)

Wobblesome tech grime staggerathon anyone? Grim Dubs 5 is here to join It's confusing siblings from the past few months. Dunno what the purpose of this stuff is. It's pretty good indeed but registers on my annoyance-o-meter quite highly. Ver tunes've all got to be glitchy & tweaked to fuck to satisfy the electronic geek lust of It's ...view item »

Stacs of Stamina

If you're after some futuristic forward thinking hip hop you could do worse than invest in the latest EP from Stacs Of Stamina. 'Roll' is a slow, heavy hip hop cut featuring MC Ears and scratches from DJ Tron. You get instrumentals too which is handy. 'Stay Beautiful' on the flipside features One-two on vocal dutie...view item »

Stacs of Stamina
Mistake, Rewind, Repeat EP

On Werk Records comes Stacs of Stamina. This is good energetic hip hop whose vocals sounds a bit like the Sole/Alias end of the Anticon stable but with beats that are more electronic like Gold Chains. Electro-hop. There's a sub genre for you. This is really good  - it gets remixes by the ace dDama...view item »