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Free Fall EP

Music that I don't understand part 432. Jlin is the leading footwork artist. She hails from the horrifying industrial hub of Gary, Indiana. Her 2015 album 'Dark Energy' was voted best album of the year by the white middle aged men with beards who make up the staff of the Wire, but don't let that put you off. Opener 'Eu4ri' is in fact a r...view item »

Challenge Me Foolish

Michael ‘Robert’ Paradinas (thank you discogs; so formal, so polite) releases some of his µ-Ziq material previously untouched by mortal hand, collects it and titles it ‘Challenge Me Foolish’ -- on this here CD / double LP for his own Planet Mu, of course. It&r...view item »

East Man
Red, White & Zero

Anthoney Hart is well practiced in sparseness. As Imaginary Forces he stripped down techno and dubstep, leaving it unfamiliar and cold. As East Man, he pulls the same trick with grime. Grime is already one of the genres most capable of holding back. On Red, White & Zero, Hart focuses on this aspect, and creates 12 tracks whose restraint freq...view item »

Claude Speeed
Other Infinities

One of Planet Mu’s two Christmas cassettes is Claude Speeed’s Other Infinities, a companion piece to the Infinity Ult...view item »

Solar Bears

Solar Bears’ previous was another of those records indebted to that kind of hazed ‘70s melancholy that streams through records by the likes of Boards of Canada, Bibio and Seeland...view item »

U Feel Anything?

From the always reliable Planet Mu comes U Feel Anything by Ziúr. Emerging from a new wave of Berlin techno producers, Ziúr is forging a new and exciting sound. Ziúr is very much at the heart of this new wave and is the founder and resident DJ of Boo-Hoo, a club night of und...view item »

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Ah, it felt like only last year that I was sitting in this exact chair, with these headphones on, listening to Antwood’s debut album with joy and confusion plastered over my face. That’s because it was last year, indeedy, a few months over 1 year ago Tristan Douglas of Canadian fame made his first public announcement, a decree of sca...view item »

Mike & Rich
Expert Knob Twiddlers

Mike & Rich is Mike Paradinas (aka µ-Ziq) and Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin): you can see the pair of them grinning away on the cover there. This material dates from the mid-90’s and the approach is playful: fun-time groovy electronics as well...view item »

µ-Ziq (u-ziq)

IDM adventurer µ-Ziq drops another sound bomb on Planet Mu. On XTLP however, the tone is a little less frantically experimental than a lot of µ-Ziq work. The press release even speaks of emotion! This is appropriate though, as parts of XTLP may conjure up blissful rave memories in t...view item »

Dark Energy

Footwork hasn’t quite reached the grim terraces of Burley yet so bear with me here. I guess it’s a new genre in which you….work your feet? Quality reviews and deductions courtesy of Norman Records. Whatever the hell it is. Jlin is a US beatstress with a penchant for alluring rhythms, mostly devoid of sampling. What? No...view item »

Claude Speeed
Infinity Ultra

Here is that Claude that can’t spell his own name right making a big record for Paradinas’ Planet Mu. He was pretty impressive on that Sun Czar Temple thing also on Mu but it felt quite brief and you could tell that he had a few more ideas to share, and boy, are there ideas here. So many that he may have even gone a bit far ...view item »


Big box-set here for the twentieth anniversary of the Planet Mu label, the place to be for messed-up electronic dance music. µ20 is a triple-disc bonanza of favourites, including Shitmat, Luke Vibert, Leafcutter John, Venetian Snares… You should really know...view item »


The only box I want to put music in is my record box and yet my role as a writer here at Norman Towers in a sense dictates that I kinda have to, to some extent in order to attempt to articulate what a record sounds like to our readers. Genre references can be useful at times but so much is postmodern these days that it simply defies genre tags a...view item »

Claude Speeed
Sun Czar Temple

It’s the 20th anniversary of Planet Mu, and to celebrate the fact that the time since the label was founded is currently divisible by 10, they’re plonking stickers on the front of one of their first 2015 releases, Sun Czar Temple. Scottish electronic dreamer Claude Speeed (with 3 ‘e’s to let you know just how muc...view item »


Hey look there’s another Ekoplekz record out. And for some reason I haven’t bought it already. Odd. Oh yeah, you’re supposed to work out whether you like it, or ‘review’ it, first aren’t you. Well, if you don’t know, Ekoplekz is a Bristolian man named Nick Edwards whose 4th album on Planet Mu is upon us,...view item »

Black Origami

Gary, Indiana’s undisputed queen of footwork is back with her second album, following her widely praised, critically acclaimed debut back in 2015. An album which topped many end of year lists. Since then she’s given us a coupla great EPs on Planet Mu and been busy puttin...view item »

Slow Knife

Kuedo has left a hefty five years in between the release of his debut full-length album Severant and this follow-up. Slow Knife has a sleek, neon-city-at-night kind of feel, with stuttering trap percussion and glassy synths everywhere. But there are also contributions from cellist Koenraad Ecker...view item »

Asher Levitas
Lit Harness

Houndstooth? Deep Medi? This Asher Levitas person is ticking all the boxes. At least, when they’re part of the Old Apparatus production group, who I have not heard at all. So, as an introduction, good ol soundcloud offers the tag ‘ambient’, but when presented with 2nd track ‘In the Eyes’, I’m not sure ...view item »


Machines hum and whirr. Throats open wide, purring for hours. A tiger roars, a synth stabs, and suddenly it starts to rain. This is what 2 tracks into microbiologist-cum-musician Antwood’s debut sounds like: being rudely batted around the earth, from large bass-filled caverns to animal-filled plains. Typical biologist. This Tristan Douglas...view item »

RP Boo
The Ultimate

Key footwork talent RP Boo presents a tight package of six sharp new cuts, boastfully titled The Ultimate. Samples include a Sesame Street song(!), some Fresh words and a bit of pop, all woven into the frantic boom-click extra-rhythmic framework of that super high-grade Boo foo...view item »


Now a full citizen of Planet Mu, Nick Edwards turn his attention to populating the place. It seems fitting a home for Mr. Eko, whose processed grooves and space layers have always mirrored the Paradinas family, making screwed beat-worlds that don’t by any means fall into the usual glitchy cliches that are sometimes assumed to be fact. ...view item »

Mr. Mitch
Don't Leave

In the last few years Grime has been re-envisioned by a group of producers, in part thanks to London-based experimental Grime upstart Mr. Mitch. Mitch brings his deftly stark, bizarre and understated touch to this new 4-track EP ‘Don’t Leave’, which is a stylistic precursor to ‘Parallel Memories’, a forthcoming full...view item »

John Wizards
John Wizards

I don’t know anything about John Wizards. In fact I don’t think I’d heard his name before today, isn’t that terrible? I’m getting slack in my old age. Anyway, he’s got an album out on Planet Mu so I’d better start figuring out who he is. I just put the CD on and it started...view item »

Hive Mind

Daniel Martin-McCormick's Ital project finds a new home and its first full length release on Planet Mu. It's clear to see why Mike Paradinas has signed this material as there is something quite charming about the sound and the simplistic approach to its creation. 'Doesn't Matter (If You Love Him)' samples fragments of Lady Gaga and Wh...view item »

You Stand Uncertain

I like this NY champs stuff. Coming from a junglist background hasn't decimated his love for more soulful grooves. His output is pretty consistent, quality-wise and you're always gonna be on safe ground when a record opens with a guest vocal spot from the gorgeous Anneka. Her silky dream-like voice glides along, virtually dripping off the...view item »

Teengirl Fantasy

Well I just reviewed some dirgey psych rock miscellany so never before have I been more excited to listen to a Planet Mu release. Home again. Gotta say though, probably should have listened to 7AM at some point in order to get this. Probably should have listened to Teengirl Fantasy before this, but they’ve got a stupid name so I didn&rsquo...view item »

Mr. Mitch

Mr. Mitch’s new album is a careful and conscious exploration of fatherhood and relationships; so much so that his son Milo features at one point. Devout also features guest spots from Duval Timothy, Palmistry, P Money and more, all contributing to...view item »

Hyper Flux

Fuck this is weird. Here was me thinking that Planet Mu’s signings were all Autechre clones, but here we are, something fresh. Herva is a new name and sound to my ears but it takes the basic IDM roots of the ‘Mu and goes so much further towards individuality than most who follow that lineage. So...view item »


Remember that time you dropped a banging gurner and spent the next six hours munching your face off and talking shit? Even if it did happen to you, you probably won’t remember anyway. But the plan is, make you remember through dredging up echoey afterimages of the sounds you might have heard during the early hours, and presenting them as a...view item »

Sami Baha

Sami Baha, who describes his style as ‘instrumental trap’, produced much of the material that became Mavericks while living in Istanbul, and the intense political feel of the city over the last few years seems to have permeated the advanced-grade music. One track features a guest-spot from Kuedo...view item »

Silk Road Assassins
Reflection Spaces

This here is a group of bass assassins who have been taken under the wing of the Paradinas to meld the more straight beats of the modern club aeon with weird alien synth collages. On par with most of Planet Mu’s recent output, it showcases some sleek, controlled productions featuring bold melodics and grime-induced beat patterns. I...view item »

Ital Tek
Nebula Dance

Jeeez, this sounds "well Planet Mu" from the off. Alan Myson opens his "difficult third album" under his iTAL tEK moniker with a chunk of plunging kaleidoscopic tribal grime that morphs in and out of a braindance '...view item »

Entropik EP

Electronica busybody Nick Edwards and his Ekstatic Ekoplekz Ensemble of sound circuits return to the vinyl format for another exkursion into weird-ass journeys, and journeys these are. With each side of the EP consisting of one long piece of music, Edwards may well have ascended to dizzy artiste kompositeur heights on this. So he’s making ...view item »

Ital Tek

Ital Tek - a semi-familiar name to those who traverse the strobing realms of electronic music, and one that I’d placed into the ‘ok glitchy dubstep’ category in my mind and promptly forgotten about. That’s not to piss all over his formative years; it was understandable, breaks and that are fun, as are wompy basses. But wh...view item »

Yearning Kru
Copper Vale

Copper Vale finds Taiwan producer Yearning Kru conjuring up a fantasy landscape derived from sci-fi literature. So expect a swirl of electronics dashed heavily with samples, all adding up to a lo-fi evocation of an imaginary realm. Copper Vale is released on Planet Mu in a joint effort with Kuedo...view item »


Herve Atsè Corti has been putting out tracks on Bosconi Extra Virgin, Delsin, All City, Kontra-Musik, Don’t Be Afraid and has now been given a platform on Planet Mu. And deservedly so as thi...view item »

Luke Vibert

Luke Vibert is one of the few veterans of the electronic scene that has actually managed to become more imaginative as time has gone on. Maybe it’s because back in the early days, the only thing that existed were varying speeds of house/techno that you needed to take varying levels of speed to get down to. That could be the reason for the ...view item »

RP Boo
Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints

Kevain Space, the man behind RP Boo, is one of the kings of footwork. I however am a footwork peasant, living in the slurry with all my half-formed preconceptions of what the genre sounds like or represents. Dancing, probably. Judging by the first few tracks, it’s fair to say that RP Boo is very good at making you want that. One th...view item »

John T. Gast

Planet Mu seems to have morphed into a very far-reaching stable these days. It were all the IDM and breakcore when I were a lad, then all the dubstep and funky came and went followed by scene-setting footwork/juke excursions and some ill-advised divebombs into rather dull dream-pop and a couple of crap albums by people who should know better ste...view item »

Drew Lustman
The Crystal Cowboy

With a cover consisting of a dusty apartment block and presumably Mr. Lustman sitting nonchalantly on top of a horse, you could easily assume that this is the electronic version of Father John Misty. New kooky alter ego, new sound and even some ‘doo-doo-doo’s, all signed to the Bella Union of b...view item »

Mr. Mitch
Parallel Memories

Fresh from helping make Boxed's instrumental grime showcase the most exciting and daring club night for some time, Mr Mitch has a double LP for Planet Mu. All weightless string samples and beat-less arpeggios, the grime legend is catering to all you in-the-club-but-still-sad melancholics. Includes the glacial Dark0 collaboration...view item »


Third LP from Ital on Planet Mu. Now it has just occurred to me that some people may get confused by all this Ital business and a few may even assume this is the same guy as Ital Tek who has released a monster four albums for the same label in a mor...view item »

Venetian Snares
My Love Is A Bulldozer

Hold on to your hats it’s everyones favourite drum and bass botherer Venetian Snares, here with his first album since 2010’s ‘My So Called Life’ and Aaron is on blinding form as usual with his psychotic brand of break-beat schizophrenia. ‘My Love Is A Bulldozer’ starts as it means to go on with headache induci...view item »

Da Mind Of Traxman Vol. 2

The (I’m mean ‘Da’) mind of Traxman is littered with little audio snippets and broken samples all filed away in an ad hoc fashion within the confines of the lads mind palace. It’s okay though, Cornelius Ferguson, a truly deranged genius, has a system. Traxman kicks the Footwork style and here he treats us to eighteen mini...view item »

Weird Drift

The sticker we’ve written on the front of the promo reads “Paradinas and wife. Good.” That could pretty much do as a review but I’m sure you want a bit more jam to lace the bread, right? Well the second collaboration for the pair (Paradinas being the U-Ziq/Pl...view item »


This Poemss CD has turned up at my house with a somewhat sexist note from Norman Towers II's resident post-it goblin - "Venetian Snares In "Gone Soft" Shock - Woman Responsible...", it opines. What it's trying to tell me is that Poemss is the duo of Aaron Funk and Toronto-based musician/artist Joanne Pollock, and it's somewhat less heavy-duty th...view item »

DJ Diamond
Flight Muzik Reloaded

Do you know why they call him DJ Diamond? Is it because of his sick cuts? Because he’s brilliant? Or his many facets? Nobody cares. Flight Muzik is an eclectic musical collage that wonders the gamut of electronic-hiphop related genres. Get your fix for all varieties, all together in one healthy dose....view item »

John Wizards

The chunter. Its the chunter that gets you. Chunter on this chunter on that. Lets remove their tongues and enjoy the music. John Wizards are a band not a man but the singer is called John. They come from Cape Town in South Africa and their sunshine-infused music has recently been heard opening up for Jagwar Ma o...view item »

µ-Ziq (u-ziq)
Somerset Avenue Tracks (92-95)

Planet Mu and Mike Paradinas release this fantastic 2 CD set of unreleased material from the very early beginnings of the u-ziq legacy, out of the usual crop of nineties electronic acts like Aphex Twin, ...view item »

µ-Ziq (u-ziq)
Chewed Corners

Long awaited new full length from Mr Paradinas after the release of the Xtep EP, ‘Chewed Corners’ is a real return to form and a hark back to the glory days of all things IDM, super catchy trance anthems complete with slammin’ piano and arms in the air melodic keyboard riffs, this is marvelous stuff from one of the true pioneer...view item »

Regional Surrealism

You might not be familiar with this chap but he’s been kicking about for ages now as a 3D film director for folks like Hudson Mohawke, Mogwai, ...view item »

Rudi Zygadlo
Melpomene / Arrows

Not the best of weeks for singles but I’m liking this. On the A side there’s an instrumental of partial interest with a slight neoclassical sound to it - it’s not unlike U-ziq with some engaging vocals pop...view item »

The Host
The Host

Always nice to see Planet Mu keeping busy. This week they're serving the debut from The Host - a semi-mysterious artist  - in the sense that I have no idea who's behind the pseudonym. Guess it ain't all that important, it'll become apparent soon enough as this dude's got summat real n...view item »

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