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Blessure Grave
Judged by Twelve, Carried by Six

Fuck me, this is uber-goth. Albeit executed in a brilliantly DIY manner. There's a healthy amount of stentorian tension & some odd tunings on this record. They also sound like they eat early Cure records for breakfast, these guys. I love the creepy atmospherics & the pummeling drum machine on this album as well as the spidery, caustic te...view item »

Tim Hecker
Radio Amor

A new opportunity to experience the earlier work of beloved dronester Tim Hecker with this reissue of his 2003 second album Radio Amor. This one is focused and powerful, wi...view item »

Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno
Starless & Bible Black Sabbath

Enjoying the hard life I thought I'd plumb for the new new Acid Mothers Temple CD on Alien 8. Kawabata Makoto and his merry band of drugged up psychedelic freakout children release their 900th album. This is big spaced out psyche rock for the freakout child in you. The album consists of two very long tracks which enable...view item »

Et Sans
Par Noussss Touss Les Trous De Vos Crânes!

Do those Godspeed/ Fly Pan Am people not have enough side project bands? Really... there's hundreds of 'em. Well this new one is called Et Sans and it's courtesy of Alien 8 of Canada. It features 2 members of Fly Pan Am, 1 of Shalabi Effect, 1 of Godspeed/ A Silver Mt Zion and some chap called Step...view item »


Gosh this Nadja 'Touched' LP has some super deluxe packaging...some really gorgeous photography of trees housed in a die cut and embossed card sleeve. This was originally released on CD on Alien8. Okay so it is Nadja by numbers but its a winning formula so why fix what isn't broken. It's heavy and has a great slow tempo to nod your head to. It make...view item »

Think About Life
Think About Life

THINK ABOUT LIFE have a CD out on Alien8 called err.... Think About Life. They're Canadian you know and they were around when Arcade Fire & Wolf Parade were getting popular and no one bothered with them.... So Alien8 picked them up from the RSPCA (royal society for the prevention of cruelty to artists) ...view item »

Acid Mothers Temple
Mantra Of Love

Oh joy. I've had the new Acid Mothers Temple CD sneaked into my pile by the ever canny Clint. This sprawling collective of Japanese hippies & noise terrorists, considered "freaks" by a certain bespectacled bald man I know quite well, have released 'Mantra Of love', 2 tracks of hippy drone folk bollocks that goes on & on...view item »