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Bass Clef
Inner Space Break Free

A moving soundtrack essaying the joys and regrets of living a lifestyle orientated around clubbing and nightlife, Bass Clef’s 2011 cassette-only release Inner Space Break Free gets a small re-issue on vinyl. Inspired by his decision to quit his job and pursue music full-time, and the freedoms and anxieties that brings, there’s huge emotional clout to proceedings. 

The Walled Garden

Describing their style as ‘sea-sick electro-hauntings from Wessex’, the exclusively studio-based outfit Reigns provide a soundtrack to the archaeological explorations of a small part of the 13,000-acre Dorsetshire estate surrounding Kendall Hall on their fifth studio album The Walled Garden. 
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Selling out rapidly upon its original release as a run of cassettes back in early 2019, Red-1, the debut full-length album from South London-based producer Acidliner, gets its first release on vinyl. With very little percussion, it’s radically different from the kinds of beats he laid down as drummer for Hey Colossus over so many years, as well as his DRMCNT project, but no less fulfilling. 

Sweet Williams
That What You Hit

Sweet Williams is ex-Charlottefield guitarist and singer Thomas House. Originally from Brighton, he is now based in Zaragoza, Spain. That What You Hit is built on beats he made on his phone with various layers of repetitive guitar riffs and demonic vocals. He says it shows Sisters of Mercy as an influence but he was also inspired by rap, house and Madonna. 

Hey Colossus
Dances / Curses

London psych / noise rock band Hey Colossus are back with their thirteenth album, Dances / Curses. The current line-up is spread between Somerset and Sheffield but they clicked so well, what’s travelling a few hundred miles for a rehearsal between friends? Mark Lanegan, a long time fan of the band, makes a guest appearance.
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