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Bestselling artists on Pilz this year: Emtidi

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A true cult classic encapsulating the kosmiche sound, ‘Saat’, the 1972 album from duo Emtidi, is re-released by the Pilz label. Maik Hirschfeldt and Dolly Holmes together created a beautiful, dream-like suite of exploratory tracks pulling together folk-rock, psychedelic and progressive music, one that stands as a hidden krautrock gem.
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Berliner Schule Sequencing

Now consisting solely of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Stephan Kaske, German kosmiche act Mythos releases its first new music in half a decade, and the first new music from German record label Pilz in 45 years. ‘Berliner Schule Sequencing’ is a classic exploration of the sonics of the Berlin school of electronics.
  • Vinyl Double LP (PILZ202006LP)
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