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Blah Blah Blasé

Some quick 7" reviews now cos Big Brian's ill and we all a bit rushed . So here's the BLAH BLAH BLASE with Grandad. He sings like a stroppy kid with hunched shoulders and bored expression puffing out his jarry lyrics over low fi electronic beats and noodling. Quite catchy in a sick way, like a less intense Joy Division....view item »

Pink Riot

Finally from me this week before the gorgeous Maggie takes over is a new 7" single by PINK RIOT on Fake Product. It's called Impressions and it's an enormous slab of retro 80's synth dark-o-pop with more anguish than you could shake a stick it. In fact had I not known this was a new release I would have been convinced it was ...view item »


And on to COLLAPSE who have a new 10" out on Fake Product. It's a bit of a change for the label moving away from 80's dark synth pop and shifting over to a much noisier direction. This is tremendous fun and immediately it makes me think of some of the quality post hardcore you get on Gringo. I can see how this would a...view item »

Popular Workshop
Stutter & Dance

One of my favourite indie things of the week is the POPULAR WORKSHOP single on the Fake Product label. The bottom line on this one is that's it's a just a fuckin' great tune. There's a bit of a Twisted Charm thing going on with the vocals but it's really jerky and at times it's quite Chicago maths rock with hints of ...view item »

Theoretical Girl
It's All Too Much

Dunno why I dig this single by Theoretical Girl so much. It's like the girl from Melys singing over a track by the godawful NY prog gimps Ratatat but it really, really works. It's got that weird synthesized & compressed guitar sound all over the shop & a simple motorik pulse beat. I think as it sounds like not a gre...view item »