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Bob Lazy
La Vitti Bar

Bob Lazy aka Borja González-Ayllón has been going pretty good since giving up the day job of being a drummer for hire and bedding down to write music of his own. 'La Vitti Bar' is his second album following on from his 2017 debut 'Rock | Love | Truth'. The record continues to showcase Bobby's ability to blend influences from vintage '60s and '70s pop with a contemporary feel. Might do well for himself this lad. 

Bob Lazy
Rock | Love | Truth

Bob Lazy isn't actually called Bob Lazy at all. 'Rock | Love | Truth' is the work of the more complicatedly-named Borja González-Ayllón, someone who had played in bands for years in his native Valencia before getting the urge of writing music on his own. The results here are fabulous - his songs as Mr. Lazy take in influences from vintage pop and soul. Delve in and enjoy.  
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