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Carpenter Brut
Leather Teeth

Take synthwave, and make it a bit metal. That's what this is, those are the darks arts in which Carpenter Brut indulge. Probably the easiest point of comparison is early Justice, in particular the excellent Planisphère. Released by Carloline and the vinyl com...view item »

Death From Above
Outrage! Is Now

Third full length album from disco rockers Death From Above. Joining forces with Queens Of The Stone Age/All-American Rejects producer Eric Valentine they focus their chrome bright dance music with punk fever creating the soundtrack to dance to at the end of the world. Death gro...view item »

Carpenter Brut

Box set of french electronic producer Carpenter Brut. Made up of his three EPs released on Black Bus and No Quarter. Firmly rooted in 80s soundtracks Brut packs the atmospherics of John Carpenter and the darker grittier electro punch of Justice and the '80s sheened energy of Kavinsky...view item »

United States Of Horror

Ho99o9 consider themselves both a hip-hop and a punk group, narrowly skating around the corpse of nu-metal to produce powerful and angry political music with the intensity of a Death Grips. United States Of Horror is their debut album, featuring production from Dave Sitek out of ...view item »

The New Pornographers
Whiteout Conditions

The New Pornographers are true Canadian stalwarts of indie rock, and they’ve now worked their way up to their seventh full-length album. Whiteout Conditions was borne out of a desire to be a bit more Krautrocky, but that impulse, translated by the Pornographers, ended up sounding like something so...view item »

Killing Joke
Killing Joke

Killing Joke’s self-titled debut full-length album tore out of the gates in 1980: now it receives a reissue on the Caroline label. Killing Joke is a violent slab of post-punk vigour that still has a bite to it today. Pressed to picture disc vinyl bearing an image from a Northern Irish Troubles riot. Edition of 100...view item »

Killing Joke
What's THIS for...!

Killing Joke released their second album, the enigmatically titled What’s THIS For…!, in 1981. The band self-produced the record, maximising the stripped-back aggressive minimalism of their post-punk thrashings. Fierce and funky. Pressed to picture disc vinyl in an edition of 1000, out on the Caroline label...view item »

Killing Joke
Fire Dances

Killing Joke’s fourth full-length album Fire Dances was first released in 1983, but the time is now right for a reissue. There is a bit more brightness in this album than in the group’s work up to this point, although there is still a sharp edge to their post-punk style. Pressed to picture disc vinyl bearing...view item »

Killing Joke
Night Time

Killing Joke’s fifth album Night Time was both a hit and a turning point for the band. Both the taut gothy aggression of early Joke and the slightly smoother and commercially appealing tone of later Joke are present here, mixed in just the right quantities. Night Time is ...view item »

Killing Joke
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

Killing Joke’s sixth full-length album, initially released back in 1986, here gets reissued in style by Caroline. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns found the Joke playing a slightly more commercial version of their post-punk sound,...view item »

Killing Joke
Outside The Gate

Killing Joke’s seventh album Outside The Gate is a little bit of an outlier in the band’s discography. For one thing, the non-Jaz Coleman members of the band are in many cases either not present or marginalised. And for a...view item »

Man It Feels Like Space Again

Man It Feels Like Space Again is a futuristic sliver of psychedelic pop from the crazy men/children of Australian band Pond. It continues on the same road laid down by previous album Hobo Rocket by delivering yet more hyperactive rock/pop tunes lathered in strange psych effects with obscure...view item »

Killing Joke

Killing Joke’s third album Revelations was recorded in Cologne under the wise production talents of Conny Plank. He seems to have helped the band make their gothy post-punk sleeker, setting them up for a dash more commercial success. Pressed to picture disc vinyl in an edition of 1000, out on the ...view item »

Slow Club
I Swam Out To Greet You

Originally available as a home made cd at Slow Club gigs back in February, this is the second cover album Slow Club have put out in very limited numbers. Features a divers range of cover versions including a beautifully moving Desperado and a cracking version of Pulps Disco 2000. Standout track though, and a song I had never heard before, is The...view item »

Slow Club
Complete Surrender

Being a DJ on 6 Music must be a bind at times. Forced to play all those Elbow records, contractually obliged to be matey with Guy Garvey. Although overall a very good thing indeed,  6 Music can let itself down with the same level of chumminess DLT, Edmonds and the like foisted on the world in the 70’s....view item »

Slow Club
Complete Surrender (single)

Nice bit of synthy indie pop here on the latest 7" from Slow Club. 'Complete Surrender' is a dramatic and danceable disco-rock number with some nice shuddering synth drones, big soulful backing vocals and a relentlessly stomping kick and snare mixed loud alongside some subtly energetic hand drums. It's audaciously bold, slickly produced, genuine...view item »

Smashing Pumpkins

The album that launched the Smashing Pumpkins career, Gish may not get quite the same love as Siamese Dream or Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness but it's just as full of guitar and drum heroics while displaying a more psychedelic sound that they ever attempted again. In a recent interview frontman Billy Corgan said that Courtney Love told h...view item »