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Dome 1

The year was 1980, and with their band Wire in free-fall Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis figured that they could either sit around feeling sorry for themselves or get on with making music. They took the latter approach, and the next two years yielded four LPs of experimental work under the name Dome. Their debut Dome 1 set out the duo’s stall very well indeed - people who are interested in the post-post-punk investigations of This Heat will take a particular shine to this one. Now Dome 1 has been reissued by Editions Mego.

Jung An Tagen
Proxy States

It’s techno, Jim, but not as we know it! The youthful Jung An Tagen returns to Mego with a cassette of “modern composition techniques” squarely aimed at invoking the aesthetic of techno music. With its odd spectral freezing and glistening rhythms, the album will delight lovers of unconventional electronic music and surely make you a big hit at techno parties.
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  • Editions Mego

Oren Ambarchi
Simian Angel

Oren Ambarchi, a man seemingly still in the midst of a years-long artistic peak, presents a new solo album on Editions Mego, although of course this serial collaborator also showcases others in his own work. On Simian Angel, he has Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista join him, with fabulous effect. Ambarchi weaves rich and complex abstracted guitar around the percussion, also at points using piano. Another vital Ambarchi statement.


UUUU are a new group of musicians that have come together to bring a new sound to the world of music. This self titled double Vinyl LP has been released on Valentina Magaletti, and is a complete soundscape of genres that are all layered together to create a number of tracks. You constantly get snippets of rock or classical strings thought out- it really doesn't get boring. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (EMEGO239)
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Renaldo & The Loaf
Songs For Swinging Larvae / Songs From The Surgery

2xLP package containing the first proper studio effort from cult experimental heroes Renaldo and the Loaf. Now re-mastered for vinyl, the subversive pop nonsense of 1981’s Songs For Swinging Larvae helped establish the duo’s underground following, and it’s accompanied here by a new LP of different versions and unheard bonus tracks titled Songs From the Surgery. 

Dome 2

Editions Mego present a well-earned reissue of the second album by Dome. And what, precisely is Dome? Well, that would be Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis of Wire, spinning off on a (yet) more experimental direction, with focus on utilising the studio itself for maximum effect. Dome 2 is essential listening for Wire fans and for everyone else, especially with this fetching remaster by Russell Haswell.

Caterina Barbieri
Ecstatic Computation

Caterina Barbieri is one of modern minimalism’s most curious and vital thinkers, exploring a kind of heightened lysergic trance. Ecstatic Computation is a key title, this is, after all, a piece of truly ecstatic music, Barbieri using modular machines and syncopated patterns for the purpose of extreme sensory overload. It’s as valuable as anything from this utterly singular composer.


The near-ungooglable UUUU follow up last year’s s/t (not a self-titled record) with this year’s s/t (not a self-titled record). For their latest trick the Coil/Wire/Tomaga supergroup turn in two side-long pieces of avant-rock. There is a dark psychedelia here that will please fans of fellow Editions Mego acts Emeralds and Heather Leigh.
  • Vinyl 12" (EMEGO239X)
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Jung An Tagen
Agent Im Objekt

It’s a question as old as music itself: what happens when conventional club music signifiers are subjected to querying skews, syncopations, minimalisms and new sound designs? Vienna’s Jung An Tagen is member of the week over at the Deconstructin’ Da Club Club. If you’re keen to have your rave cake and stroke your beard too, don’t miss these totally radical dance wonks.

Finlay Shakespeare
Domestic Economy

Domestic Economy is the debut full-length album from Finlay Shakespeare. The Bristolian youngster seems to have a bit of a flair for electro-pop. Respectful nods to New Order and Cabaret Voltaire blended with fresh sounds for the modern age, his skill parallels a musician of greater experience. LP on Editions Mego.

Finlay Shakespeare

Bristol-based Finlay Shakespeare is new to the Editions Mego label. His Routine EP announces his arrival in no uncertain terms - an electro beast providing a beefed-up blend of AFX, New Order and Cabaret Voltare and techno pop. Mastered by Russell Haswell. 7” on Editions Mego with artwork by Nik Void.

Klara Lewis & Simon Fisher Turner

Former member of The The and The Gadget (and the Portsmouth Sinfonia) Simon Fisher Turner teams up with Klara Lewis for this new record on Editions Mego. Care is an album of sound art that juxtaposes quiet drones and fragile loops with passages of busy sonic activity. The commitment to loud-quiet-loud is Pixies-esque, though musically this LP is closer to an artist like Yves Tumor.

Heather Leigh

Editions Mego (Shit & Shine, Oren Ambarchi) drop the latest LP from Heather Leigh (once known as Heather Leigh Murray). Throne is a record of singer-songwriter noir full of dark energy. Leigh commands her tracks with a smouldering intensity that is reminiscent of Wild Beasts’ Hayden Thorpe. The instrumentals also have something of that group about them, though it’s less ‘Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants’ and more the Grouper-ish murk of Present Tense’s ‘New Life’ or Two Dancers’ ‘Underbelly’.


LCC (or Las CasiCasiotone) return to Editions Mego with their second full length album. Bastet continues in the experimental ambient vein of D Evolution utilising field recordings and an array of electronic manipulation, this time with focus on human rituals and movement. For fans of Thomas Köner and Jacaszek.

Shit & Shine
Some People Really Know How To Live

With releases on Diagonal, Riot Season, Rocket and, Gangsigns, Shit & Shine are shape shifters with no real defined edges. Happily mixing Thrones avantgarde heaviness with Luke Vibert acid and broken breaks. Some People Really Know How To Live continues their degradation of genres, breaking apart disco and techno beats, modulating machinery until it breaks. LP on Editions Mego.
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  • Editions Mego

Russell Haswell
Tongue Dancer '85

Someone let noisy troublemaker Russell Haswell into the famous EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, where he had a play around on their marvellous collection of synthesisers. Typically searing business from Haswell here. Tongue Dancer ‘85 is a single-track, single-sided 12”, limited to 300 copies.

Voices From The Lake
Live at MAXXI

Editions Mego present a set of ambient techno noodlings, initially performed Live at MAXXI, part of an exhibition in Rome. Voices From The Lake is the duo of Donato Scaramuzzi and Giuseppe Tillieci, and they have an excellent melodic sensibility as well as a strong ear for texture, tone and atmosphere: these pieces often sound half-underwater.

Klara Lewis

Sinking into the abyss with Klara Lewis. Ett is a the debut full length from the producer. This one is a deep sea odyssey, with Klara delving into expansive sub-60 hertz territory and the grainy upper middle. There are field recorded manipulations, loops, samples and electronics that seamlessly blend the raw matter with the digital to make a whole new thing. Out on vinyl LP from Editions Mego.

Bruce Gilbert
Ex Nihilo

Editions Mego mark their 250th release with a regular contributor to the label - ex-Wire / Dome member Bruce Gilbert. Ex Nihilo encapsulates his signature sonics - harsh, austere, sculptural aural brutalism, hacked into a variety of abstract and alien shapes. The fact that the album is mastered by mischievous extremist synth gremlin Russell Haswell and cut by the exacting Rashad Becker neatly indicates where it lies on the noise continuum.

Oto Hiax
Oto Hiax

Oto Hiax is Mark Clifford of Seefeel and Scott Gordon of Loops Haunt: eg. two proper electronic sound professionals. This record, the debut full-length release of the project, mixes the experimental textural approach typical of the label (Editions Mego) with a love for harmony and melodic elements, resulting in a rich and lovely listen. Double LP release.

Massif Trophies

Massif Trophies is more of a piece of art than a record, really. Amsterdam based musician BJNilen primarily focuses his work on nature and how it impacts the human mind. Listening through this record you get a real sense of being where he is, and you feel as if you're side by side him going on the same adventure he is on. Available on Vinyl LP and released on Editions Mego. 


COHGS is a collection of COH material that has crept out in various ways and on various labels over the years. This material is defined by its relatively rare inclusion of vocals and lyrics, from an array of collaborators including Little Annie, John Balance and Peter Christopherson. Various approaches are taken, all adding texture and detail to the mysterious sonic pictures of COH. On Editions Mego.
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  • CoH
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  • Editions Mego

On a Fateful Morning

Chra's approach to darker, foreboding electronica gathers far reaching influences together in one pot, transmitting a mysterious yet visceral result to the brain of the listener. Restless circuit chatter is enveloped in shadowy drones which break out into abstract rhythms and bass work, a journey through industry and fog.

The Transcendence Orchestra
Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals

Through a vast array of instruments and processes, in a setting designed to evoke transcendental energies, Anthony Child and Daniel Bean have conjured up a remarkable torch bearer of deep listening. It's a slowly shifting, drone wash of texture and growth that will definitely appeal to fans of Eno, Laraaji and Natural Snow Buildings.

33 33

Two torchbearers of electronic sound sculpting come together on Mego, treating us to an album of fine grain sonic manipulation. There's a distinct restraint at play, forming space for the audio information to sit exposed, with cautious drum programming juxtaposed against wild glitches and robotic chatter.
  • Vinyl LP (EMEGO251)
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Duke of York

A somewhat atypical release for Editions Mego here, being a set of actual pop songs. Granted, HOX produce fairly experimental pop songs: what else would you expect from two members of Wire and He Said Omala respectively? Duke of York is their second album, following up their debut from 16 years(!) ago.
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  • HOX
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  • Editions Mego

Anthony Child
Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 2

Following up Vol. 1 from 2015, Anthony Child, better known as Surgeon lets all the masks and hard edges drop to the floor for the material released under his own name. Taking single long take field samples recorded in the jungle as backing tracks to his much more ambient hardware improvisations. Come, get yourself zenned.


Debut release of a new project from J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus), Xordox has it’s gaze set firmly on deep space and exploration of alien worlds. Neospection plays out like a lost revision of the soundtrack to Tron, thick retro-futuristic synthesis with a driving narrative to an imagined film. CD and LP on Editions Mego.

dieb13 / Gustafsson / Siewert
(Fake) The Facts

Get In

Mr. Editions Mego himself, Peter Rehberg aka Pita, returns with his first full-length solo album in a long time: 14 years! Get In continues the informal series begun with Get Out  and Get Off, showering the listener once more with torrents of digital sound, some harsh and some beautiful. On Editions Mego (where else?).
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  • Editions Mego

Tyme. x Tujiko

  • CD (EMEGO139)
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Mark McGuire
A Young Persons Guide

  • CD (EMEGO117)
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