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Static Fruit

Fruits de Mer and Static Caravan are two boutique labels with long-term vision and a deep engagement with their chosen fields of music. Here they share wax for the first time, each putting forward two acts: Art Of The Memory Palace and Cheval Sombre from the Caravan, Jack Ellister and Th...view item »

Tubular Brass
Tubular Bells

Well why not: a version of Mike Oldfield’s classic progscape Tubular Bells, re-scored for a twenty-eight piece brass ensemble! The whole album has been treated in this way, but this right here is a 7” edit containing the introduction theme only, to whet the appetite. Limited to 300 copies only! On Static Car...view item »

Victories At Sea
Everything Forever

Enjoying increasing exposure from the likes of the NME, Clash and The Guardian, Birmingham’s Victories At Sea step out of the concrete jungle with their debut album Everything Forever. Adding indie rock swagger to their love for New Order electronics it’s a confident blend of 80’s and 00’s for th...view item »

David Jaycock
The Decline Of The Mobile Library

I guess you don't see them about as much as you used to. Useful for pensioners and the immobile. Sheffield guitarist extraordinaire David Jaycock celebrates these moving book clubs with a lathe cut 7" on Static Caravan. You also get a CD which I presume has more tracks on it but until we get any further information I just can't ...view item »

Rocket Summer

It's easy to forget that tele:funken was once funded by the might of Domino Records but that was over 17 years ago and Tom Fenn is back with previous employers Static Caravan with a new release partly inspired by  Ray Bradbury’s collection of short stories. Recorded on an iPad with lo budget equipment this is a t...view item »

Inch Time

I initially stuck this one on at the wrong speed and was fully ready to extoll the virtues of its satisfying dubbiness when Ant came over and ruined it all by speeding it up. Well I guess he didn't really since it's still dead tidy with its relaxed grooves, warm synths and gentle clicks. Electronica of this kind can so easily fall into the 'chillou...view item »

Shapeshifter / Bloodlines

"Shapeshifter" is the best Tokolosh song yet with clever lyrics. It kind of reminds me of a Skull Kontrol/Monorchid/Circus Lupus song (lyrically-I guess The Fall, by extension) but with more of electronic/folk feel. I hope they release and LP soon. The artwork for this is also tops. PERFECT....view item »

The R.G. Morrison

The R.G. Morrison is a lad from Totnes (home of the bickering fair!) who as well as singing in this very un-English sounding group, runs a label, a record shop and has a girlfriend...and all by the age of 25. I say un-English as this brand of gentle country-ish acoustic melancholy sounds like it has eme...view item »

Eliza Carthy / Disraeli / Memory Band (Ean Remixes)
Aleppo in the Sun As it Was / Children of the Stones

EAN (of Stick In The Wheel and Various Production) here remixes the new material of folk heroine Eliza Carthy, along with some cuts by Disraeli and Memory Band. The traditional but lively folk sound of Carthy receives an excitin...view item »

Free School
Hudson’s Whistle / French Cousins (Maps re-edit)

You know, I’m tired of this whole new school versus old school thing that’s been going on too damn long. Praise be the Lord for bringing the relief of Free School and their hook laden instrumental bliss upon us, though. Let us not forget that there's a Maps remix on the B side too. ...view item »

The Duke St Workshop with Laurence R Harvey
Tales of H.P. Lovecraft

The Duke St Workshop are another bunch of hauntological story-weavers, this time going the full hog by: A) working with an actual horror film actor in the form of Laurence R Harvey, and; B) using Tales of H.P. Lovecraft as their inspiration. Harvey reads the spooky stories while the gro...view item »

Noah Howard / Wiggan / Mapp
From Dust We Came... To Dust We Return

Noah Howard, the free jazz saxophone explorer who made the vintage Black Ark album with Arthur Doyle, died in 2010. This interesting new release was put together using previously-unheard solo sax recordings Howard made at home, augmented with electronics and bass from Wiggin...view item »

Anthony Reynolds
Adrift in Soho

Adrift In Soho is a novel by Colin Wilson turned into a film by Pablo Behrens. Anthony Reynolds (Jack/Jacques) scored the film and here we have a very special lathe cut 10” that takes the main theme and splits it into its pieces, with strings and ...view item »

The Home Current
The Home Current

An exclusive for you! This is the latest release by bloopy Dane Martin Jensen aka the Home Current and Static Caravan have gone way above the call of duty by not only supplying you with a CD of the 4 tracks but pressing two of them onto lathe cut vinyl. Just 100 of these so make it snappy. The music is an energetic take on atmospheric el...view item »

Victories At Sea
A Place To Stay

Five new tracks from Victories At Sea to follow up debut album Everything Forever. This EP is a dramatic suite of widescreen tracks, heavy with doomy atmospheres, soaring post-rock guitars and firm rhythms. A Place To Stay isn’t exactly a comforting record, but it might help you to steel yourself against ...view item »

Distant Correspondent
Shatter/ Badlands

The press blurb explains the way in this record was made; by several people in different parts of the world communicating over the internet. One of them is Edith Frost (Drag City) and another is a lady from Meanwhile Back ...view item »

The Big Eyes Family Players & Friends
Folk Songs II

Lovely to see a brand new Big Eyes Family Players album and this time it's a stunner. Whilst flipping through this morning's Guardian (alfresco with coffee and croissant, natch - actually I was in Tesco getting a Mars bar), I was delighted to see a glowing review of this album. It's one of the...view item »

The Memory Band
A Fair Field

The Memory Band are indeed a band of memory, making it their business to dig out artefacts from a Britain of times gone by and refashioning them into new-old music. Landscape Music Volume Five (A Fair Field Full Of Folk) is a strong set of semi-folk, acoustic musicians and tr...view item »

The Beast System

Back in ‘95 Grantby AKA Dan Grigson, released a five track EP via Bristol-based Cup of Tea label. It was critically acclaimed and lead track Timber became a mainstay at downbeat club nights across the western world. After some remix work for Calexico and Depeche Mode and his track...view item »

Circus Devils

It came as a bit of a surprise to find the new Circus Devils CD on Static Caravan in the old review pile. But then the label is so utterly eclectic that it's not really a surprise at all. I seem to remember hearing their previous album on Ipecac. I must admit I've never been a follower of Guided By Voices/Robert Pollard but I do really like this 'A...view item »

Duke St. Workshop
Hospital / Cyclone Fence

If you've been paying close attention you may remember The Duke St Workshop from that superb CD they brought out last year and sold out almost instantly. The press release says that the A side is "about the safety of a Hospital environment (or any seemingly safe environment) being breached by some external force". It starts out with some barely-...view item »

Darren Hayman
Train Songs (Class 108 Diesel Multiple Unit)

Darren Hayman likes trains, and is soon playing the trains-and-indie-themed festival Indie-Tracks, so this release makes perfect sense. Train Songs (Class 108 Diesel Multiple Unit) is a sweet little song dedicated to the titular train, although if you don’t like the Class 108, you’ve got a few other options:...view item »

The Besnard Lakes
Would Anybody Come To Visit Me

Also, The Besnard Lakes have a wicked 10" out on t'caravan. It's a load of fat, pissed wasps stuck in Sonic Boom's flange-drone box trying to escape cos they're late for an important wasp soccer match then they're off! Stripy scarves a-waving in the sunlight. Oh shit, I played it at the wrong speed. It's actually a ten...view item »

The Hayman Kupa Band
Someone to Care For / What happened

The Hayman Kupa Band pairs up former Hefner man Darren Hayman with Emma Kupa of Mammoth Penguin. This right here is their debut release, a quick little 7” with some jaunty tunefulness and some interesting lyrics. All sung by the dual / duel vocals of ...view item »

Gas and Air / Cannibals

TVAM is like a solo bedroom version of a noise rock band who are trying to play grooves. Gas and Air / Cannibals has a strong, crunchy texture to it, plus fine-sounding tunes underneath. This single is released as a 5” record, because why the hell not? Lathe-cut too, which means there are only 77 copies: demand ex...view item »

Wrangler/ Scanner
1968 Moog Modular

Complimenting that amazing-looking Benge CD booklet thing from last week we've got a split 7" in on Static Caravan featuring Benge and Wrangler pissing around on a 1968 Moog Modular and Scanner doing the honours on a 1978 Formant Modular. Benge and Wrangler take the anal log baton and really run with it, offering up a bit of a high-paced blipfest t...view item »

Rory Mcvicar
Toothache / Alone I’ll Be

Rory McVicar apparently kept Static Caravan waiting for a whole decade before delivering them this single: thankfully his indie singer-songwriting was worth the wait. The record itself is an unusual one: not only is it lathe cut and limited to just 100 copies, it also plays inside out (e.g. the needle starts at the centre). Grea...view item »

Free School
Dancing On The Dark

Free School’s new LP is a bright and colourful thing, bringing in plenty of guests to add character to a number of dramatic tracks. MC Sigmund Frued, Katy Prado and Tom Mystic; even Maps joins the party. Dancing On The Dark is good for dancing and...view item »

Mary = x / The breath they’ve been holding

mto stands for Modified Toy Orchestra, a group who have been dabbling in experimental sound to critical acclaim for many years. Mary = x / The breath they’ve been holding is a little less playful than recent work, both tracks of the 7” scraping around slightly colder technological territory....view item »

Porsche Majeure / We Like Fires

Static Caravan release this new single from TVAM, a solo project that makes a kind of punk music influenced and warped by some of the 20th Century’s most challenging ideas on media and culture. Porsche Majeure / We Like Fires has been manually lathe cut into clear vinyl in an edition of only 100: so only one copy ...view item »

The Memory Band
Children of the Stones / Nightingale with Bombers

The Memory Band aren’t kidding with their band’s name: they really are all about considering and reconsidering memories of the past, particularly in relation to landscape. Children Of The Stones / Nightingale pulls together all sorts of meaning-loaded sounds along with the group’s acoustic work. 7&rdqu...view item »

Vector Lovers/ Alkin Engineering
Tokyo Glitterati / Powder Blue

Finally a Birmingham special. All the following records were constructed in Birmingham. Firstly, a split single on Static Caravan. First up The Alkin Engineering who are kind of dark and rainswept like Plaid, which is split with Vector Lovers who do two tracks one of which is on th...view item »

John Smith
The Bird &; The Worm/ No One Knows

Static Caravan lovers will be happy about the arrival of the John Smith 'The Bird & The Worm' 7". This is essentially a singer song-writer cut with folk leanings, somewhere between Nick Drake and Bob Dylan. It's accessible but has a ever so slightly dark edge. The flipside is a cover of Queens Of The Stone Age's 'No One Know'. ...view item »

Dan Haywoods New Hawks
John's Shoes / Superquarry

Folksy winsomeness from a talented singer songwriter who while not penning folk songs is fascinated by ornithology and people watching. The New Hawks have a very traditional sound that has Anglo-Celtic feel and a very interesting take on modern folk music. The title track 'John's Shoes' h...view item »

Art of The Memory Palace
This Life is But A Passing Dream

Art of The Memory Palace is a duo who have been putting their heads down to some serious jamming, analogue style. They revisited the recordings and, over time, built up the nine tracks of This Life is But A Passing Dream, which delve into all manner of pulsing-electronic-drone-synth valleys. Tape release on Static Carav...view item »

The Grafham Water Sailing Club
Ankara / Feelin’ Blue

They’ll call a band owt these days. The Grafham Water Sailing Club hail from the West Midlands and are in awe of Silver Apples and fellow pulsing droney types like Suicide and lots and lots of early 80’s dark noise. Both tracks are chilling slices of dark wave that des...view item »

Stick In The Wheel
Common Ground / Hasp

Hailing from the grime scene, the members of Stick in the Wheel now take their expertise to folk music. Common Ground is driven by a thumping guitar rhythm and pretty yet haunting vocals, whereas Hasp by Stick is fleeting, gentle track about the toils of a horse that was recorded in one take. Limited to 300 pre...view item »

The Woodbine & Ivy Band
Sleep On Sleeping On

Following 2011’s self-titled debut, Manchester’s The Woodbine & Ivy Band return with another folksy jaunt. Featuring a mix of trad folk, covers and original compositions, Sleep On Sleeping On is an expansive effort that’s heavily indebted to age-old folk traditions. Out on CD from Static Caravan....view item »

Goodnight Lenin
In The Fullness Of Time

Goodnight Lenin make folksy indie rock that twinkles when the sun comes out and has plenty of piano for all the other hours of the day. Their new record, 'In The Fullness Of Time', is the delicate kind that's honed by both the traditions of acoustic music and the modern, widescreen approach to it that's been delivered through indie rock. Of cour...view item »

George Washington Brown
On The Night Plain

First up at the gates of my cult we have George Washington Brown: 'On The Night Plain'. A melodic and gentle record with gleeful orchestration and wild variety of folky sounds. Bringing up a whole host of sound alike's: Olivia Tremor Control; Guided By Voices; Apples In Stereo; early R.E.M (Athens Georgia sound says young Flip); Elliott Smith (Figu...view item »

The Yellow Moon Band
Barehed / Reign

On Yellow vinyl (the good people at Static Caravan don't just throw these things together), having never heard these before for some reason I was expecting this to feature Warp like electronics but no its a 1 minute progressive metal jam. Cream, Led Zep type of thing. Not for me. More to my liking is the B side which is much more tuneful slice o...view item »

The Pioneers (Bloc Party cover!)

Unusual folksters Tunng prove just how unusual they are by covering a song by mid-2000s indie band of the moment Bloc Party, on this one-sided 7”. The other side is not empty as such, but contains an etching for you to admire in between spins of the music. On Static Caravan (and really really cheap!)...view item »

No Name/ Remind Me

Some most pleasant fragile folk from this Swedish native female artist. On second spin it's slowly getting its hooks into me, a lovely song, sweet voice and tender guitar playing. This should appeal to those of you into Haruko, Vashti Bunyan and all good quality lady folk....view item »

Don’t Say a Word

These guys have a really nice, gentle ,folksy(?) sound. You probably know this. They have vocals that sound luscious and will make many a grown man cry his little arse off. You probably know this. They remind of Tuung or Laura Marling. Here they sound heart meltingly grandiose and very emotional. The songs are well produced and played. You proba...view item »

Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam
Summer Solstice

Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam have got a ridiculously silly name that takes a while to type out but they more than make for it with their unique take on folk-pop. 'Summer Solstice' is a celebration of the best time of guessed it yo, it's SUMMER!! The A-side is the sound of summer coming towards you, chasing you thr...view item »

Magic Bus
Magic Bus/ Milky Way

Never heard these guys before. They sound like proper folk rockers. The title track sounds something like The Thamesmen, or some other 60s psyche group. I reckon this is the modern equivalent of “The Canterbury Sound”. Its lushly recorded and it has glorious vocal harmonies. No...view item »

Darren Hayman
Minehead EP

Darren Hayman with Minehead on Static Caravan. I'm so loving this series of holiday ep's and sadly this is the last one. They have been an absolute treasure to discover and a delight to hear after being bombarded with  the over production of modern music. Here, we're almost...view item »

Hannah Peel
You Call This Your Home / Song for the Sea

This is reasonable lady fronted soulful slightly 60's sounding pop music. Not as bad as Duffy, not up to Saint Etienne standards but probably sitting somewhere between the two. Its nice and safe and does the job with efficiency, I'd like to see a bit more daring with the production (by Tunng's Mike Lindsay incidently), its a bit....well....limp....view item »

Inch Time
Icicles & Snowflakes

That Inch Time CD that came out on Static Caravan was dead good. I don't know if anyone remembers it but it was a winner. Consequently the new 7" single (icicles & Snowflakes) came to me with some anticipation. It's absolutely lovely clicky melodic electronica of the highest order. There's more jungle sounds in there (l...view item »

The Maladies of Bellafontaine
Black Biro / Longsocks

More lady fronted stuff from Static Caravan - the A side is the winner of today's best tune. The vocals are remarkably similar to the lady from The Sundays (ask your grandma) and the tune is a lovely jaunty, quirky thing that recalls Birdie, Broadcast, Misty Dixon. Lovely summery, breezy pop music. The B side is darker and folkier recalling...view item »

Robin Saville / Dollboy
Player Piano/ Prelude No.1

Some strictly limited Static Caravan 7" goodness for you.. After covering some Eric Satie classics under the name Isan, Robin Saville is back under his real name with some pretty, sparkling, shimmering twinkles to soothe you through the cold winter nights and warm the cockles of your heart. The pristine production of 'Player Piano' adds to the...view item »

Oh Ruin
The Pillow Where Your Head Does Lay/ Ringsend

Oh Ruin is the solo title for acoustic guitar strummer Eoin O'Ruinaigh. Static Caravan certainly know a fine talent when they hear one and these guys are no exception. It's kinda bluesy sounding stuff with hints of traditional Irish music thrown in for good measure. O'Ruinaigh's guitar playing is tastefully hypnotic and the addition of violins a...view item »

Lux Harmonium
The Bones You Break/ Camel Bones

Ah, this is lovely. A couple of pretty little pastoral songs from Lux Harmonium. They've a slight psychedelic edge to them but essentially this is pretty straight folk-type stuff for those who like a good fingerpicker. On 'The Bones You Break' he's got a backing band and it's relatively u...view item »

The Dark Sky Singers
The Harrowing

The Dark Sky singers' new single filled me with dread when I cast my eye upon it. It looked proper bleak. Yes I know you can find beauty in bleakness, fuck off and watch American Beauty or Garden State or summat. You know I'm a sensitive guy really. I'm just saying this stuff to mask my own emotional....just kidding! What do you take me for? A b...view item »

One More Grain
Scarborough Fair/ Giriama Wedding

Love it when you get a record that's worth buying for the sleeve alone. That's how I feel about One More Grain's cover for 'Scarborough Fair'. Just as super-dooper is the song itself. Sonic drift hovers above and amongst brittle bones of the much loved tune like a marauding UFO spreading tendrils of mind-reshaping mist, whilst the arrangement has a...view item »

Inverted Island

Theres a new (its definitely new right?) 7" on Static Caravan called 'Inverted Island' by something called Obfusc.Oh come on guys who is going to remember that name. you'll never get on Top of the Pops. Thankfully the music is a rather wonderful rhodes piano led dubby electronica which recalls such past luminaries such as Plone, Mercury Progra...view item »

Antelope (Remixes)

Here Static Caravan are treating us to a pair of remixes of the track 'Antelope' from the debut Diagrams mini-LP (Sam Genders from Tuung's new outfit for those late to the party), all pressed into see-through purple vinyl in an edition of 300. These are pretty comprehensive reinventions,...view item »

Erland & The Carnival
Was You Ever See

Erland And The Carnival are a supergroup of sorts featuring a chap called Erland (surprisingly), Simon Tong (from The Verve, The Good The Bad The Queen) and Nick Nock (drummer who's worked with Macca on The Fireman project thing he does). It's pretty crazy sounding psyche pop harking back to the good ole days that were the 60's well before the like...view item »

Peter Philipson
Limefield Sessions

This is a lathe cut edition of 20 (twenty). I have no information on it at all so much to Phil’s probably annoyance I’m going to have to give it a play so we can sell the two remaining copies. It’s well worth picking up if you are not too late, full of beautiful intricate guitar pickings that sound like an English folk version ...view item »

Shady Bard
From The Ground Up

'From' the Ground Up' is the debut album from Brum melancholists shady bard (so humble they choose lower-case) and it's a rousingly pretty/sad-hued treat from start to finish. Taking its cue from the twinkly songs of Sparklehorse, the earthy simplicity of early Coldplay & the epic, forboding echo of iLiKETRAiNS it embraces autumnal, environm...view item »

The Great Electric

The Great Electric’s own definition of their sound is something like Neu! If they wore Clarks. They could have been joking, but it’s pretty spot on. Somewhat of a supergroup, the band are made up of members of Hefner, J Xave...view item »

Julie Byrne
Melting Grid / Emeralds

Julie Byrne's folk music is adequately described as 'sparse': it conjures a good treeline in your head the way Vashti Bunyan and Devendra Bandhart do. Her new record, 'Rooms With Walls and Windows', was released earlier this year to modest admiration that seems fitting for an artist so quietly confident. This new 7" from Static Caravan brin...view item »

Duke St. Workshop
Cabin 28

‘Cabin 28’ is the second LP from the much admired minimalist electronic duo Duke St Workshop, and follows on from the popular debut album ‘Lexicon of Paragon Pines’. In keeping with their signature theme of sound tracking cold cases from the 1960s to the present, here, ‘Cabin 28’ soundtracks a cold case from 1...view item »

The R.G. Morrison
Diamond Valley

Thankfully, the R G Morrison pick up their guitars to deliver an album of complete ease: Diamond Valley. Recorded in May 2012, this work's relaxed sound seems to permeate whichever space it finds itself filling. The Vinyl LP’s artwork is a fitting reproduction of one of J M W Turner’s landscape paintings. &n...view item »

Laura J Martin
Dazzle Days

Good old Static Caravan release this latest album from flute-botherer Laura J Martin. ‘Dazzle Days’ features a list of name-dropping collaborations from Tunng’s Mike Lindsay, Benge on synth a...view item »

David A Jaycock
Ten Songs

Here’s a limited CD from David A Jaycock on Static Caravan which, as the title suggests, contains ten songs. Those songs are in a gentle folky home-recorded (but not exactly lo-fi) style, recorded straight to tape and led by of fingerpicked acoustic guitar, accompanied subtly by harmonica, slide...view item »

Victories At Sea
In Memory Of

Static Caravan release the debut EP from Birmingham based band Victories At Sea.  With just 4 tracks here this is a just a taste of what’s to come, but with both the NME and BBC6 Music championing this band from the start, and with so much 80s nost...view item »

The Duke St Workshop
Lexicon Of Paragon Pines

I was sold on this one pretty easy...The Duke St. Workshop are a mysterious entity to me but from the get go these horror soundtrack meets library music meets Tangerine Dream jamz are ticking all the Li’l Biz boxes. ‘Lexicon Of Paragon Pines’’ lo-fi, bedroom production makes t...view item »

Gruska Babuska
Grúska Babúska

This is a beautiful little package! Instead of releasing their album on one of those plastic discs that are so popular, Gruska Babuska have this new one on Static Caravan enclosed within a little rubber Russian doll. When it’s sitting on your shelf nobody will even guess it’s an album! The Ic...view item »

The Memory Band
On The Chalk (Our Navigation of the Line of the Downs)

Stephen Cracknell has been making folk inflected acoustronica (sorry!) for quite some time with The Memory Band, The Accidental and others and his records have been pleasant affairs, if at times a little straight laced. I’m pleased to see then that this reco...view item »

Bonus Skor
Bonus Skor

Named after a shoe shop in Iceland, this Bonus Skor collaboration came about when “flute wrangler” Laura J Martin got together with Tunng/Cheek Mountain Th...view item »

The Hollow / TokoHorse

Good ol’ Static Caravan have sent us a new 7” this week from this five-piece Tokolosh, about whom I know nothing. Put the needle on the groove and you’re treated to a soulful downbeat r’n’b ballad with big falsetto vocal harmonies. It’s totally heartfelt and actually q...view item »

Laura J Martin
The Hangman Tree

Album reviewed elsewhere by Business Lady so I'll keep it brief. This is a single from said album. She has a very high pitched voice one part Kate Bush, one part Newsom and one part dingly dell dwelling big eared pixie. Its a pleasant folky romp without really threatening any life changin...view item »

The Ride / Bobby's Hash

This new Cave 7" has got a fish on it that we think might be a rainbow trout. People in Scotland go out fishing with shotguns and shoot them into the water at rainbow trout you know. Then they scoop up their exploded faces with nets, mix them with broken glass and feed them to dogs who grow weed. That's just the way their justice works up there. ...view item »

Woodbine and Ivy Band/ Sproatly Smith
Gently Johnny

Two bands, one song, the traditional ballad ‘Gently Johnny’ , two different interpretations. Woodbine and Ivy Band do a Pentangle like wandering folk lament with gospel overtones.Sproatly Smith do a more eerie interpret...view item »

Billy Mahonie
BM hearts BM

Not something you see often nowadays, just got a few copies of Billy Mahonie's ultra limited lathe-cut LP in. With just 100 of these babies available you be forgiven for ignoring my review and going straight to the 'add to my cart' icon before the limited supplies are snapped up. For those of you unfamiliar with Billy Mahonie, they are one of the l...view item »

Steve Moore
Primitive Neural Pathways/Vaalbara

Right. Busy Lady has just wet her knick-knacks over the list of this chap's expensive synths. His synths are so amazing & sought-after that he probably keeps them in a titanium lined nuclear bunker deep in a forest. Where currently he doodles around and builds authentic homages to Jean Michel-Jarre, the only 70's synth pioneer it's not actua...view item »

Steve Moore
Primitive Neural Pathways

Right. Busy Lady has just wet her knick-knacks over the list of this chap's expensive synths. His synths are so amazing & sought-after that he probably keeps them in a titanium lined nuclear bunker deep in a forest. Where currently he doodles around and builds authentic homages to Jean Michel-Jarre, the only 70's synth pioneer it's not actua...view item »

Shady Bard
Penguins/ Dust

Right then. The long awaited SHADY BARD clear vinyl 7" has arrived on Static Caravan. A delicious crisp apple of a record. All emotional like a crest fallen Divine Comedy. The rise and fall of a broken spirit led by the tortured vocals which drives the music to a clima...view item »

Men An Tol
Iron Man

bedroom folk psyche sabbath cover, with three legged donkey carrying pots and pans rhythm. The donkey mutates into a mounted cavalry for side two... ...view item »

Beth Jeans Houghton
Hot Toast Vol 1

Beth Jeans Houghton. More folky stuff. Chirpy. Will go down ok at The End of the Road festival. Its called 'Hot Toast Vol 1' and is a CD single short and sweet. Her voice is very similar to Annie Lennox. A lot of people like Annie Lennox. The fifth track 'Lily Putt' shows much more musical invention, having a lovely choralled introduction and burst...view item »

Goodnight Lenin
The Wenceslas Square EP

I also missed the 7" this Brum-based gang of folk-botherers threw into the underground musical network recently. It certainly sounds like they peddle an authentic brand of rousing traditional folk rock and flower-power-flecked whimsy. With a neat six tracks to run through it ain't go...view item »

Vision Quest One - Spaceships Over Topanga

Vision Quest. A native American rite of passage, but more importantly a classic eighties high school wrestling drama featuring Matthew Modine and Linda Fiorentino. You might know it as Crazy For You, since they wanted to cash in on the mint Madonna theme tune in some markets. Topanga. A canyon, but more importantly the girl from Boy Meets World ...view item »

Slow Oscillations/ Slow Oscillations (demo version)

Static caravan bless the people of the UK with a 7” vinyl pressing of 'Slow Oscillations' from the duo's current LP 'Escape velocity'. Packaged in a tasteful black and silver sleeve, this little beauty has been put together to coincide with their only UK show of 2011 (an appearance a...view item »


I've never fingered one of these before and I didn't really know what it was until I looked closely. There was a Dirty Three one recently which I saw but I'm currently listening to a badge! Yup! It's a new format called a Playbutton which comes the music in it, a headphone socket, fast fo...view item »

Laura J Martin
Kissbye Good Night / Spy

Aulophobia victims beware - she's armed with a flute. During the first minute or so I keep half expecting 'Whispering' Bob Harris to show up but once she's got the Jethro Tull parping out the way this is a sleek little pop tune with Latin influenced percussion...view item »

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