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This is the now sold out debut album from Chris Cole who went on to produce on of our favourite in store records 'Our Worn Shadow'. This is the debut on Moteer that was long considered out of print until we got a few copies direct from the artist. A great prelude to the Moondog, Arvo Part inspired electronica he...view item »

Tokyo Bloodworm

This is the final release on The Remote Viewer's Moteer imprint, and it's a collection of dusty semi-ambient downbeat workouts from Arizonan duo Tokyo Bloodworm, limited copies of which come with a bonus CD of remixes from the likes of Remote Viewer, Sun Hammer and Manyfingers. Pretty hard work in places, to be honest, and the first half of ...view item »

On Fell

There are enough obscure indie/electronica demi-luminaries on here to fell a horse, featuring as it does Andrew Johnson (Hood/Remote Viewer), Chris Adams (Hood, Bracken), Craig Tattersall (The Boats, Remote Viewer, Hood) and Paul Dorrington (Wedding Present). What emerges are two slabs of electronic pop that are forward looking in the production...view item »

Express Gifts

And onto Clickits who have a new CD out on Moteer which in case you didn't know it's all to do with those nice folks from Remote Viewer. It starts off all super warm organic sounding and not unlike the kind of warmth you'd hear on some Savath & Savalis records. And after it's kicked in properly it's some nice cli...view item »

Minimum Chips
Lady Grey

Magical CD from Australia's best kept secret MINIMUM CHIPS. Been hammering 'Lady Grey' here as Phil & I are both big Broadcast & Stereolab fans & this unruly bunch have been quietly evolving into the antipodean answer to those 2,  albeit with their own earthy take on affairs. For example  'Cold Afte...view item »

The Ancients
The Ancients

Not aware of much available information on Aussie dreamfolksters The Ancients except I like the uber minimal style of their self-titled CD sleeve and they're mates with Minimum Chips. Something about them reminds me of a more stoned & homely Simian, slow-strummed, languid acoustic guitars and then there's this gorgeous psychedelic element that ...view item »

On Fell

Now this is the stuff of dreams surely? Old Hood cohorts re-unite over a nostalgic love of classic 80's bedroom indie after consuming red wine & end up with a three-part 7" vinyl attack machine, the first installment here, now, to be gone, v. soon! Neither side is quite what we expected. Not that I can tell which side is which anyway. This p...view item »

Theodore & Hamblin
The Scientific Contrast

Something for the weekend continued...with Mingus Rude. Theodore and Hamblin: "The Scientific Contrast", 11th release on Remote Viewer's abstract electronica imprint Moteer. Free-floating ambient washes held down by sub-aquatic bass drones and tones. Choc- full of lullabyes and fuzzy warmth and toyshop melodies. Mr Phil reckons Theodore a...view item »


Over the years Moteer have produced some fine records. The label has developed its sound so you pretty much know what you're gonna get with each release. Some nice acoustics over some small baby sized electronics and bingo the label are on the phone inviting you round to Moteer mansions for some cocktails and that. I do like a nice cocktail..... An...view item »

Part Timer
Part Timer

Now on a more relaxed note I have an album on Moteer by PART TIMER (of Clickits fame). Its a really delicate release and is a beautifully relaxing record. Second track features vocals by Nicola Hodgkinson from Empress and it's like walking though a corn field taking away the worry of a council tax court summons (i...view item »

Yuri Lugovskoy
Yuri Lugovskoy

Oooh a new Moteer and Mobeer release in the same week. I must confess that I've previously only ever heard remixes by this Ukranian guy. I'm quite enjoying this though, it's fairly minimal slowly and gently evolving atmospheric stuff inspired by Berlin's dub techno crew. In a sense it's almost like a further reduction on that minimalism. Fairly loo...view item »

Need More Sources

Mingus cont., Need More Sources: "Shed" (Moteer) This is an alias of one Chris Stewart who continues the Moteer ethos of heartbreaking atmospherics amidst orhcestrally staged musical meanderings full of percussive clips and textures. Strummed and plucked guitars, caressed pianos and what sound like cellos amongst the creaking doors and fl...view item »


AUS up next with 'Curveland' on Moteer. Producer Yasuhiko Fukuzono delivers a gentle blend of warm electronics and live instrumentation with sweet vocal accompnyment courtesy of Cokiyu. Piano is fused with glitchy twinkles and shimmering, clean pristine production. Although this ...view item »

Brael/ Tokyo Bloodworm
Living Language

Tokyo Bloodworm/Brael: Living Language (Moteer) If you blink you'll miss it, if you're not listening keenly it'll just drift by. So ethereal and wistful is the overall vibe, you'd be forgiven for thinking there was anything at all of substance to these opaque and dreamy reveries. I suppose that's part of the ethos of Moteer: ambient electronic...view item »

The Boats
We Made It For You

The Boats’ 2005 second album appears on vinyl for the first time ever! We Made It For You is an entirely instrumental version of the group’s ambient-folk-electronica sound, produced as ever with a gorgeous lo-fi touch. This LP reissue from The Boats Archive is limited to a tiny 150 copies, so don’t wai...view item »

The Boats
Tomorrow Time

Now from Lancashire we have THE BOATS and their new album Tomorrow Time (CD only). A clicking glitching rhythm section delicately holds the soft and genteel wave of sound that is pieced together with Rhodes piano, samples and guest vocals form Chris Stewart and Elaine Reynolds. It makes me feel like being in an old persons spook...view item »