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Henrik Lindstrand

Nordhem is the third album, and final part of a trilogy, by Swedish pianist Henrik Lindstrand. It follows 2017’s Leken and 2019’s Nattresan and like those two well-received albums, is a beautifully woven and soothing soundscape that seamlessly blends a number of genres into one complete piano work. Nordhem translates as North Home and the album honours his scandanavian roots.

The Prats
Prats Way Up High

'Prats Way Up High' is a new compilation from Edinburgh DIY punk outfit The Prats. This record spans their brief career - one that saw them find a home on local indie label Fast Product, record a Peel Session in 1979 (songs from which are present here) and, long after their disintegration in 1981, see their song 'General Davis' feature in Jonathan Demme’s 2004 remake of 'The Manchurian Candidate'. 
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Manu Delago
Circadian Live

One Little Independent releases a live version of Circadian, the 2019 studio album from Austrian percussionist and composer Manu Delago. Based upon the unique melodic and rhythmic possibilities of his instrument, the Hang (a kind of hand-held steel drum), in the live context the music is even more vivid. 

Galya Bisengalieva

Galya Bisengalieva is a violinist and leader of the London Contemporary Orchestra. Aralkum is her new album. Its subject concerns the Aral Sea in Central Asia which has been shrinking since the 1960s due to Russian irrigation projects intercepting its tributaries. Gayla has previously played on A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead, Blond by Frank Ocean and Suspiria by Thom Yorke so you may already have heard her sound.

Penny Rimbaud

Released via the newly renamed One Little Independent, HOW? is a re-working of Allen Ginsberg’s legendary 1954 poem ‘Howl’ from activist, writer and Crass co-founder Penny Rimbaud. He’s performed it semi-regularly since 2003, but this CD+DVD package captures a live performance at London’s Abney Park Chapel in the summer of 2017. 
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