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Mount Carmel
Get Pure

Beardy blues-rockers Mount Carmel have a new album of beardy blues-rock out this week. I’m not sure I’m totally sold on it, but it’s slick and big-sounding, I can imagine a big hall full of rednecks totally getting down to this country-grunge slickness. In fairness there are some nice windy riffs and bombastic drums but what we...view item »

Buffalo Killers
Alive And Well In Ohio

Eighth album from Ohio rock outfit Buffalo Killers. With over a decade of experience behind them, they took a more relaxed approach on Alive And Well In Ohio; claimed to be their most ‘truthful’ record yet. Featuring warm fuzzy riffs and psychadelia-infused basslines. Vinyl LP and CD on Alive....view item »

Pacific Surf Line

GospelbeacH (ooh, don’t you just love bands with unconventional capitalisation?) are made up of some very experienced musicians: the five members have played variously with Beachwood Sparks, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood, and even Ryan Adams’ Cardinals...view item »

Left Lane Cruiser
Beck In Black

Bordering on the stoner rock side of things, Left Lane Cruiser’s heavy blues riffs take a ride in the fast lane. Ever since their music showed up in shows like Breaking Bad and Banshee, the band have been on a roll. And now they’re reissuing some remastered old tracks from their first albums, as well as six new ones,...view item »

Radio Moscow
Live! In California

Radio Moscow have been making heavy psychedelic rock and roll for 13 year, and it’s been two years since they put out an album: we’d argue we’ve been long overdue for a recording of one of their high-energy live shows. Live! in California delivers all the shredding guitars, 8-bar drum fills and infinit...view item »

The Black Keys
The Moan

"The Moan" aside from "Busted" is my favourite of all TBK songs. The main riff sounds like a take off of Howlin' Wolf's "Moanin at Midnight". The middle of the song is Carney at his best and Dan ripping it up with variations of the great blues riff. I also really enjoy the fast paced new version of "Have Love Will Travel". This song was already ...view item »

John The Conqueror
The Good Life

Jackson, Mississippi’s John The Conqueror play a mix of music that had soundtracked their lives from southern rock to punk to soul and blues. The Good Life is the follow up to their 2012 eponymous debut. The album is a selection of tales written by singer Pierre Moore about growing up in Mississippi and the projec...view item »

The Black Keys
The Big Come Up

The Black Keys has risen to be one of the most influential and popular blues-rock band of the last 10 years, blazing out of Akron, Ohio with their own signature stomp on hill country blues, 60's rock and roll, and on later releases, psychedelic rock. One really doesn't get the grasp of how insanely popular they would get on this debut release fo...view item »

Radio Moscow
Magical Dirt

Tracks: Side A So Alone Rancho Tehama Airport Death of a Queen Sweet Lil Thing These Days Side B Bridges Gypsy Fast Woman Got the Time Before it Burns Stinging ...view item »

Lonesome Shack
More Primitive

And there I was thinking that the words country boogie weren't going to appeal to me until I heard the opening track on this LP. Opener 'Wrecks' is a rather brilliant treat. They take the gently repeated phrasing of the best of country/folk/blues, stuff like Charley Patton, Robert Johnson etc and add some southe...view item »

Hollis Brown
Hollis Brown Gets Loaded

I can't ever quite get my head around covers of entire albums. I've never bought one and can't really imagine that I ever will. That said, Hollis Brown make a nice job of covering Velvet Underground's 'Loaded' in its entirity. Its not my favourite era of VU but they nail that strung out laid back sound. B...view item »

Buffalo Killers

The 3rd album from Cincinnati, Ohio's Buffalo Killers is a distillation of much that was good about the chilled-out vibe of 60s/70s West Coast psychedelic/Americana classic rock--complete with harmonies, rolling country twang, subtle guitars & laid-back, trippy melodies. Add a pure Lennon/McCartney acid tab, and the songs begin to ring. Every song ...view item »

Buffalo Killers
Ohio Grass

Cincinnati, Ohio band deliver six exclusive bluesy, psychedelic, 60s influenced rockers with their uniquely retro, West Coast melody twist. The guitars are a bit more upfront than on their last album, and they're sounding again like a well-kept secret that many people have yet to discover. This was an exclusive Record Store Day release on "herb gre...view item »

Hollis Brown
Ride On The Train

New Yorkers Hollis Brown take their name form the Bob Dylan song “The Ballad of Hollis Brown”. As well as Dylan being an influence they also cite the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival and Tom Petty. You can hear a history of classic American rock along with a heal...view item »

Waves Of Fury

Combining infinitely danceable beats with a swirling maelstrom of guitars that occasionally veer off the page – but never entirely out of the book – and a deeply satisfying overlay of funky horns and born-to-boogie bursts of piano. With Sharp’s heart-wrenching vocals – that owe debts to James Brown and James ‘Iggy P...view item »

Buffalo Killers
Dig. Sow. Love. Grow

The 4th album from Buffalo Killers continues their exceptional 60s/70s influenced rock stylings; with a smooth, rootsy, flowing, melodic feel. This is simple, relaxing, sincere music with some killer guitar licks and tunes that slowly creep into your Laurel Canyon hippy head. This is not "cool kid" indie rock. This is quality, "don't give a crap, `...view item »

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
There Is A Bomb in Gilead

The musicians in LEE BAINS III & The GLORY FIRES sing with Southern accents, because they speak with Southern accents. They sing about places called Birmingham and Opelika, because they were born and raised in and around places called Birmingham and Opelika. They don’t wear Depression-era clothing, and they don’t sing about picki...view item »

The Plimsouls
Beach Town Confidential: Live at the Golden Bear 1983

By `83, the Plimsouls were a band with a catalog that included an EP and two full albums. Beach Town Confidential is a previously unreleased 24-track collection recorded live in 1983, around the time of their Everywhere At Once album, though the set list includes tracks from all their records up to that point, together with half a dozen tracks t...view item »

Henry’s Funeral Shoe
Donkey Jacket

Henry’s Funeral Shoe reminds me of the Black Keys. They play songs that sound, at least to my untrained ear, to be more rooted in traditional blues. I would recommend buying this if you like the Keys and "blues rock" in general. And they sound damn good doing it. I can't get enough of these guys' silly little songs. Love the fuzzed out gui...view item »

Peter Case
The Case Files

The Case Files is culled from Peter Case's enduring solo career and makes a fine sampler of his unique brand of rock 'n roll Americana. This disparate collection also makes a decent intro for those who've never had the pleasure; raw and unrefined as it may be at times, the album runs the gamut from spartan folk portraits of middle America to pol...view item »

The Sights
Most Of What Follows Is True

From the sound of Most Of What Follows Is True they’ve fully embraced classic rock, and are trying to preserve it for a new generation. However, don’t let the classic rock tag mislead you. This is not music for yuppies trying to relive their youth. This is classic rock for modern people – especially those who like the harder so...view item »

Paul Collins
King of Power Pop!

Do not judge and album by its cover. Yes, the cover to this is little better than early '90s clip art but the music is much better. Paul Collins has quite a musical CV. He was in The Nerves, the band that did the original version of "Hanging On The Telephone". He was in The Breakaways, who were famous-ish for their song "Walking Out On Love" and...view item »

Tyson Vogel

The album starts gently with some lovely sounding acoustic guitar. They are picked strings, bell like, warm and full in tone. Someone's done a good job on the recording here. Now, the second song is still brimming with the acoustic guitar but backed up with a slow, sonorous drum and cello. And vocals, and now piano. This beautifully recorded...view item »

Big Red and Barbacoa

Among the most intriguing aspects of this San Antonio quartet's second album is that you're never quite sure what you're listening to. Is it taking cues from early rock? California production pop? Stax soul? Tex-Mex? Neo-psychedelic grunge? The answer is `yes' to all. You can hear Sgt. Pepper's-era Beatles in the guitars, the somber mood of John...view item »

Buffalo Killers
Let It Ride

I love this record. It's a hard hitting rock and roll record that sounds like it could have come out in the early 70s, yet somehow doesn't sound dated. To me, I hear hints of the James Gang, Allman Brothers, Free, and other blues rock based groups that I have always liked, so it's nice to hear a new group putting out new material in a genre I reall...view item »

Iggy Pop & James Williamson
Kill City

Following the demise of the Stooges in 1974, Iggy Pop and James Williamson laid down a set of demos in the hopes of attracting record labels and getting Iggy Pop a record deal. The result is Kill City, which included fully-developed post-'Raw Power' material, such as the moving 'I Got Nothin'' and 'Johanna', while the title track and 'Beyond the...view item »

Swell Maps
International Rescue

Often regarded as the best, first and last entry point to Swell Maps, International Rescue gets the reissue treatment to secure them a new generation of fans. Compiled by Nikki Sudden himself it showcases the band at its best, fusing punk attitude and rock posturing to timeless effect. Out on vinyl LP from Alive....view item »

Swell Maps
Sweep The Desert

Disbanded in 1980 after recording just two albums, Swell Maps were a pre-DIY band who played homemade instruments under the influence of Can and Marc Bolan. They have remained relatively unknown outside of their original fan base in spite of being sighted as a big influence by experimental indie-rock and post punk bands such as Pavement, Sonic Y...view item »

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