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Deradoorian / Albert McCloud
Deradoorian / Albert McCloud

This one's a split of goodness. Deradoolian's 'Marichka' is a semi-dub slow jam centred around excellent percussive tones and a versatile vocalist. This is a sparse and incredibly tasteful piece of post-Zola Jesus pop songwriting and features production from Angel Deradoorian (also known for her work in Dirty Projectors) and Dave Portner (AKA An...view item »

Washed Out/Small Black
Despicable Dogs/You'll See It

This split sounds grand...oh that's the wrong speed....I was wondering why I was feeling like a trip to the methadone clinic. This split sounds grand. Both songs sound ace. Electro muzak at its finest. Both tracks made me feel like I was in Miami Vice. Both the songs are rich textured pieces that swirl and dive right past yer mind. My personal favo...view item »

Aids Wolf
Ma Vie Banale Avant-Garde

Not been keeping up with Montreal's AIDS WOLF of late. Not even heard their last LP 'March To The Sea'. I hang my head in avant-shame. If you know the group you may have some idea of what to expect from 'Ma Vie Banale Avant-Garde'. Inspired by free jazz, modern composition, 20th Century ...view item »

Clipd Beaks
Visons/ Dank Swamp

I'm well down with the Lovepump United label and i'm also pretty keen on the hypnotic drones of Clipd Beaks. As you can imagine Clipd Beaks live are an unending spiel of freeform, improvised madness but this 7" single release sees the band embracing structured ideas with the greatest of ease to provide you with an excellent snippet of what the...view item »

Die Slow

HEALTH! HEALTH! They use capital letters! I've always had my suspicions about HEALTH, that underneath their Boredoms-inspired noise rock was a bit of an empty, poser-ish void, but their LP had enough good moments for me to remain undecided. Plus they're pretty ace live. So now their new single is here and it's pushed me back further towards the 'oh...view item »

Trance Doll/ New Mind

Getting some damn interesting records today. No turgid "haircut indie" shit on the horizon either....New 7" on Lovepump International by Pictureplane. I don't know how to describe this tune - 'Trance Doll' - except that it's a complete head-screw darkwave electrotech tune that sounds like its hazy, muddied vocals have been beamed in ...view item »

Health/ Disco

Look away! There's nothing to see hear.... Oh actually there is... So you dug that Health album on Love Pump United Yeah? Then you might be interested to know that there is a remix album full of neo disco, primal funk, techno jam space biscuit type mixes. It's interesting to hear what these electronic artists have done with the tracks here on 'Disc...view item »

Genghis Tron
Dead Mountain Mouth

We've just been having a discussion on the best band names ever. GENGHIS TRON is right up there but Brian reckons Dumpy's Rusty Nuts is even better.... Ant reckons Anal Beard.....Am not sure but a special mention to Yorkshire Bone has to be made as that kept me sniggering to myself for an entire 40 minute bus jour...view item »

Crystal Castles/ Health

Crystal Castles / Health: 'Split'(Lovepump) Is led by tribal drumming in the style of Shit and Shine, electro rock and pop with what sounds like Cher being strangled and an instrumental melodic interlude. This surely can't be what they're calling Nu Rave? The pace is well off! Four tracks on 7" white vinyl....view item »


Nowt like looking after your Health the grinning people on the telly whine at me as i tuck into my nightly bottle of benylin, 40 fags & a tindaloo. Fuck those fools man. I'm toxic mama! And my ears are freshly bleeding to the warped tribal spazzcore cacophony that is Health's new CD on Lovepump International. This is what would happen if Liars ...view item »

Genghis Tron
Cloak of Love

The most anticipated release of the month for us is the Genghis Tron 10" on Lovepump. It really doesn't get much better. Nothing I can say will make you not want to buy this record now. Childishness aside I can see this appealing to the folks who like 65 Days of Static but want it much more stupid and heavier sounding....view item »