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This is a funny one, can't see much info anywhere on t'internet......hang on ...I can't find me fucking banana........ ah there it is.....anyway its an oddball brew of francophile pop that most recalls 70's nutcase's Henry Cow. Harpsichord laden ditty's with owl like high pitched female vocals, at times recalling Broadcast but generally less evo...view item »

Die Helden Sind Nicht Mehr

I could have sworn we'd had things in by Orphax before. The name rang a bell... but after a quick hunt we'd had bugger all from 'em. Which just goes to prove I don't know what we sell anymore... too many records coming out! Well Orphax is an Amsterdam based musician called Sietse Van Erve and he tends to do traverse the droney way of doing thing...view item »

Christina Vantzou
Nº1 Remixes / Nº1 Film

This limited edition CD+DVD set includes a 47-minute film by Christina Vantzou exclusive to the DVD. The films are set to the entire audio of her wonderful 'No. 1' album which was released on Kranky back in October 2011. Also included is a CD of remixes of tracks from that album, featuring a stellar line-up of artists including; Koen Holtka...view item »

Dave De Rose
Agile Experiments - Vol. 1

The point of germination for this release from Rome-born, London-based drummer/producer Dave De Rose can be traced back to a series of hour-long jam sessions he curated at a pizza restaurant in Brixton Village in 2015. He subsequently repeated the trick in-studio, with collaborators and De Rose playing for an hour before the res...view item »

Stuart Chalmers
Fata Morgana

Stuart Chalmers is a tape-loop superhero, attending to a mass of dictaphones, four-tracks, and fuzzy ferric cassettes in order to intuitively compose magical sound-suites. Fata Morgana, which apparently also fea...view item »

The Hug

This limited-edition, self-released record from The Hug is a 12-track extravaganza, sweeping effortlessly from beautiful melodia to hypnotic instrumentation. Synths, drum machines, loop pedals, field recordings and tape machines make up the building blocks of this beautiful album. Utterly worth the listen. ...view item »

The Smoke

While Dean Blunt has been more than prolific since the split of Hype Williams in 2012, Inga Copeland has taken things a little slower. The Smoke is her second LP as Lolina, and it finds Copeland at both her most playful and her most obtuse. She amps up the lackadaisical...view item »

Faerground Accidents

If it were 1995 then Faerground Accidents would be touted as the next Pulp or Suede but in 2018 they seem strangely out of place. "Perfume", taken from their recent (and not without moments of excellence) album 'Co-Morbid', a Bowie-esque slab of glam melodrama that would ha...view item »

Lolina (Inga Copeland)

Self-released 10” from the former Hype Williams member under her Lolina moniker, last heard on wax on the baffling Live in Paris. Previously barely available as an edition-of-30 Australian tour CDR, it includes two vocal tracks and an instrumental, all sparse, dry, and brutally concise. Simultaneously deli...view item »

The One Ensemble
Saint Seven

Don’t worry, this record has got absolutely nothing to do with the BBC telly program ‘The One Show’. Mercifully not anodyne; it’s every bit as entertaining, also it’s just as hectic-sounding as my mind has been all day today. The One Ensemble (formerly ‘The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden) are a quartet of music...view item »

Dos Floris
The Widowed Earth

Now here's a gem of a record. The Widowed Earth is a self-released album from Dos Floris, a London born singer songwriter who has swapped out much of the traditions of her roots in favour of an ethereal, abstract sound that marries sublime, heavenly textures with energetic propulsion and winding sung tales....view item »

Charlie Ulyatt
Live EP - Rough Trade Nottingham Sept 16

Charlie Ulyatt's 'Dead Birds' arrived at the 'Towers back in the early days of summer and I for one was captivated by his shimmering solo meanderings. The guitar in Ulyatt’s hands is transformed into a machine which suspends time as notes linger and hang in the air, evoking dry and dusty landscapes, barren mountains or at least the top of ...view item »

Charlie Ulyatt

Charlie Ulyatt is a Nottingham-based guitarist, in abstract but expressive form here. The first track is made up of a rainfall-like babble of choked, high notes, which turns out to be a recurring motif throughout the tape. Elsewhere we get e-bow drones, intensive and involved string-scraping, eerie vocal-like tones, and violentl...view item »

Johnny Bell
Johnny Bell and The Visitors

Johnny Bell has created a new musical landscape for his Johnny Bell and The Visitors 7”. A mix of traditional banjo and experimental sounds and time signatures makes for a dusty musical interpretation of the U.S. South-West’s vast and empty deserts. Limited to 200 copies housed in a custom letterpress sleeve....view item »

Kim Deal
Walking With A Killer / Dirty Hessians

Following her departure from the reformed Pixies, Kim Deal has made this limited 7” of solo material to coincide with her recent ATP gig, and this is the first record that she h...view item »

Lolina (Inga Copeland)
Relaxin' With Lolina

Inga Copeland just won’t put her name on stuff. Not a single word is written on the outside of this CD. I don’t know how people keep getting away with this. Imagine going into your local sweet shop and the ‘Double Decker’s have no info at all on them? Aaaanyway eventually located within the bowels of the artwork is the wo...view item »

Wives of Farmers
Excellent Happiness Forever

Wives of Farmers are a Cornish band who have been rolling for ten years now, building on their strengths. They are a rock band with the folk inclinations and wide horizons that come from Cornish living. The band are self-releasing Excellent Happiness Forever on CD and vinyl, in editions limited to 200 and 250 copies res...view item »

The Amazons
Nightdriving / Stay With Me

Careful with that name lads or you'll have a litigious online retailer on your back. The Amazons create the kind of spiky indie gear that will probably guarantee a place on the Steve Lamacq show. Standard stadium leaning indie rock that you could see doing a purposeful job supporting the Manic Street Preachers.  ...view item »

Georgio 'The Dove' Valentino
The Sorrows of Young Georgio

Georgio 'The Dove' Valentino is back. People try to pigeonhole 'The Dove', they try to diss 'The Dove', but the 'The Dove' always bounces back. 'The Dove' always gets his way. Evidently not a happy bunny, 'The Dove' returns with a bleak work which disturbs. The first track sounds a bit like an I Like Trains who have moved to Lithuania and go...view item »

Celer & Machinefabriek
Greetings From

Two drone geniuses get together and improvise their way through a bunch of live performances, then set their exemplary work down for Greetings From. Celer and Machinefabriek used their improvised, free form approach to playing together as a way of producing the strangest results poss...view item »

Breathe Out

East London upstarts Breathe Out are getting in on the whole self-release scene with a run of limited 7” on their own imprint. The band have previously released an EP on Art Is Hard which I’ve not heard but this i...view item »

No Ceremony
Heartbreaker/ Breaking Hearts

The mysterious entity known as No Ceremony return with a second self-released 10” and a head full of dreams and big ideas. First up, as with the first 10” - I have no idea which is side A and side B. No b...view item »

Yair Yona

Yair Yona is an Israel born guitarist who has mastered a rather enjoyable style of slide and pick across a series of evocative albums. Here he veers from flat out desert rockers such as the very Pell Mell like 'Sir Bassar' to more out there drifting cinematic pieces such as 'Seven Days In Complete Darkness' which ...view item »

Charlie Ulyatt
Do Not Forget Old Friends

Charlie Ulyatt is a Nottingham based musician who plays solo guitar in a kind of semi-improvised style. Here he used his thoughts on the passing of Leonard Cohen to write very quickly a series of pieces inspired by the great man's poetry.  As you might expect the pieces have a bleak and minimal feel with notes few and far between. Spac...view item »

Peculiar Blue
Don't Speak of Love

Acoustic three piece Peculiar Blue are singer Songwriter Paul Harrison and vocalist Lynn Harrison, featuring Grant Henderson playing Brazilian drums. In a departure from their usual style of bitter/sweet storytelling, ‘Don't speak of love’ was recorded in collaboration with local electro trance band Hexagons, overseen by drummer Gran...view item »

Juliet and The Raging Romeos
Good Girl / Venus

Juliet & The Ranging Romeos are a highly international (4 countries are represented in the line-up) garage-rock crew. They have a good ear for pop melodies as well as a strong, leather-clad attitude, and front-person Juliet carries off the role with aplomb. Good Girl / Venus is their debut single, s...view item »


We got 5 of these very limited tapes from a band known as Ovvls who are obviously taking their spelling from the Chvrches school of google friendly band names. Despite the ridiculously limited edition packaging (just 50!) Ovvls are quite a poppy proposition creating the type of grandiose pop song that sits between ...view item »

Triple Crown

Good morning Laurie, here’s some mildly abrasive semi cerebral noisy stuff to attempt to review with your addled mind. But don’t worry, it’s got beats too, and you like beats right? You’re always happy listening to snare drums and snare drums and bass drums. Maybe I just wanna listen to plaintive cello music for the rest ...view item »

Charlie Ulyatt
Dead Birds

‘Dead Birds’ is a work which reflects the psychogeography of the surroundings in which Charlie Ulyatt found himself in composing the music. The bleak, flat, featureless landscapes shaped the form in the sound of sparse, sustained electric guitar. Notes shimmer hazily, repeat melancholically and mutate stealthily. The effect is largel...view item »


This ‘errorprone’ limited edition cassette self released by the artist is the debut album from Manchester's Sanjuro77 -- but this guy is no newcomer to experimental electronic music. He’s been at it for 25 years and this album really shows he’s certainly no n...view item »

Be My Friend In Exile
Bound by an Endless Desire to Wander Down Avenues of Apathy

‘Bound by an Endless Desire to Wander Down Avenues of Apathy’ is a lovely self released CD by this self-taught musician who since 2012 has had a few CD and tape releases on various underground ambient labels; Somehow Recordings, Twice Removed, diametric. and Already Dead. Drinking from a deep pool of influences and gulping down works...view item »

Caro C
Everything Gives To Something Else

I’m tired and I fancy some beauty. I will get some here but I also leave the album feeling slightly disturbed. Let me tell you why.    Caro C is an intrepid sound explorer who has probably found her place on this album of luscious neo-classical compositions built out of piano, subtle electronics and love...view item »

Lolina (Inga Copeland)
Live In Paris

Under the moniker of Lolina, former Hype Williams provocateur Inga Copeland played a show Live In Paris, which she is now self-releasing. The set was a typically odd one, with Monopoly-related spoken vocals and abstract electronics in edition to Inga’s cutting-edg...view item »

Ocean Floor

What is it about synthesisers and space? Is it because most of them look as inoperable as a space station cockpit? Or perhaps it’s that a couple of folks back in the day decided to use synths for their early sci-fi flicks, rendering the two inseparable in people’s minds. Silly people. Well, it’s more or less a fact of l...view item »

Abbott / Buxton
Wasserfall I-IV

Do you have enough synth in your life? I think that I might, but I’m sure there’s a hole in your ears somewhere, perhaps a hole from that plug that you thought you’d cherish forever back in your hXc days, but also perhaps an electro-sized synth hole that you just can’t wait to fill. Ugh. Disgusting. Trevor Abbott ...view item »


Fold are a quartet from Leeds who mix hip-hop, funk, jazz and a teeny bit of psychedelic rock to produce a slick and confident sound. They have played gigs with and remixed the music of Public Service Broadcasting. Their self-titled debut, over its ten tracks, contemplates the importance of the life lessons not ...view item »

Jeff Stonehouse
Mariner's Willow

This self-released thing is possibly the most honest, heartfelt thing that has crossed these ears for a while. It’s an album dedicated to his mum, who passed away in April this year, and serves as a celebration of her time on Earth, the things she enjoyed and her creations, like Jeff. She loved the sea, you see, so the wandering ar...view item »


Oh God my ears. There’s some Cilla Black soundalike on in the other room so I’ve got a soft headphone against my ear in the hope that they can be saved.  The opening track here is a pleasant folk offering recorded in that modern day style of pushing the faders way into the red. Alas this ‘quiet’ music proves too dist...view item »

Pete Um

Today: be thrifty and listen to some budget pop. Pete Um follows on from a long-standing tradition of fourtrackers and indie weirdos who grabbed whatever they could and crafted the catchiest half songs. Um does it, for the most part, on shitty keyboards, singing stoically and haphazardly over farty sounds, squeaky non-melodies and sleepy beats. ...view item »

The Machismo's
Fake Live EP

The Machismo’s have decided to take on some old tunes with new recordings on this here Fake Live EP: make of that title what you will. Four of their scraggly, messy guitar tunes, including two tracks prefaced ‘Machisimo’s pay tribute to 90’s uk jungle scene’. Excellent. Sel...view item »

The Roman Empire
Return to Woody Creak

Nice self released CD by The Roman Empire. It's made up of hazy, organic folky lullabies ala the Fence label, with visits into melodic homespun bluegrass territory (with fey vocal harmonies!) It's a hard one to put me finger on as to influences but there's definitely something here for fans of Kings of Convenience & Tunng, they've got that gold...view item »

Retro Crooks
Conrad Dangerfield/ Judy Knows

Retro Crooks self release their debut single (I think). It's a CD single only release which is probably quite a rare thing in this day and age. Most singles are a 7" and download, 12" wax or a huge multi formatting bonanza. Well the Retro Crooks have half inched bits of the Arctic Monkeys and Libertines along with some twiddly Foals esque...view item »


I got slightly confused yesterday whilst listening to French band MUEROS' 'Zero' CD. Although I am easy to confuse half way into the album I was convinced I was listening to something by a completely different artist. From the indie pop despair of opening track 'Arsenic' to title track 'Zero' which wonders into dark drone realms with...view item »

Loose Talk Costs Lives
Wax & Gold

Loose Talk Costs Lives are a Leeds band who are peddling this Afrobeat-inflected indie rock that's so fashionable currently. I guess the most obvious and lazy comparison here has to be Vampire Weekend. I bet they get that a lot but whatever, they're making slightly smug indie pop with a nod to ...view item »

Sea Of Regrets

I Like Trains are leeds very own bleak pop pioneers. New single 'Sea of Regrets' is a song inspired by the environmental musings of natural scientists James Lovelock and George Monbiot and seems to touch on themes of a doomed human race. It's the first single from thier new self produced/released LP expected later this year. It's a thoughtful track...view item »

Echo Fisk
Water Sports

Echo Fisk have come termed “punk jazz”, though in reality what they’re making with ‘Water Sports’ is a freeform record in the John Zorn tradition, albeit with none of the grindcore brevity -- even if they occasionally toy with his blastbeats. On this peculiar and transient record, sax...view item »

Young Conservatives
Young Conservatives

A six track 12 inch here of hard-hitting post-hardcore that owes a lot to early Fugazi but played with the kind of brutal intensity that puts them on a par with the more aggressive end of some contemporary metal. The ironic moniker and band’s lyrics express a healthy dose of pissed-offness; pissed-offne...view item »

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