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Blissful indie-techno producer Geotic, alias of Will Wiesenfield (better-known as Baths), with another album packed with soulful and warm beats. Geotic's albums so far have contained dance music for dancing by yourself, for staring out of train windows: dance for when you're okay with being by yourself. And base...view item »


Keith Kenniff returns under his Helios alias to bestow upon us a new album of ambient electronica. His modus operandi -- to work quietly, in the suburbs in the dead of night -- is reflected in the simple, serene calm of his music. It's a method that has served Kenniff well over the last decade or so of production; unhurried, usi...view item »

Gravity Pairs

The duo that is Beacon have changed it up a little from their previous two albums, setting out to create songs from moment one rather than focusing on loop-driven compositions. So should we say Beacon ha...view item »

Steve Hauschildt

Former Emeralds synth wizard Steve Hauschildt returns with 'Dissolvi' the name taken from the latin phrase cupio dissolvi, meaning "I wish to be dissolved". Let's hope Steve isn't dissolved any time soon as here he presents another example of his work which contains techno pulses, synth haze, the voice of&n...view item »

Matthew Dear

Dear Matthew, thanks for releasing a new album. I don't know what it sounds like yet. I'm told that it's kinda moody and ominous which would certainly offset the fact that it's named Bunny, because rabbits are incredibly cute. I've also heard that Tegan and Sara feature on a track, which is easily the...view item »

Marry Me Tonight

OooooHhhHHh Babyyy! A spanking new HTRK album that kicks off with the briliant grinding sleaze of 'Ha' which came out on 12". I just love the almost detached sound to Jonnine Clementine Standish's vocal. The've got fab sound going with the icy drum machine pulse. There's a wonderous dark and gloomy feel that occasionally reminds me of Joy Divisi...view item »


Tadd Mullinix is a man seemingly incapable of settling on a name. Despite releasing under a range of aliases (Dabrye, Charles Manier) and being involved with plenty of groups down the years, the nominative glutton has gone and gobbled up yet another new moniker. X-Altera, it wou...view item »

Mary Lattimore
Hundreds of Days

Will the good times never cease? Philly harp legend Mary Lattimore continues her endless slew of good releases with Hundreds of Days, her second for Ghostly. Exploring the alien feeling that gets pronounced when you leave home, her plucks offer microcosmic and resonant ways to work your way ...view item »

Three / Three

It has taken Todd Mullinix a little longer than expected to complete the trio of Dabrye albums begun with 2001’s One/Three, but he’s got there in the end. To make up for the wait the Ann Arbor producer serves up near-twenty tracks of envelope-pushing hip-hop. His first two LPs influenced the...view item »

One / Three

Ghostly International serve up a remastered version of Dabrye’s seminal 2001 One/Three to drop concurrently with the producer’s new LP Three/Three. Often cited as one of the most important beat-tapes of the early millennium, One/Three offers so much more than mere D...view item »


The third track from this record (No Child Of God) was, apparently, on a mac & cheese 'commercial' in 2015. Kind of cool being as this record was released in the early 2000's when the hip-hop scene was well and truly in full swing. Instrmntl by Dabrye has been granted a reissued from the mighty powers that be on Ghostly and ...view item »

Starchild & The New Romantic

Starchild's Brandon Cook is wonderfully unashamed about his influences: Prince, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson. This impeccably produced pop record could easily be an 80s gem. It stays true to the style but carries important, topical messages of marginalisation ...view item »

Mary Lattimore
At The Dam

More essential material from Mary Lattimore, the Baltimore-based harpist who puts her instrument through subtly-tweaked delay with astounding effects. At The Dam was inspired by an American road trip, with much of the album apparently recorded in the desert and in the mountains. LP release on Ghostly International....view item »

Past is Prologue

I haven't heard much lovliness on Merck for a while but I banged on the new TYCHO CD and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not doing anything new but what it does is thoroughly enjoyable. 70's style analogue synth style melodica electronica with loads of nods towards Boards of Canada and Casino Vs Japan. Like I ...view item »

The New Monday

Detroit producer Shigeto returns to Ghostly International with his fourth full length album The New Monday. After numerous releases experimenting with abstracted downtempo hip hop glitching, Shigeto has looked closer to home and drawn on a more dance floor focus, because, Detroit. Features collaboration...view item »

Com Truise

As far as underground East-coast electronic producers go, very few are currently enjoying a greater purple patch than Com Truise. Amongst his lustrous beasts and glugging basslines, is a geniune soulfulness that isnt' easy to find within the hoards of modern day electronica. Iteration is his lates...view item »

Rainbow Party

This 3-track taster is anything but a shallow and polished chat-ready take. Rainbow Party is, in fact, as deep and sprawling as its kaleidoscopic sleeve - and splashed with multiple genre influences throughout. Containing no less than punk, hip-hop and leftfield electronica; Psymun are throwing a party...view item »


Many of Geotic’s past releases have tended towards tender ambient drone, but Abysma is a dance music record. That said, Geotic (aka Will Wiesenfeld of Baths) makes clear that this is dance music as intimate, at-home experience with a gentle lift to it. With ...view item »


With four years since his last solo full length, polish electroacoustic producer Jacaszek moves to big boys Ghostly International with Kwiaty. Incredible acoustic sounds sampled, cut and processed to the Nth degree create a collage of space and place. Based around a book of 17th century poems and featuring the vocals of...view item »


Returning to Ghostly International with his 5th full length for them. Heralding from a most definite Detroit techno past and influence, Texan Lusine has grown away from the abrasive more and more, developing into an electro come IDM pop producer. Keeping the slickly perfect production and sound palette and adding cheeky groove a...view item »

No Future

With his releases on R&S, Ninja Tune, and Werk Discs London based producer Moiré has always pushed left of centre in techno production, swapping straight fours for screwed and off kilter beats that mysteriously achieve the same rhythm. On his latest full length through Ghostly International he pushes further into IDM ...view item »


Epoch is the final chapter in Tycho’s trilogy of ridiculously accessible indietronica albums. Moving on from Dive, through Awake, the Californian has reached new heights in upbeat, optimistic head-bobbing songs that float on spacey synthesizers and tightly and perfectly delayed guitars. Epoch...view item »

Awake Remixes

Tycho’s Awake was a perfect distillation of the group’s melodic electro-rock, mixing krautrock textures and dense guitars. On this vinyl LP remix album all those lush instrumentals are rebuilt by an exciting range of producers. Com Truise beefs up Awake for the dancefloor, Bibio goes...view item »

Telefon Tel Aviv
Fahrenheit Fair Enough

Telefon Tel Aviv, a New Orleans act, put out their IDM-flavoured Fahrenheit Fair Enough in 2001, where it sat looking enviously at the (comparatively) busy IDM scene across the pond in the UK. But the American source gave the group access to the house and techno traditions of Chicago and Detroit, making this an exciting...view item »


As crisp and ghostly as ever, Recondite returns with a 5-track EP containing exactly what you would expect - chilling electronic oddities, shimmering synths and grade-A icy production. Self-proclaimed as "a bit more serious" than any previous works, the offering is tinged with melancholy. But with an ever burning&...view item »

Black Marble
It’s Immaterial

Black Marble are a moody outfit trying to capture the moody sounds of the 1980’s. It’s Immaterial, the outfit’s second album, is full of little pop gems that gleam from amidst the thousand-yard gloom of the production, in the same way that all the best cold wave does. It’s Immaterial is ...view item »

Com Truise
Silicon Tare

Playful synth experiments from the eccentric Com Truise. Silicon Tare on vinyl 12” is the artist’s first release for almost two years, and his sound is as off-kilter as ever. 1980s pop music is warped and accelerated into a queasy blend of synth-pop and shiny house. Com Truise has a knack for complex...view item »

Xeno & Oaklander

Fifth album of analogue-synthesised electro-pop songcraft from this Brooklyn duo. Xeno & Oaklander’s songs are stately and aloof in that classic distant-stare synth-pop way: this could easily be a lost find from a central European country in the late 80’s, though it was recorded in the Tom Tom Club...view item »

Com Truise
In Decay

Glistening retro-synth funk, moody sci-fi disco strutting and new-age sound vistas for fans of everything from DMX Krew to early Oneohtrix Point Never, Antoni Maiovvi and even Squarepusher's more recent cosmic workouts. Ghostly continues on its quest to deliver us only the very finest packages of retro-futurist vint...view item »

Sweatbox Dynasty

Tobacco is the solo joint of the dude who has done so much good work for Black Moth Super Rainbow, as well as production and remix credits for the likes of HEALTH and Aesop Rock. Sweatbox Dynasty, the fourth Tobacco album, is a set of big, lo-fi synth-n...view item »

Logan Takahashi

Logan Takahashi works as one of half of the duo Teengirl Fantasy, but also solo under his own name. The textures are similarly shiny and electronic, but the solo work pulls away from the Fantasy material somewhat by honing on the rhythms in close detail. NoGeo, Takahashi...view item »


Intermission is the new EP by Shigeto. The electronic musician from Detroit, aka Zach Saginaw, has been working on a veritable plethora of projects since his sophomore album No Better Time Than Now dropped in 2013. From adding his special blend of electronics to a jazz quartet to recording with rappers from his...view item »

Starchild & The New Romantic

Ghostly International release this vinyl 12” of abstract electro-pop from Starchild & The New Romantic. On Crucial, soulful R&B vocals are intertwined with p-funk basslines and deft synthesizer playing. This is playful and energetic music that is willing to jump between genre and t...view item »


Beacon are a pair of New Yorkers, crafting sleek electro-pop with a lithe twist. For Escapements, their second album, they’ve enlisted extra help from Rory O’Connor, the drummer from Tycho, bringing some live percussion into the electronic mix. Released by the Ghostly Intern...view item »

Choir of Young Believers

Choir Of Young Believers have followed up the stately focus previous album Rhine Gold with a rather different prospect: the expansive, explorative Grasque. Big, bright R&B pop songs are the order of the day, carried across with all sorts of (often fairly experimental) textures. Out on Ghostly International....view item »


Lord RAJA apparently based the foundations of this record on a franticly explorative synth jam on in-store equipment during a trip to SXSW. One afternoon of experimentation gave him the sonic material to spiral off into plenty of colourful directions, always fresh, sometimes unexpected, but always groovy. Para is out on...view item »

Minecraft Volume Alpha

I hope you’ve heard of Minecraft. If not, it’s an incredibly popular game. Basically Lego for the MP3 generation. However here we have something which is very much a physical thing; a vinyl LP or CD of Minecraft Volume Alpha. It’s the soundtrack to the game which was created by German composer Daniel Ro...view item »


Future-pushing techno sounds here from Matrixxman, making his album debut with this double LP, though only after a rich series of tracks have filtered out over the last few years. Homesick is a mysterious landscape, a shiny one but dark nonetheless, with a driving dance-thrust behind it. On Ghostly International....view item »

Heathered Pearls
Body Complex

Heathered Pearls is the project of Jakub Alexander, who carries ideas of imaginative architecture into his music: maybe we should think of the music on Body Complex as designs for experimental buildings (albeit with a four-four kick drum running through each room)? Either the way, the record is imminent...view item »

Ghostly Swim 2

Compilation from the long-running Ghostly label, with assistance from TV channel Adult Swim. The focus here is on the blurrier, more ambient ends of the Ghostly scale: rhythms remain, but swim comfortably to the back of your mind. All new tracks from the likes of Shigeto, ...view item »

Fort Romeau

The sophomore release from UK house diva Mike Greene promises more pillow-stuffed loveliness floating over four-to-the-floor beats that'll probably send you completely Plato in the middle of the dance floor. He's a (presumably) self-confessed practitioner of "slow listening", so if you want to know what the hell that means then get this....view item »

Pale Sketcher
Seventh Heaven EP

Personally I reckon this EP is pretty expensive, but then nobody has a gun to your head. Well maybe they do but you're probably rolling with a bad crowd if that's the case. This of course is one of Jusin Broadrick's many projects and it's sorta epic. The first tune 'Seventh Heaven' has big emotive synths and vocal samples and although electronic...view item »

A Contant Moth

All-over moves from Lord RAJA on this wormhole descending release for Ghostly International. RAJA goes in further than his previous Rubies EP (also on Ghostly). He explores tiny moments not far off from the works of J Dilla and even Aphex Twin. Things are all then mutated and bl...view item »


A single plumb of longing from Brooklyn toys Beacon. L1 EP is a cross-continental gushing wound of subdued heart-string-tuggers. Their softly undulating vocals, post-dubsteppian drums and reverberating synths slowly cleanse your haggard soul. They sound like a downtrodden Caribou jams mixed with some Inc. and James Blak...view item »

Christopher Willits

Often seen poised in front of some electronic equipment while holding a nice guitar to his chest, Christopher Willits is of course an ambient musician. 'Opening' is his new record, and it comprises an audiovisual work that connects his music with light, as shown in the film that accompanies it (think of your favourite wordless landscape doc...view item »


Lusine has his roots in the heady days of early noughties IDM. A scene survivor (and with links forged to the ever quality Ghostly international stable) these four tracks, pressed to fashionable 10" vinyl platter, demonstrate both confidence and elegance. Submerged vocals and dense electronics tip the wink to both past glories a...view item »

Xeno & Oaklander
Par Avion

One of my favourite electro-pop acts of the past few years have been this New Yorker M/F duo comprising French/Norwegian derived beauty Liz Wendelbo and her beau Sean McBride. Together they've been responsible for some electrifying nuggets of icy, authentic Euro-centric electro, many records coming out through the zeitgeist-capturing (and spell-...view item »

Ultima II Massage

Oddball Pennsylvania producer Tobacco is back with his third album this week. Much like the substance he's named after, 'Ultima II Massage' isn't for everybody. For every person who thinks it's cool, there'll be another who thinks it's gross. I have to admit I'm really enjoying this album, which earned itself a "sounded pretty shit" post-it fr...view item »

Psychic 9-5 Club

A few weeks ago I’d been playing HTRK’s 2011 album ‘Work, Work, Work’ and was thinking to myself “Shit this lot must be due for a new album soon” and then the following week what lands in my work folder of new releases to add to our site but ‘Psychic 9-5 Club’. It was pro...view item »


With a number of great releases under his belt so far, electronic producer Tycho or just plain old Scott Hansen to his friends brings us his fourth album and second on Ghostly International. After being thoroughly impressed with his previous effort ‘Dive’ I was very keen to hear this album and it really doesn’t disappoi...view item »

Com Truise
Wave 1

People were Tomming their Cruisers about this guy's last album 'Galactic Melt' when it came out but I never got round to checking it out. You'd think I was practically obliged to given my profession but the sad fact is that I often don't have time to check out all the records I want to because I'm too busy listening to the records you want me to...view item »

Choir of Young Believers
This Is For The White In Your Eyes

A must for fans of The Bridge, especially if you are suffering withdrawal symptoms from the weekly does of the theme tune. Some energetic songs and some mellow - a great combo! Well worth buying!...view item »


Woah there grizzly bear, what are these lush sounds flying over the great big pond we call the Atlantic Ocean? Well, its a lovely laid back album of smooth grooves from electronic post -whatevers Kiln. Now I’d have sworn I’d never heard of Kiln, but there it is in black and white my review of an earlier work cowering in a far flung n...view item »


Anyone with a penchant for deep melancholic techno really ought to be checking out this release from Recondite. Berlin based producer Lorenz Brunner has been releasing  his work on his own Plangent imprint as well a releases scattered across Hotflush Recordings, Dysto...view item »

SMM: Opiate

Drone-based music has once again become flavour of the month in my house, mainly due to my scattershot inability to sleep. It seems that eating, internetting, drinking, thinking, speaking, bathing or not toileting after 8pm causes a night of frustrated restlessness. My cure has been to play the softest of ambient soundscapes to ease my troubled ...view item »

No Better Time Than Now

Here’s a new one on the reliable Ghostly International which our nocturnal promo-listener Brian has left one of his trademark post-it notes on. This one says “Real nice downtempo FlyLo/Tri Angle dreamy style electro-soul”. I’m already pretty ...view item »

The Way Things Fall

Adult. have been away a long time. They used to be favorites in Norman Towers before we got the internet and things like that. They are known for providing the kind of minimal electronic retro-future pop akin to then popular likes of Ladytron and ...view item »

The Waiting Room

The opening track here from Seattle-based producer Lusine stuns. It starts with a tight Neu influenced drum beat with jittery synths, pumping bass and fizzy keyboards. It bounds along in that perfect place where studio electronics meet a more ‘live’ type sound. It...view item »

Heathered Pearls

I had a sneaky skip through this the other day and thought I’d save it for some late night listening to chill me out so I put it on at 2:00 AM to get in the zone. The hypnotic repetition induced a bliss-out that rendered me practically incapable of typing so I passed on the writing and let the music take me away. Jakub Anderson&rsq...view item »

Shara Vari / 122 Hours of Fear

Adult. are back! It seems like ages but it’s only been four years! They’ve been busy making a horror film trilogy which I doubt will be showing at your local megamulticinemaplex but you might find ‘The Three Grace(s) Triptych’ at ...view item »

HTRK / Tropic of Cancer
Part Time Punks Radio Sessions

This split features two sets of recordings from radio sessions but if blindfolded you wouldn’t know that they were anything else but studio recordings. The choice of bands to put together is also a good one, they complement and contrast perfectly. First up is ...view item »

Matthew Dear

With music cheaper than ever to create, electronic-based musicians are springing up from every nook and cranny. Luckily, some of these producers and musicians have the talent to back it up. Matthew Dear has been pumping out material since the early 2000's, and he rarely lets his music become too flashy or gimmicky. Matthew Dear's Beams lets its ...view item »

Willits + Sakamoto
Ancient Future

I’ve got a problem with piano-based ambient records, primarily that there are far to many of them and they all sound very similar. That’s probably not a fair statement to make when reviewing the work of ‘visionary’ pianist Ryuichi ...view item »

Mux Mool
Planet High School

Honestly, I am kind of pissed at myself for not even knowing about this album earlier. Planet High School is a wholly different animal. While the genre bending music sounds similar to his last album. This time around it is definitely more focused, refined and mature. Possibly a little bit more cerebral. No two songs are the same, but they flow t...view item »

Work (Work,Work)

If Marry Me Tonight is the soundtrack for preparing to go out, then Work (Work, Work) is the sound of the comedown. Covered in swirling synthesisers, hypnotic 808 sounds and Standish's deadpan vocals, it is a sonic journey into the turmoil of the bands life; moving through Berlin and London, losing friends Rowland S Howard and founding band memb...view item »


Michal Jacaszek is a Polish chap who's been constructing beautiful experimental classical-based soundworlds for quite some time now. Now housed on respected experimental electronic stable Ghostly, his latest opus Glimmer carries a flaming torch for the more baroque Eastern forms of chambe...view item »


Dive is the first record released by Tycho on ‘Ghostly International’ and the first record to have a live backing band. Continuing on from Scott Hanson’s obvious delve into the world of melodic ambience and chillwave, this album is the ten-track release that the genres were so desperately needing. Avai...view item »

Com Truise

Right, enough is enough. If anyone else has a name which swaps the first letters of a celebrity to 'hilarious' effect then they won't get reviewed. You hear me? Com Truise gets away with it only because the track is a delightful squelchy, squiggling piece of synth bliss recalling the ...view item »

SMM: Context

Holy shit! This is an awesome line-up if you're that way inclined. i.e ambient/ dark ambient/ neo-classical etc. I dare not unseal a vinyl copy of this to play and our CD copies have yet to arrive, therefore I'm not able to review this properly so I'll say what matters and that is; that you're among good company with this album. The cream of the...view item »

Pale Sketcher
Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed

This release confuses me. I think it's the Pale Sketches album by Jesu remixed by Justin Broadrick (who is Jesu) but under the name of Pale Sketcher. After a quick checkup it appears I'm right. Phew! Pale Sketcher is his electronic side project where he chucks his doom guitar out of the window and swaps it for a spanky computer with loads plug-i...view item »

Matthew Dear
Black City

The first time I clocked this record was actually by Matthew Dear I was shocked. I've not heard him do this dark experimental pop stuff before. It's a sort of blend of synth/ electro pop with some funky basslines and catchy hooks and some darker disco elements. A few of the tracks feel sorta sleazy and although there is a little dancefloor appea...view item »

Gold Panda
You EP

I've got a soft spot for Gold Panda's 'get a little of something from everywhere and see what happens' style. He seems to be very much from a hip-hop background as he makes great use of beat chopping and samples. On 'You' we hear these skills applied to the murky waters of indie dance sounding like many different things bringing to mind contempo...view item »

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