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Russell Haswell

When listening to Russell Haswell’s output I’m often given the impression that he primarily creates to fulfill his own personal sonic cravings. I can somehow just detect the passion he has for sound and whether he was making records or not I’m fairly sure he’d still be tinkering and twiddling away, searching fo...view item »


In the office the lads are pumping out Wu Tang. I'm in the naughty corner trying to make sense of a series of drones. This lot are from Spain, there are two of them and the opener is a shifting patterns of overlapping grainy drones. My ears have pricked up by track two which presents some fluttering beats and an insidious drift. The music i...view item »


LCC (or Las CasiCasiotone) return to Editions Mego with their second full length album. Bastet continues in the experimental ambient vein of D Evolution utilising field recordings and an array of electronic manipulation, this time with focus on human rituals and movement. For fans of Th...view item »

Shit & Shine
Some People Really Know How To Live

With releases on Diagonal, Riot Season, Rocket and, Gangsigns, Shit & Shine are shape shifters with no real defined edges. Happily mixing Thrones avantgarde heaviness with Luke Vibert acid and broken breaks. Some People Really Know How To Live continues their degradation of genres, ...view item »

Felix Kubin
Takt der Arbeit

People just love the old industrial workers nowadays. If you ain’t wearing his jacket, you’re listening to his hammer hitting steel, his phone ringing off the hook and his saw chugging through something or other. That’s what you get from Felix Kubin’s Takt der Arbeit...view item »


UUUU are a new group of musicians that have come together to bring a new sound to the world of music. This self titled double Vinyl LP has been released on Valentina Magaletti, and is a complete soundscape of genres that are all layered together to create a number of tracks. You constantly get snippets of rock or classi...view item »

Russell Haswell
Tongue Dancer '85

Someone let noisy troublemaker Russell Haswell into the famous EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, where he had a play around on their marvellous collection of synthesisers. Typically searing business from Haswell here. Tongue Dancer ‘85 is a single-track, single-sided 12”, limited to 300...view item »

Klara Lewis

Sinking into the abyss with Klara Lewis. Ett is a the debut full length from the producer. This one is a deep sea odyssey, with Klara delving into expansive sub-60 hertz territory and the grainy upper middle. There are field recorded manipulations, loops, samples and electronics that seamlessly ...view item »

Bruce Gilbert
Ex Nihilo

Editions Mego mark their 250th release with a regular contributor to the label - ex-Wire / Dome member Bruce Gilbert. Ex Nihilo encapsulates his signature sonics - harsh, austere, sculptural aural brutalism, hacked into a variety of abstract and alien shapes. The fact that the a...view item »

Oto Hiax
Oto Hiax

Oto Hiax is Mark Clifford of Seefeel and Scott Gordon of Loops Haunt: eg. two proper electronic sound professionals. This record, the debut full-length release of the project, mixes the experimental textural approach typical of the label (Editions Mego) with a l...view item »

Massif Trophies

Massif Trophies is more of a piece of art than a record, really. Amsterdam based musician BJNilen primarily focuses his work on nature and how it impacts the human mind. Listening through this record you get a real sense of being where he is, and you feel as if you're side by side him going on the same adventure he is o...view item »


COHGS is a collection of COH material that has crept out in various ways and on various labels over the years. This material is defined by its relatively rare inclusion of vocals and lyrics, from an array of col...view item »

On a Fateful Morning

Chra's approach to darker, foreboding electronica gathers far reaching influences together in one pot, transmitting a mysterious yet visceral result to the brain of the listener. Restless circuit chatter is enveloped in shadowy drones which break out into abstract rhythms and bass work, a journey through industry and fog....view item »


Christian "Fennesz" Fennesz isn't a lad who rushes himself. The last time he put out a full-length album was 2008 so you can bet he's put some thought and effort into the seven tracks here. I'm on my third go through it and still struggling to find words to describe the sumptuous listening experience this album provides. There's something quite ...view item »

The Transcendence Orchestra
Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals

Through a vast array of instruments and processes, in a setting designed to evoke transcendental energies, Anthony Child and Daniel Bean have conjured up a remarkable torch bearer of deep listening. It's a slowly shifting, drone wash of texture and growth that will definitely appeal to fans of Eno, Laraa...view item »

Jung An Tagen
Agent Im Objekt

It’s a question as old as music itself: what happens when conventional club music signifiers are subjected to querying skews, syncopations, minimalisms and new sound designs? Vienna’s Jung An Tagen is member of the week over at the Deconstructin’ Da Club Club. If you’re keen to have your rave cake and str...view item »

33 33

Two torchbearers of electronic sound sculpting come together on Mego, treating us to an album of fine grain sonic manipulation. There's a distinct restraint at play, forming space for the audio information to sit exposed, with cautious drum programming juxtaposed against wild glitches and robotic chatter....view item »

Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin
Buy Corals Online

Loke Rahbek and Frederik Valentin are mainstays of Copenhagen’s experimental / noise / industrial / etc. label Posh Isolation, but here they take an outing together to Editions Mego. Buy Corals Online was inspired by an aquarium and Japanese history, and certainly has an aquatic-ambient feel to mu...view item »

Yasunao Tone
AI Deviation #1, #2

Exciting and unusual times here: Yasunao Tone, the veteran experimentalist who straddles both Fluxus and Mego, has developed a neural artificial intelligent network and let it loose on some recordings of his MP3 Deviations pieces. The network ‘learned’ how those digital noise slabs worked, and then tried to ...view item »

Kassel Jaeger

New work from electroacoustic orienteer Kassel Jaeger, whose recent collaborations with the likes of Oren Ambarchi and Jim O'Rourke have proved immensely meditative despite using disparate means and timbres. This record for Editions Mego consists of reworks and offers a ...view item »

Duke of York

A somewhat atypical release for Editions Mego here, being a set of actual pop songs. Granted, HOX produce fairly experimental pop songs: what else would you expect from two members of Wire and He Said Omala respectively? Duke of York is their second album, following up their debut from ...view item »


Debut release of a new project from J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus), Xordox has it’s gaze set firmly on deep space and exploration of alien worlds. Neospection plays out like a lost revision of the soundtrack to Tron, thick retro-futuristic synthesis with a driving narrative to a...view item »

The Golden Communion

More than ten years work has apparently gone into The Golden Communion: accordingly, it is a triple LP set, spanning over two hours. Huge variety in here, from more-or-less pop songs through to abstract, semi-classical suits of 28 minutes. Thighpaulsandra has put a lot into this record, and you could get a lot out of it...view item »

dieb13 / Gustafsson / Siewert
(Fake) The Facts

The relentlessly tuneless experimentalism of this week's review pile is getting me down so I'm dipping into this new LP from Spidergawd for a little respite. These guys have two members of Motorpsycho among their ranks but none of that band's sophistication - this is straight-down-the-line '70s riff rock which...view item »

Loke Rahbek
City Of Women

Posh Isolation bossman and the mind behind Croatian Amor / Damien Dubrovnik is here presenting a full-length album under his own name for the first time. City Of Women pulls in many of Loke Rahbek’s aesthetic concerns, with aspects of twisted pop, melodic classical instrumentation...view item »

I-LP-O In Dub
Capital Dub, Chapter 1

Finnish experimentalist Ilpo Väisänen, one half of Pan Sonic and Angel, is somewhat a feature of the Mego family, returning to the label with his follow up full length for Communist Dub. A similar approach can be felt, deconstructed dubby electronics that break and mangle unti...view item »

Oren Ambarchi & Jim O'Rourke

‘Behold’ is Oren Ambarchi and Jim O'Rourke’s second collaborative release. With Ambarchi mostly on Guitar and Drums and Jim O'Rourke playing a selection of Synthesizers and piano and both playing various other, sometimes unidentifiable things to create a minimalist, slow burning, repetitive, melodic rhythm....view item »

Empty Airport

Chra presents an LP of disquieting ambience, part blended field recordings, part lingering electronics. And at some points, part reverbed techno as well. All in all, the atmosphere created is somewhat like an Empty Airport in that it feels like there should be more human traces here than there are… LP on Editions...view item »

Anthony Child
Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 1

Anthony Child has released a bunch of stuff under the name Surgeon and is usually known for his beat-heavy recordings. On Electronic Recordings from the Maui Jungle Vol. 1 however, the feel and the tone of the developing drones are emphasised and electronic sounds meet the sounds of nature. Double LP an...view item »

Licht-Akiyama Trios
Tomorrow Outside Tomorrow

Rad stuff here from a pair of iconoclastic musicians, working together at last. Alan Licht and Tetuzi Akiyama are formidable guitar talents, but that isn’t even all, as Tomorrow Outside Tomorrow also features Rob Mazurek’s cornet and Oren Ambarchi’s gu...view item »

After The Rain

Electronic artist Locust follows up his release last year with 'After The Rain', a record that at times sounds almost symphonic, with impressively pitched harmonies from Julie Manescau and ornate arrangements (on keys, celeste, synth -- all that good shit) that suggest an inclination towards '70s electronic sounds....view item »

A Script For Machine Synthesis

A mainstay at the Mego label, and moving with them onto Editions Mego artist Hecker tests philosophy with sound art. Working with philosopher Reza Negarestani Hecker brings the third part of his text-sound works in A Script For Machine Synthesis. No real voices used, all words are synth...view item »

Kassel Jaeger & Jim O'Rourke
Wakes On Cerulean

Not many have an output like Jim O’Rourke, with over a hundred albums and a collaborations list even longer. Wakes On Cerulean is his teaming up with french electroacoustic composer François Bonnet/Kassel Jaeger. The driving force behind the record being electronic processi...view item »

Thomas Brinkmann
What You Hear (Is What You Hear)

Following some innovative work in the areas of minimalism, ambiance and techno such as 'Klick', 'Variations' and last years duo with Oren Ambarchi 'The Mortimer Trap', 'What You Hear (Is What You Hear)' sees Brinkmann attempt to further separate the notions of auteurism from the act of creativity by removing intent from the process as much as po...view item »

Oren Ambarchi

Oren Ambarchi continues with his bold mission to make an infinite number of records with every notable musician in the world. Hubris is a mighty work that contains contributions from Arto Lindsay, Mark Fell and regular collaborator Jim O’Rourke, as well as ...view item »

Simon Fisher Turner

Simon Fisher Turner, known for his film soundtracking work as well as for his stand-alone sound design, has a new solo artist record in the form of Giraffe. The ingredients for this nutritious suite include varied field recordings from around the world, pianos, strings, electronics, drones… All sorts of quality s...view item »

Anthony Child
Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 2

Following up Vol. 1 from 2015, Anthony Child, better known as Surgeon lets all the masks and hard edges drop to the floor for the material released under his own name. Taking single long take field samples recorded in the jungle as backing tracks to his much more ambient hardware improvisations. Come, get yourse...view item »

Ground and Figure

Sendai, the duo of Peter van Hoesen and Yves de Mey, play around with electronic rhythms and pads in a finely abstracted manner, as though the music of the club has been cast adrift in a sea of digital fizz and depth-charge ambience. Ground and Figure feels minutely tweaked and filtered...view item »

The Labyrinth Of The Straight Line

New material from Cindytalk that harks back to the industrial thump of the project’s earliest 1980’s work. The Labyrinth Of The Straight Line, as that title might suggest, is a strange and mysterious thing, not to be understood lightly. Rather, you sh...view item »

taking into account only a portion of your emotions

Pinkcourtesyphone is the woozy drone project of Richard Chartier, and taking into account only a portion of your emotions is his new album. These sounds are luscious and rich, but there is a sense that certain themes lie beneath the surface: detachment, darkness, dreams. The album is out on Pete...view item »

Jung An Tagen
Das Fest Der Reichen

Jung An Tagen is a complex, ever-morphing project that buzzes away in Vienna’s Virtual Institute, engaging with video art as much as it develops its own sound pallette. Das Fest Der Reichen is an album-length presentation of the project’s strange synthetic sound-worlds, marshalled by Stefan Juster...view item »

Thomas Brinkmann
A 1000 KEYS

Ahhh, remember the days when you’d gather the family round and listen to the dot matrix printer rattle off your favourite concertos? Thomas Brinkmann Transfers the character of a grand piano into cold 0s and 1s and translates them into repetitive midi sequences of noise and fragments. What is left is far from the piano. In...view item »

Christian Fennesz & Jim O'Rourke
It's Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry

If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that Christian Fennesz on the guitar is going to sound beautiful and completely unlike a man playing the guitar. Working together with electronic-music scientist Jim O’Rourke, he’s made the lushest ambient of the summer, filled with gentle overdriven...view item »

Klara Lewis

In between Klara Lewis releasing her debut album Ett and her new long-player Too for Editions Mago, she released Msuic EP through Peder Mannerfelt. Too highlights her ability to build her sounds through hazy rhythms and unearthly soundscapes. Like the cover, t...view item »

Get In

Mr. Editions Mego himself, Peter Rehberg aka Pita, returns with his first full-length solo album in a long time: 14 years! Get In continues the informal series begun with Get Out  and Get Off, showering the listener once more with torrents of digital sound, some harsh and some bea...view item »


Minimal electronic experimentation from COH, aka Ivan Pavlov. His array of tone-producing equipment is here put to the service of what he considers to be his finest creation: MUSIC VOL. slowly moves around the sound-field and the listener’s mental space, using very few elements to achieve a great ...view item »

Masami Akita & Eiko Ishibashi
Kouen Kyoudai 公園兄弟

New collaboration between drummer / pianist / synth-operator Eiko Ishibashi and noise / Noise / NOISE man Masami Akita, aka Merzbow. Kouen Kyoudai 公園兄弟 is an overwhelming blast, needless to say, but it’s always interesting to hear Masami next to ‘rea...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
Returnal (the single)

Here it is then, the unlikely collaboration everyone's been waiting for with baited breath. Antony contributes his ever-distinctive vocal presence to a take on the title track of the last Oneohtrix Point Never LP with Daniel Lopatin on piano and, but for the far odder lyrical content, you could easily mistake it for a prime example of one of the...view item »

Shit & Shine
Everybody's a Fuckin Expert

A hot new record here from wild audio dabblers Shit & Shine. The last few albums presented a very dance-friendly version of their weirdo sound, and Everybody’s A Fuckin Expert keeps the danceability (just), while frantic-ing up everything. A colourful fun-time ride into madness. CD or double LP on Editions Meg...view item »

Robin Fox
A Small Prometheus

Robin Fox’s latest solo album (following on from recent collaborations with Atom™ and Oren Ambarchi) is a compellingly austere series of electronic pieces, most of them exploiting a small selection of minimal sounds to their fullest value. A Small Prometheus originally sound...view item »

Yasunao Tone
MP3 Deviations # 8

This is the stuff. Take one former Fluxus artist and musician, give him the software means to corrupt MP3 files, and see what comes out… Turns out, what comes out is MASSIVE DIGITAL NOISE and it is fantastic. Proper head-cleansing stuff, teeming with detail on the microscopic level, and highly unpredictable. Nice one ...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never

Peter Rehberg's ever 'on the money' Editions Mego label prove once again that the man has his ears to the underground with his latest score of signings. Barely giving us time to recover from the excellent Emeralds album, Editions Mego unleash a new album from synthesizer wonder-kid Daniel Lopatin AKA Oneohtrix Point Never. His vinyl releases dis...view item »

Atom TM & Marc Behrens

Here’s a very serious record by a couple of familiar names. Apparently the sounds contained on this epic disc were “Recorded on Earth, 1987-2013”, so that’s over the course of most of my own lifespan to date. I’ve just put it on and am seven minutes into the first track and I’m already feeling a little disorie...view item »


Well this is sonically what I'd initially call a dirge. A mulch of doomy feedbacking cello, churning industrial soundscapes, groaning instruments and fluttering electronics. So I smoked a fag and drank half a can of cider and it became clear that this was...view item »

Voices From The Lake
Live at MAXXI

Editions Mego present a set of ambient techno noodlings, initially performed Live at MAXXI, part of an exhibition in Rome. Voices From The Lake is the duo of Donato Scaramuzzi and Giuseppe Tillieci, and they have an excellent melodic sensibility as well as a strong ear for texture, tone...view item »

Jim O'Rourke
Old News #7

Strictly vinyl only, courtesy of Editions Mego, the Old News series dips into the as-far-as-we-can-tell bottomless archive of a certain Jim O’Rourke. #7 provides you with two works from the mid-90s and one from 2011. Modular synths are the name of Jim’s game here, and really it is a...view item »

General Magic & Pita
Fridge Trax Plus

A 20th anniversary reissue of Fridge Trax Plus from General Magic & Pita which includes both the Fridge Trax album and Live and Final Fridge. Released in the ‘90s, these were groundbreaking forays into ambient dance music, with clangs and clashes giving everything an i...view item »

Oren Ambarchi

Oren Ambarchi continues his public affront to all other artists purporting to be 'prolific' with yet another release. 'Quixotism' is an LP performed in five distinct suites, each deliberately and precisely driven by one particular constant: the percussive work of Thomas Brinkmann. Aside from this, Ambarchi lets his experimental compositions wond...view item »

Communist Dub

The artist name I-LP-O In Dub is actually just a convoluted way of saying that this is the work of Ilpo Väisänen of Pan Sonic, working in an especially dub-organised framework. Communist Dub strips out certain frequencies altogether and lands others in pools of reverb: so far ...view item »


I just sent our man Phil an email: "Gonna try and remain vertical to do this Neel review. Have you heard it? Proper good Namlook/ Fax style ambient from 1/2 of Voices Of The Lake." Then thought that could be the mos...view item »

To Beat Or Not To Beat

Some oily noodles from COH. To Beat Or Not To Beat has a very enthusiastic air to it - even when its gets going you never feel too uneasy. COH uses all sorts of musical gadgets to make sine waves do all sorts of weird and wonderful things for him. He'll try anything he fancies, mixing low end hertz with...view item »

Kevin Drumm

We might as well just give up on the rest of music and concentrate our energies on listening to Kevin Drumm all the time. His output continues to pour out with 'Trouble', a deathly quiet forty-minute composition that abstracts sound beyond the conventions of all music -- even that trusty drone stuff, bless its stubborn heart. Drumm's sound exper...view item »

Tujiko Noriko
My Ghost Comes Back

Japanese songwriter Tujiko Noriko goes beyond the physical world with 'My Ghost Comes Back', a record of sweet and spectral music played with three cheers and a whole lot of merriment; her instruments of choice are the viola, the mandolin and the saw, plus a whole lot of whimsical electronic excursions. Through it all, her whispered voice gives ...view item »

BJ Nilsen, Stillupsteypa & Anla Courtis
Golden Circle Afternoon

It's an international sound art love-in here - Swedish sound artist BJ Nilssen and Icelandic experimental electronics types Stillupsteypa are regular collaborators already, with Argentinian collaboration-oholic and Reynols founder Anla Courtis rounding out the line-up. As far as I can gather from the somewhat cryptic press release (presented as ...view item »

Philipp Quehenberger

An irrational sense of self from Philipp Quehenberger. Content is the new sound brought to you by the Australian oddity. He works through all the ideas he wishes, from the industrial slo-mo techno of "Deadline", to the straight up electro house of "In Sight". It's totally wonky through out and will fulfil ...view item »

Edvard Graham Lewis
All Over

Prepare to get swept up with Edvard Graham Lewis. All Over is the slab of weirdo indie-pop from the Wire/Dome/He Said associate. Full of loops, grainy guitars, walls of synths and drum machines, this record has a raw and DIY feel and is packed full of catchy hooks and melodies. Out on vinyl LP a...view item »

Morendo Morendo - My Paris Is Called Colchester

The decorating guy has just started drilling and fixing plasterboard. But it's OK - I'm listening to Danish electronic oddball Goodiepal. His blending of both unusual and familiar musical tropes is the stuff of legend, his art-prankster reputation highly regarded. But I'm not sure I totally get it. A customer has commented that this set is three...view item »

Thought Broadcast
Votive Zero

The mysterious Thought Broadcast have a new one out this week on Editions Mego. This lot make a chilly brand of minimal electronics based on repetition and drones and filthy, murky tones. Beats, when they do appear, are submerged and subverted, melodies aren't really what this is about; these are subtle and single-minded exercises in tone and ...view item »

Edvard Graham Lewis
All Under

'All Under', the companion release to 'All Over' compiles soundtracks to films, installations and a self penned short story. This is familiar terrain for Lewis who, along with Bruce Gilbert produced the early interactive audio-visual installation 'MZUI' at London's Waterloo Gallery in 1981.  All vocals and instruments recorded and produced ...view item »

Terra Null.

The fourth release by Angel for Editions Mego expands upon their singular combination of electronics, traditional instrumentation and extended technique. The musical reduction & simplicity of Terra Null. is a beautiful and brooding statement on cultural darwinism. At a time when the dominance of capital and greed blanket our world in a singu...view item »

Russell Haswell & PAIN JERK
Electroacoustic Sludge Dither Transformation Smear Grind Decomposition nO!se File Exchange Mega Edit

'Electroacoustic Sludge Dither Transformation Smear Grind Decomposition nO!se File Exchange Mega Edit' is the long awaited collaboration from two of the world finest purveyors of noise, electroacoustics and top shelf audio mayhem.  A blistering 2cd collision of transformation, technique, ideas and form which resides equally in the a...view item »

Arne Deforce & Mika Vainio

In which the cello of serious Contemporary music performer Arne Deforce is processed and manipulated by former Pan Sonic innovator Mika Vainio, who also provides electronics of his own. Thematically, Hephaestus explores the Greek Underworld myth, and I have to say, the textures of this record sound perf...view item »

Outer Space
Phantom Center

Hope you're feeling cosmic. Emerald John Elliott is back this week with a new 12" from his Outer Space duo with two tracks which both clock in well over the 10 minute mark. They're very different pieces of deep space ambience, with side A being light and uplifting and side B being weighty and ominous. Starting out, then, we have 'Arrival...view item »

To Beat

Languishing in the pile marked ‘don’t bother reviewing’ was this little gem of an electronic record. Starting with a lengthy buzz, opener ‘Wave to Beat’ gives way to Meguro IO6’ which is a lovely slab of motorik kraut-tronica most reminicent of Kraftwerk at their most futuristic...view item »

Kassel Jaeger
Toxic Cosmopolitanism

‘Toxic Cosmopolitanism’ is the fifth album I’ve had the pleasure of hearing from Kassel Jaeger and like the others before it, I find the sound worlds he creates within to be infinitely fascinating. I say this for the simple reason I pretty much can’t clearly identify any particular soun...view item »

Marcus Schmickler & Julian Rohrhuber
Politiken der Frequenz

The cover art for this album sets the tone quite effectively: an extract from a text on music, economics and mathematics. Marcus Schmickler and Julian Rohrhuber might fairly be called ‘academic’ in their approach to sound creation, but actually there is a lot to like about their style: cold and detached, yet still fr...view item »


More scientifically-derived audio-insanity from master-of-this-sort-of-thing Florian Hecker. Similar to his Chimerization series, at the centre of these pieces lie voices reciting a text: in this case the speaker is the famed Joan La Barbara. Her voice is manipulated, juxtaposed against itself, made str...view item »

Hostile Environment

Really interesting! Bolder have a great soundscape, sugerent and continuous, as a strange tension that never breaks....view item »

Kevin Drumm
Shut In

Everyone’s favourite emotional noise terrorist has a tape out on the reliable Editions Mego this week. Yup, it’s Kevin Drumm. This one might surprise you a bit though because it’s not harsh, it’s actually a load of meditative drones which swell ominously in thick celestial chords, gliding gently on the format’s anal...view item »

Mark Fell
Sentielle Objectif Actualite

It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this one to drop and now it’s finally here it’s everything I was hoping for and then some. The score here is that Mark has remixed / re-worked seven tracks from his Sensate Focus “Neat house” project and the results are super pleasing ...view item »

Red Man K's Bedrifter

I won't mention nothing of the fact I've never heard this record owing to spooky circumstances, But going by the samples if you like his whole Branded Series of 7s then you might enjoy this. Also you might want to check out his Music For Playback Lecture Cassettes, some of that was kinda cheesy, a lot of it really brill some of his best work I h...view item »

Through A Pre-Memory

Hmmm, this is rather ponderous, I do wonder what the point is. 'Monoliths...' was much better, listen to that instead. This album feels a bit churned out to me, like a jam session that needs more work. I don't think it finds either musicians in good form. It's forgettable and a bit boring really. I bought this for my girlfriend and I'd like to p...view item »

Ensemble Skalectrik

This is Nick Edwards' second outing on Editions Mego following the ace 'Plekzationz' album back in summer 2012. It's the third appearance of Ensemble Skalectrik, coming after the 'Snuff Mill Tapes...view item »

Bill Orcutt
A History Of Every One

Following an explosive collaborative LP with Chris Corsano for his own Palilalia imprint, ex- Harry Pussy shredder Bill Orcutt returns to Editions Mego with twelve singular in...view item »

Steve Hauschildt

Ex-Emeralds synth guru Steve Hauschildt is, much like his erstwhile bandmates, a creatively restless type, as evidenced by this release here. Editions Mego have put together an archival collection of the best of his home recorded synth tinke...view item »

BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa
Goda Nott

BJ Nilsen and Helgi Thorssen go back to business after a brief excursion into nu-kosmische terrain on their ‘Big Shadow Montana’ LP. The story goes that the artists spent a few days snowed in at their studio without food or drink, waiting for the snow to melt. They ceased the opportunity to create audio which reflected the...view item »

You'll Be Safe Forever Remixes

Mark Van Hoen’s recent album for Editions Mego get subjected to some remix treatment on this white label 12”. First up is Ulrich Schnauss tackling ‘Fall For Me’. It’s instantly recognisa...view item »

A Life Is Everywhere

I intentionally have not read a single word about this record before listening to it as I didn’t want any spiel to subconsciously tarnish or mould my listening experience. If it said it was about frogs playing snooker I’d be stuck with it in my head. I like to take this kind of stuff in on my own terms. I recommend you do the same. H...view item »


Ivan Pavlov’s latest album for Editions Mego is a stark contrast to his previous work for the label. Where ‘Iiron’ explored the fringes of metal, ‘Retro 2038’ delves back into the history of electronic music. The retro/ nostalgic sound harks back to more innocent times with Pavlov taking a very playful approach with...view item »

Alan Licht
Four Years Older

Did anybody here have a ZX Spectrum in the house when you were growing up? Remember those tapes you used to load up the games, and the five minutes of maddening screeching you had to endure before you could play them? The reason I ask is because I’m listening to this week’s Edition Mego - an ...view item »

Daniel Menche

Daniel Menche has a fantastic disc out on Editions Mego which really sucked me into its vortex the first time it got played. 'Kataract' captures the powerful and uncompromising force of nature that is water, or more specifically waterfalls of the Pacific North West. This is the sort of stuff I can listen to for hours just getting lost in all...view item »

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