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Steve Roach

Recorded in a burst of creativity shortly after his scheduled New York concert in March 2020 was cancelled because of the lockdown, 'Tomorrow' is a heartfelt yearning for a return to normality from composer Steve Roach. Led by the twenty-minute opening title track, this is a ruminative and emotional collection of ambient and minimalist compositions from this legendary, pioneering artist.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BTS010)
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  • Limited edition

Underwater Cities

Behind The Sky label bossman Bluetech returns with some submerged sci-fi modular and analogue synth work, vividly creating visions of his fantasy 'Underwater Cities', perfectly mirrored in the Moebius-inspired sleeve art by UK illustrator Guy Warley. Here we find producer Evan Bartholomew coaxing warm, vintage bubbling Detroit school electro from his classic Roland machines; SH-101, TB-303, TR-808 and Juno 60. At once playful and immersive, there are echoes of early Higher Intelligence Agency, Kirk Degiorgio's lush electronica, Dopplereffekt/Drexciya's aquatic sonics and the nuanced electro that Gerard Hanson made as ERP.
  • Vinyl LP (BTS-010)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Prima Materia

Alongside spanking new album 'Underwater Cities', Bluetech and his Behind The Sky imprint release a second vinyl and CD edition of his first album 'Prima Materia'. Initially put out back in 2003 on Waveform Records, this new version has been meticulously remastered on analogue hardware for increased clarity, fuller presence, depth and richer harmonics. Mars-1 has provided third eye-popping psychedelic artwork suggestive of the light show behind the eyelids that 'Prima Materia' can produce. Bluetech's reconfiguration of his ambient, dub and IDM influences still sounds fresh in 2020.

Johnny Woods

Gently unfurling improvised synthesizer meditations from Johnny Woods, created on a Buchla 200e in his solar powered studio in the mountains of New Mexico. On the surface, these seemingly minimal seven pieces may appear simple but evolve into deeply immersive complex sonic fractals. Big tip for those that dig Caterina Barbieri, Alessandro Cortini, Laurie Spiegel and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.
  • Vinyl LP (BTS-008)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)


Portals: A Kosmische Journey through Outer Worlds and Inner Space is a double-vinyl, 13-track exploration of retro-futurist synthesiser music. Modern practitioners of the Berlin school inspired sound take us on a trip with their analogue and modular synthesizers fully set to cosmic. Includes tracks from Steve Moore, Ian Boddy, Polypores, Steve Roach, Listening Center, d’Voxx, Pleasure Corporation, Tungsten Mountain, Lisa Bella Donna, Nigel Mullaney, Johnny Woods, In The Branches + Bluetech and James Bernard. Housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve - tip for all sonic psychonauts and armchair voyagers.

Sines & Singularities

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