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Earth Girl Helen Brown
Four Satelittes Vol. 1

Four Satellites comprises of selected tracks from Earth Girl Helen Brown’s four EPs released through Empty Cellar Records through 2017 and 2018, each one named and themed by the planets Mars, Saturn, Venus...view item »

Warm Drag
Warm Drag

Given that he’s recently left !!! for The Most Prolific Band In The Universe™ Thee Oh Sees (or OCS, or whatever the hell they’re called now), you’d think that Paul Quattrone would have neither time nor inclination for further music-making. You’d be ...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Carrion Crawler / The Dream

It's getting to be a bit tense in the office these days, for when a new Thee Oh Sees record comes in there's more than half of us clamouring to review it. That's known in the trade as a fan-boy tussle. Mike got the last one, Business Lady has reviewed more Dwyer & co records than sh...view item »

Ty Segall Band

Those of you out there who keep an ear to the garage will already know about Ty Segall, since he’s made quite a name for himself prolifically doling out a series of lo-fi gems over the past few years on the likes of ...view item »

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
Halloween Single

The spookiest day of the year draws nearer… But Kid Congo is ready for it, with this 7” Halloween Single recorded with The Pink Monkey Birds...view item »

The Stallion
The Dark Side Of The Wall

The Stallion is comprised of Country Teasers Ben Wallers and Alastair Mackinven. Their first release is nothing less than a massive triple LP expansion of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. It’s often remarkably faithful, despite being built from rougher and darker materials. Th...view item »


Brilliant. These former members of Country Teasers, Art Brut, Collapsed Lung and Thrilled Skinny have got together over a love (or hatred) of retail jargon with songs inspired by the gobbledegook that is spouted in their workplaces. Should be fun, and musically it would appear ...view item »


Canadian garage legend King Khan and Michigan punk Sean Wood (The Spits) have formed what has proved to be a mind-blowing double act, Louder Than Death, LTD for short. Inspired by sci-fi, the duo cook up some pretty classic sounding dumb-ass punk rock. There&rsq...view item »

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin
Reverse Shark Attack

I've heard a few things by Ty Segall this year, most notable being a split with kindred spirits 'Thee Oh Sees'. I'm not sure of the origins of this Kill Shamen LP (is it new or old? I don't know) but i can tell you that it's his best recorded output to date. This may have something to do with it being a collaboration with Mikal Cronin (Okie Dokie a...view item »

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Jukebox Single #6

THE BLUES IS NO. 1! THE BLUES IS NO. 1!!!! Jon Spencer, Russell Simins and Judah Bower get back to business and hit us with a new single on In The Red. The A-side ‘Gazooks’ is a fresh number that brings a boogie shuffl...view item »

Simply Saucer
Cyborgs Revisited

If you have a fetish for going back in time an unearthing the lost treasures of yesteryear (Ok, somebody does all the work for us, we just buy it) then jump on this. You've seen the reviews: Early Pink Floyd meets the Stooges with some Hendrix guitar and Sun Ra electro. That's for the mind to decipher, I let the ears do the work. This is guita...view item »

Shark Toys

Barking LA punkers Shark Toys are now In the Red (hopefully in label name only) with their new LP Labyrinths. The band are in good company on this label, particularly regarding authentically punkish band names: Boss Hog, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, The Urinals...view item »

The Double
Dawn Of The Double

The Double (a duo featuring Emmett Kelly of Cairo Gang and Jim White of Dirty Three!) have identified Dawn Of The Double as a kind of twist to Rhys Chatham’s noisy minimal classic ‘Guitar Trio’: guitar and drums perpet...view item »

Thee Oh Sees

Hurrah! A new Oh Sees record from those ever reliable folks at In The Red. It's hard to come up with anything new to say about this band. You're probably already familiar with them, they've been at the forefront of this latest garage rock boom for some time, but if not this is as good a time as any to get acquainted. This is an album full o...view item »

Lars Finberg
Moonlight Over Bakersfield

Lars Finsberg is a great guy who’s been in great bands, from Thee Oh Sees and Puberty to Wounded Lion and A-F...view item »

Des Demonas
Des Demonas

Debut album from fresh young band Des Demonas, although be aware that this isn’t the first outing for most members (who’ve played with Kid Congo Powers, The Make-Up...view item »

The Traditional Fools
The Traditional Fools

Who doesn’t like Ty Segall? Nobody worth knowing, from my experience. The hardworking garage dynamo has built up a reputation and body of work in the past five years that most would be happy to achieve in twice that time through relentless touring ...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Putrifiers II

This is more than an EP, it's knocking on 40 minutes long and sports a walloping ten tracks to its name! What it is without a shadow of doubt, is the sound of Dwyer and co. flexing their creative muscles and diversifying in pace and style again after the frenzied psych-garage onslaught of 'Carrion C...view item »

Side Eyes
So Sick

This band is something that we'll probably start to see a lot more of in the future. Bands formed out of the offspring of former heroes. Singer Astrid MacDonald is the offspring of members of Redd Kross and the Go Go's which makes you wonder whether the driving pop punk she makes with her band is somehow a resul...view item »

Chain & The Gang
Best of Crime Rock

Comparisons to across the landscape of garage indie will be made, but the fact is that Chain & The Gang have developed their very own technique. The Best of Crime Rock could showcase their stripped down fusion no better; satire, simplicity and consistently accurate. ...view item »

Dichotomy Desaturated

CFM is the solo rockin’ out project of Charles Moothart, an associate of both Mikal Cronin and Ty Segall, putting him right in the middle of a whirlwind of garage-psych quality. Dichotomy Desaturated is his second solo album, and it sounds like the realisation of ...view item »


Australian noise rock trio feedtime formed in 1979, disbanded in 1989, came back for a brief time for their last album in 1996 and now return once again with a brand new fukl length through In The Red. 38 years on and they are still rough around the edges, dirty, gritty and above all...noisy. Drunken noise rock, offset with ...view item »

Electric Glitter Boogie

The straightforwardly-named Power take their influence entirely from Australia’s history of greasy pub hard rock: music to drink beer and flail around to. Electric Glitter Boogie delivers on both its title and its history, being a straight-down-the-line guitar thrash recorded raw and direct for maximum impact. Rel...view item »


The unholy din you're hearing on "Tremmors" is made by Meatbodies, a band with a full-bodied psych rock sound that matches their name for velocity and volume. Sounding at times like an amped up Merchandise who want you to hear every bit of them, they've made this self-titled record of screeching guitars, isolated vocal harmonies and garage rock ...view item »


Los Angeles psychedelic warriors Wand return with their second album of heavy, heavy jams. Whereas their debut for Ty Segall’s God? imprint was heavy on the ol' synthetic texture, this one has more of a live feel. In short, it rocks, as you might expect given that it's the group's inaugural relea...view item »


He of King Kahn and _ _ _ Show fame, the man born Mark Sultan lobs another dozen hunks of fuzzy psych out into the world. Never a great one for “the crap”, he’s sought to “cut it” (the crap, that is) even more on this record. Most of the tracks were done in one take and the album th...view item »


Ty Segall’s proto-metal trio, Fuzz are back with their second album aptly named, Fuzz II. The band are in a musical time warp, ostensibly existing somewhere between 1968 and 1973, a time when guitars were fuzzy, and everything was real heavy. Their eponymous debut was a cracking homage to the rock...view item »

Homegrown Paranoia

CFM is Charles Francis Moothart, and CFM is a fire-spitting garage-psych band project with a new 7” out now. Homegrown Paranoia’s three tracks feel like they are perpetually acce...view item »


Meatbodies describe themselves as ‘Heavy Pop’, a concept that they actually pretty much live up to: louder and more metally than most indie pop, but a lot more melodic and actively ‘fun’ than most metal and hardcore. Alice, which is released by the In ...view item »


Those of you who were a little put off by Ty Segall’s recent slow-down on the dreamy ‘Sleeper’ can put away your tissues and put on your air guitar shoes because Segall’s new trio Fuzz finally drop their debut LP on In The Red this...view item »

The Intended
Time Will Tell

Kevin Boyer and Larry Williams of Tyvek joined with Glen Morren (Night Movie) and Heath Moerland (runs experimental noise label Fag Tapes and is in too many projects to count), to bash about making noisy/punky surfer garage rock. Only a few 8-tr...view item »

Origin Of What

Building upon their brooding grizzly tank of fuzzy punk, is Origin Of What - the latest continuation of Tyvek's ruthlessly rough' n 'ready wall of noise. Teaming up once again with Fred Thomas, band members new and old create a thrashing record set to please old and new fans alike....view item »

Red Kross / Side Eyes
Songs That Chargo Taught Us

Punk bands Red Kross and The Side Eyes each cover a track written by Go-Go’s lead guitarist Charlotte Caffey. Both equally amped up re-imaginings, Screaming is a garage punk tune with loads of energy, while Don’t Talk to Me is a driving, ballsy, ang...view item »

Negative Growth

It's on In the Red, this one, so you can expect the usual Psychic-type Pokemon approach to punk rock. Slapstick garage rockers Ex-Cult make tunes for ye who prefer it sweet 'n' simple and they had the production hand of Ty Segall too. They describe the record as the sound of "ghost notio...view item »

Danny & The Darleans
Bug Out

Danny & the Darleans is the project of The Gories singer/guitarist Danny Kroha. Their sound focuses on Kroha's renowned howls and mastered guitar skills, with their second LP negating the glam aspects of Kroha's other band the Demolition Doll Rods, presenting a more refined version of the ferociousness of the Gories. Still lighthearted and f...view item »


GOGGS are yet another band who feature the world's most active garage rocker Ty Segall. This time he's on guitar whilst Chris Shaw 'smokes the mic' as the press release confirms. That information coupled with the fact that this appears on In the Red suggests that this is lively punky garage with the most fuzzed out guitars you e...view item »

CCR Headcleaner
Tear Down The Wall

CCR Headcleaner play the kind of psychedelic music that seems to have just about crossed over into genuinely demented territory: this shit sounds fucked up. Tear Down The Wall, which comes complete with some highly-spirited sleeve art, is their third album proper, thrown aggressively out into the world by In The Red....view item »

Sleeping Beauties
Sleeping Beauties

If you’re expecting a babble of beautiful girls then the slouching, hairy blokes which make up Sleeping Beauties may leave you disappointed. The music on their eponymous LP however, is sure to please with its full on rock, primal guitar and slight psychedelia, think 13th Floor Elevators meets a bit of punk...view item »

The Traditional Fools
Fools Gold

The Traditional Fools is an old, mostly defunct band of Ty Segall’s, wherein he played with David Fox and Andrew Luttrell. No-messing lo-fi garage-punk was what it was all about. This set takes their 7” single release and bundles it with 13 never-before-released trac...view item »

Still Life of Citrus & Slime

The initials CFM stand for Charles Francis Moothart, a veteran of bands including The Moonhearts, The Epsilons and The Ty Segall...view item »

She Got Harder

GØGGS is yet another project involving that busy boy Ty Segall, this time working with Chris Shaw (and with some extra help from Mikal Cronin, needless to say). Debut single She Got Harder previews next year’s full-length with a gnarly, drum-machine-powered...view item »

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Human Obscene / Shake That Bat

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion continue their series of jukebox singles: yes indeed, 45’ speed 7” records with an extra-large centre-hole so that you can actually load it into any jukeboxes you might happen to own. Human Obscene / Shake That Bat is a particularly gnarly pair of fuzzy rock-out tracks, both e...view item »

The Wolfmanhattan Project
Smells Like You / You Are My Glue

The Wolfmanhattan Project are a merry band of old-time fuzz-punk rockers, newly formed from Bob Bert, Mick Collins and the legendary Kid Congo. Smells Like You / You Are My Glue is their first ever release, and has a fantastic tone to it, the three of them swagger-thras...view item »

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
Bruce Juice / El Cucuy

Kid Congo and his faithful band The Pink Monkey Birds are always worthy of your attention, and a new full-length due next year is something to get excited about. Help that excitement along with this new single, two exclusive tracks that won’t be on the album. Bruce Juice / El Cucuy is a radical ro...view item »

The Intelligence
Boredom and Terror / Let's Toil

These lo-fi indie rockers look like they've just stepped out of a Wes Andersen set; in actuality, though, Back in 2004, the Intelligence made this record of lo-fi indie pop that spits itself out the way Robert Pollard spews nonsense for Guided by Voices. 'Boredom and Terror' is full of thrown off vocals, momentary lapses in guitar riffage and ro...view item »

The King Khan & BBQ Show
Bad News Boys

A five year break doesn’t seem to have done The King Khan & BBQ Show any harm. A cracking mix of doo-wop, rock 'n' roll, punk and soul, high energy and fast paced. The duo, King Khan and Mark Sultan, started out as the Bad News Boys and that’s the title of the album. Always smiling, middle fingers aloft. CD and v...view item »

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