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Gang Gang Dance

Beloved freak outfit Gang Gang Dance return with a record for 4ad! Still with all the silly track titles you've come to love, their new one is called Kazuashita and sees them melding together ambient and shoegaze in a textural standoff that's sure to knock your socks off or at the very least slowly unravel them. Goo...view item »

The Breeders
Title TK

The Breeders took some time off from their heavy drug taking schedule to record a new album which must have made 4AD very happy. Very Very happy indeed. Engineered, recorded, produced however you want to say it by Steve (no Job is too small) Albini. The first Breeders album ...view item »

Cocteau Twins
Tiny Dynamine / Echoes In A Shallow Bay

A nice new pair of Cocteau Twins reissues from 4AD, remastered anew using the original analogue master tapes. This release combines two EPs, Tiny Dynamine and Echoes In A Shallow Bay. Originally released within two weeks of each other in 1985, it makes a lot of sense to see them presented together here on one p...view item »

Camera Obscura
Break It To You Gently

People seem to love Camera Obscura, after all there is always room in the world for another Belle and Sebastian. For some reason I’d assumed that their latest album ‘Desire Lines’ had been poorly received yet a flick around the internet reveals that ...view item »

The National
Boxer: Live In Brussels

Well, it's Boxer by the National, but live. In spite of album artwork that clearly indicates the band performing their music out at a respectable function hall, the original record was a studio undertaking. True. Now coloured in, that artwork makes true on its former lie because it's ...view item »

Hue / Nil

“Show me something that I’ve never seen / ‘Cause I’m lost and I need feeding / Give me things that I’ve never heard / ‘Cause I’m bad at seeing ahead, it’s true” croons SOHN (Englishman Christopher Taylor) on sorrowful a-side ‘Hue’. These and other croons await on ...view item »


4AD have seen fit to re release the 1st 3 Pixies LP's on vinyl (Come On Pilgrim, Surfer Rosa and Doolittle) which is a very good thing as they shouldn't have been out of print in the first place. Some of the most important records you'll ever own. I remember being utterly obsessed by Pixies and when I saw 'em live it change...view item »

The Breeders
Mountain Battles

I was quite excited about the Breeders album 'Mountain Battles' but after 11 tracks I can safely say there's nothing there which has immediately caught my attention. The opener sounds a bit like Janes Addiction which gets me off on the wrong foot. Not that I mind them but it's not what I want from a Breeders record. It's a thoroughly underwhelming ...view item »

Cocteau Twins
Stars and Topsoil - A Collection (1982-1990)

Liz Fraser’s ethereal vocals, often lyrical gobbledegook, coupled with the sparse backing from Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde (who replaced Will Heggie in 1983) made The Cocteau Twins one of the ‘80s most unique and special artists. The label had a knack back then for signing such acts. Along with Pixies...view item »

Dead Can Dance
Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance have always been one of Australia's finest alt-rock exports, approaching post-punk and goth vibes with an experimental eye: the instrumentation on their 1984 self-titled debut includes Chinese dulcimer instrument the yangqin and some paint tin percussion. Reissued in a replica of the original sleeve, by 4AD....view item »

Red House Painters
Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is the Red House Painters record that most resembles a Mark Kozelek solo record, predicting his future career a lone guitarist in Sun Kil Moon. It's personal but not in that annoyingly straight-forward way that accompanies his newest, most awful releases, instead sho...view item »

Cocteau Twins
The Pink Opaque

A nice new pair of Cocteau Twins reissues from 4AD, remastered anew using the original analogue master tapes. The Pink Opaque compiled choice cuts from the group’s early work in order to break them to the American market in 1986, and the selection of material still stands up today. Pressed to 180g vinyl....view item »

Red House Painters
Down Colourful Hill

It was the best of times, way back when Mark Kozelek was not awful to his audience and offensive to journalists; back when there was a forlorn band called Red House Painters weaving devastating lyrics in and out of slowcore threnodies. Down Colorful Hill was the very first entry into the band's canon...view item »

Red House Painters
Red House Painters / Rollercoaster

The high watermark of Mark Kozelek's career was both reminiscent of his earlier, more dour slowcore and indicative of the sombre guitar sage he'd become on early Sun Kil Moon records (before he became The Worst). Rollercoaster is a classic, a singer-songwriter record that languishes with the form in favou...view item »

Red House Painters
Red House Painters / Bridge

Of the two sorta untitled Red House Painters records, Bridge is the perennial underachiever, a record that's more subtle in places and less focused in tone. It makes for something of RHP rock record: a strangely joyous cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock" appears, as does a gloomy, pan...view item »

Johann Johannsson
IBM 1401, A User's Manual

The JOHANN JOHANNSSON album 'IBM 1401 A Users Manual' has landed in my review pile. It's a thoroughly pleasant album this one. It makes me feel all big and grown up listening to classical music. It's a pipe and slippers job man. This has huge sweeping, epic strings galore and in places is not unlike the soundtrack to a BBC wildlife do...view item »

The Breeders
All Nerve

Two amusing stories came out of the recent the Breeders interview in Uncut. One was that Kim Deal grows catnip for the cats of the other members of the band. Secondly drummer Jim Macpherson had the indignity of having Robert Pollard warn him about his drinking whilst being a member of ...view item »

Trompe Le Monde

If there was any worry that the Pixies would lose the raw energy of 'Surfa Rosa' by their 4th album, Frank Black put those worries to rest. 'Trompe Le Monde' isn't just relentless surf/punk though; "Space (I Believe In)" is a bizarre mix of prog rock and heavy metal and "Lovely Day" re-visits the feel of Doolittle classic "Hey". It may take...view item »

The Breeders
Last Splash

The Breeders first album since the departure of Tanya Donnelly who left to form Belly, opens with the slow, plodding, grungy riff of “New Year” then the song begins to rock, getting us ready for the next track - the mega indie disco floor-filling masterpiece that is “Cannonball” which is without doubt their best song. The...view item »

U.S. Girls
In A Poem Unlimited

A decade into her archeological digs into pop music as U.S. Girls, Meg Remy releases what could be considered the project’s best record -- along with its most seismic step up. ‘In A Poem Unlimited’ wants to not only present its study of pop music but encompass its history, offering ensured songs with moments that feel like they...view item »

Cocteau Twins
Head Over Heels

Head over Heels is Cocteau Twins second album and contains many of the bands great early songs such as 'Sugar Hiccup', 'The Tinderbox (of a Heart)' and 'When Mama Was Moth'. The sound of a band finding their feet in spectacular fashion. Now pressed onto 180g vinyl from the original masters their is no better time than t...view item »

Come On Pilgrim

Back in the day 'Come On Pilgrim' was the album you went to after you'd had your socks knocked off by 'Surfer Rosa' or 'Doolittle' or whichever Pixies album first took your fancy. Their debut mini LP with tracks taken almost exclusively from their demo recordings signposts a band arriving fully formed with a spiky and unusual new sound. Contains...view item »

If You Leave

Oh here we go again, another load of misery guts Londoners. My initial impression with records like this is that this is ‘sadness’ on if being sad and tortured is career move and this at its worst it sits exactly at the midpoint of Coldplay, The xx and Di...view item »


London native, producer and songwriter Sohn had already released three tracks from his debut album, Tremors. The Wheel, Bloodflows, and Lessons left those that heard them watering at the mouth with anticipation of the full-length release. Having signed to 4AD, Sohn...view item »

Doolittle 25

In celebration of its 25th anniversary (yes, 25th!) 4AD is releasing a deluxe version of the Pixies’ pivotal second studio album Doolittle. This three-CD/double vinyl package includes all the album’s B sides, Peel Sessions and demos alongside the original album for the first time ever, with nearly half of the tracks being commer...view item »

Dead Can Dance

Aion is probably the most accessible and widely enjoyed album by non-hard core Dead Can Dance fans. Released in 1990, Aion shows Dead Can Dance, the duo of Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry, exploring styles of Medieval times and the Renaissance. The production is excellent, and it ranks among DCD's best albums. Aion opens with "The Arrival and the...view item »

I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life

When the band is doing more than just wipe their windscreen, it’s kinda nice to hear them grow into their professional endgame. Merill Garbus has been growing tUnE-yArDs incrementally, moving her project’s initially jittery, noisy and no-fi aesthetic into different avenues of danceability. On ‘I Can Feel You Creep Into My Priva...view item »

The Birthday Party
Live 81-82

Historic all-boy group The Birthday Party’s only band-approved live album is back on vinyl this week. Yes, here’s ‘Live 81-82’, an album cobbled together from a London date in 1981 and a German date in ‘82 plus a night in Athens where they covered The St...view item »

The National
Trouble Will Find Me

Sixth studio album from critics’ favourite The National. Following the massive success of ‘High Violet’ and a string of festival headlining spots, ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ has got the music press and fans alike salivating. From the offset this sounds like a band that have honed the...view item »

Mojave 3
Puzzles Like You

God. After the new wave of Shoegaze, the old guard are back. Halstead & Goswell are back with a new album under the Mojave 3 banner and I'm wanting to be annoyed by it's jangly Byrdsian grooves and Lush-lite harmonies but I just can't stop tapping my feet to opener 'Truck Driving Man' You can't argue with well...view item »

Microcastle / Weird Era Cont.

Back on vinyl, this time with 'Weird Era Cont.' - a bonus album previously unavailable on the format outside of the US. This is the first time that ‘Microcastle’ and ‘Weird Era Cont.’ have been made available together on vinyl outside of the States. Arriving on double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, the artw...view item »

The Breeders
LSXX (Last Splash 20th Anniversary Edition)

If you didn't like Last Splash the first time round, then you shouldn't be allowed out on your own. Also, you won't find anything on here to change your mind. The number of people who actually need this many versions of 'Divine Hammer' and 'Cannonball' are going to be pretty limited... This made a lovely christmas present, but there's nothing on...view item »

Scott Walker & Sunn O)))

I really hoped this was going to be a load of shite. There was something so predictably laudable about the fallen angel of easy-listening pop teaming up with the group who’d helped drag underground metal into the light of critical approval that I couldn’t help willing the venture to fail miserably. The fact that the usual channels of...view item »

The Lemon Twigs
Brothers of Destruction

We got into a few arguments with customers about this lot. You love 'em, we find them intensely annoying. Anyway we're in the minority as they are doing pretty well for themselves with their brand of showmanship, music hall and proggy pop. This features an extra six tracks that weren't released on the recent 'Do Hollywood' so like 'em or lo...view item »

Dead Can Dance
The Serpents Egg

A reissue of the inimitable Dead Can Dance’s 4th studio album The Serpent’s Eggs. Their first album that was entirely recorded in their own studio, giving them complete freedom to create their unique blend of ethereal middle eastern tones, African rhythms and 80s experimentalism. One of 4AD’s biggest a...view item »

Fading Frontier

So the story goes: this is Deerhunter’s “nice” record, the one where the rock’s all radio, where Bradford Cox says it “sounds like INXS” and it’s more than just a flippant soundbyte. Kindly synths dip in and out of “Living My Life”, kindred spirits finally duet on &...view item »

Three Futures

Reina plays it out to Carragher. Now on to Alonso. Alonso to Mascherano, who then gives it to Gerrard. Gerrard … striding forward confidently. He’s in a good position. Oh, what a lovely pass! It’s through to Torres! Torres shapes to shoot... and comes through with an LP full of quietly experimental i...view item »

The National
Sleep Well Beast

Half awake, the National stumble into a new record. It might sound delicate, at points, and long may they rage -- but the dense sound and pounding heart of previous records has been all but sublimated on ‘Sleep Well Beast’, a record of muttered sleeptalk and crooked, downbeat experiments. Who would’ve thought the National would...view item »

Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James McAlister

A couple of light years ago, in my fabled adult teen years, I actually saw Sufjan, Bryce and Nico debut their Planetarium project to a crowded room most likely expecting some symphonic derivations of “Chicago”. A concerted effort to marry Sufjan’s twee anthems, Bryce’s home-away-from-home compositional tryouts an...view item »


Here’s a band on 4AD I’ve never heard of before, Indians, with a song called ‘Cakelakers’ which somewhat seasonably is reminding me a great deal of the popular Christmas carol ‘Joy To The World’. I’m genuinely uncert...view item »


A taster from Lo-Fang’s album on 4AD, Blue Film. Matthew Hemerlein is a classically trained musician who has been inspired by his travels from his home in Maryland to Cambodia and Bali. He plays all the instruments on the album leading to a rich sound taking in everything from drums to piano and cello. On 12&rdquo...view item »

Age of Anxiety

Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido Don’t ...view item »

Aldous Harding

Bloody hell she's quiet. So the opening 'Blend' is nice, then. Her voice literally pours into my ears as if someone was pouring a honey concoction into them. That voice makes me want to bite into something. Her words are sparse over fingerpicked guitar, homemade percussion and weird whistling noises. That Knock Knock Knocking on Heavens Door rif...view item »

Red House Painters
Red House Painters

I've kind of immersed myself in the Red House Painters over the last few months so I can compare this one pretty confidently to the others. I'll say that this is equal to anything they've done and possibly my favourite. If you like these guys at all, do yourself a favour and pick this one up. Call their music dream pop, indie rock, alternative -...view item »

TV On The Radio
Dear Science

I've pretty much obsessed about TV On the Radio since I first heard 'em. The 1st 2 albums were smart. I can't decide which I prefer as both have some tremendous songs on. So here's the 'difficult' third album 'Dear Science'. I was blown away by the opener.... Amazing skewed pop with some gorgeous feedbacky guitars in the background smothered in inc...view item »

Nikki Nack

I’ve never really heard nor taken any kind of interest in Tune-yards thus far, no-one else here will review it so I’m stuck with it. I was always put off by the daft capitalization that I simply just can’t be arsed with. Phil reckons her debut was a classic though and so here we are with a third effort which opens with ...view item »

The National
High Violet

Who the National are is anybody's guess, they've swooped over my radar and nestled in the international "mature" indie higher echelons with ease. They look like a bunch of old acid head dudes largely, if the unflinchingly stark portraits of them inside the sleeve are owt to go by. Musically, they play heavy-hearted anthemic American rock with so...view item »

The Lemon Twigs
Do Hollywood

Has anyone ever sat down and thought to themselves "I really want to hear a full album of Paul McCartney whimsiest moments as sung by two LA rich kids whose entire purpose in life is to be as annoying as humanly possible"? Well if you have then this album is for you. It takes the music hall t...view item »

Scott Walker
The Drift

The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore sang Scott Walker in the 60's... and this times he REALLY means it. Tackling such cheery topics as Elvis's dead twin, the execution of Mussolini and Milosevic this is a sober and brooding affair. Its theatrical doom. Sometimes a bit Jeff Buckley sometimes prete...view item »

Purity Ring

Despite the fact that Promise Ring seem to show even less range than Grimes (no shame there), the voice and the drums take similar style hallmarks in a deeper, richer, and more engrossing direction. Grimes and Purity Ring both use vocal effects, but Grimes seems to rely mainly on reverb variations, natural voice modi...view item »

Surfer Rosa

4AD have seen fit to re release the 1st 3 Pixies LP's on vinyl (Come On Pilgrim, Surfer Rosa and Doolittle) which is a very good thing as they shouldn't have been out of print in the first place. Some of the most important records you'll ever own. I remember being utterly obsessed by Pixies and when I saw 'em live it chang...view item »


This is the third proper full length attempt by Pixies, a legendary band from Boston who actually made some fucking great records back when I were a lad. Bossanova is not one of their great records. To try and follow up the triple whammy of Come On Pilgrim, Surfer Rosa and Doolittle is quite a daunting and challenging task, evident in the r...view item »

Mark Lanegan Band
Blues Funeral

I'm not sure how true it is, and it has very little to do with this album, but I remember reading a piece of music news way back in the '90s stating that Mark Lanegan punched out Liam Gallagher whilst Oasis were touring the U.S. If this is true then shouldn't we all be buying Mark Lanegan's entire catalogue of music in celebration of this great ...view item »

Iron and Wine
Ghost On Ghost

Sam Beam is a pretty consistent artist. I can’t think of any of his albums that I have thought were not worthy of a few spins. His last couple of albums, “Kiss Each Other Clean” and now “Ghost on Ghost” have marked a slight departure from his acoustic folky work and he is bringing in new elements to his work. This a...view item »


As Pitchfork and the blogosphere go crazy over this lady, is it another case of us mere mortals being  left wondering what all the fuss is really about? Opener 'Infinite Without Fulfilment' sounds EXACTLY like an R&B hit of recent vintage that I just can't place and is a really i...view item »

Art Angels

Coming after a good two years of career turmoil -- spanning the critical revelations of ‘Visions’, the egregious and unfair headlines that ensued and a follow-up album sent straight to the recycling bin -- Grimes has come out with ‘Art Angels’, a limitless pop record shaking off the weight of the world and spitting in its...view item »

Future Islands

Future Islands’ Letterman performance the other week became a sort of insta-meme sensation, and I’ve long been fond of the band so it was gratifying to see them get some widespread attention, with their gruff-voiced theatrics and soulful synthpop sound being a revelation to many. Our Clinton, however, had very different things to say...view item »

Return To The Moon

When is the National not the National? When it’s El Vy. That’s not meant to be a joke so don’t panic that you didn’t laugh. El Vy is the guy who sings with the National with another dude from (Menomena and ...view item »

Not To Disappear

I was the most cynical man in the world when it came to Daughter’s debut ‘If You Leave’. I felt it was far too scrubbed and calculated to be actually affecting. Forty five seconds into ‘New Ways’ which opens their much anticipated second album I’m starting to think I underestimated them - Elena Tonra is doing ...view item »

Camera Obscura
Desire Lines

Fifth album by Camera Obscura on 4AD, ‘Desire Lines’ sees the Glasgow band sounding more polished and fresh, this is a great pop record with a quite a grown up sound, ‘This Is Love (feels Alright)’ is a lovely slice of ...view item »

Future Islands
The Far Field

When 'Singles' came out I was officially the loneliest man in the world. Absolutely convinced that Future Islands were the worst band in existence but with the might of the press and the radio pluggers and the internet against you and even close friends and colleagues doubting your convictions it's hard to stay focussed. There were horrible mome...view item »

Methyl Ethel
Everything Is Forgotten

James Ford is in so many places that there must be more than one of him. Here he helps Perth, Australia Methyl Ethel streamline their new LP. It's certainly the sort of lively affair that is never normally associated with anything called Ethel. They do the sort of hi-impact, energetic pop music that might appeal to fans of ...view item »

John Moreland
Big Bad Luv

John Moreland has so far received word of mouth acclaim with a series of self released albums culminating in an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last year. Now he has been signed to 4AD and so will I'm sure achieve much wider recognition. 'Big Bad Luv' is a record about love, faith and the human conditio...view item »

Bing & Ruth
No Home Of The Mind

Previously on ‘(The Adventures of) Bing & Ruth’: City Lake set out minimalist ensemble blueprint manifesto, firing twinkling mini-melodies alongside jet-propelled rhythms and -- you won’t believe what happened next -- Tomorrow Was The Golden Age pushed that sound still (inwardly) further, melodram-ettes ri...view item »

Ciao! Best Of Lush

Ciao: The Best Of Lush documents the greatest moments from the indie-pop-shoegazers career in reverse chronological order. Tracks are taken from their three full albums: Spooky (1992), Split (1994) and Lovelife (1996) and their debut mini-album, Scar (1989). Originally released on CD in 2001, ...view item »


Sounding at first like if Sam Smith was a lot weirder, Sohn recently relocated from Vienna to Los Angeles (where do they get the money for such jetsetting?) for his second full length album but it still has an icy cold and at times harsh feel. The voice is a relatively straightforward take on Brit School soul...view item »

Head Carrier

It probably would have been better had these last two ‘Pixies’ albums come out under a completely different moniker then at least their legacy as one of the greatest and most innovative rock bands on the planet would not be as tarnished. Here on their second 'comeback' LP they play a form of reasonable alt rock that had it come ...view item »

Dead Can Dance
Garden of Arcane Delights / The John Peel Sessions

The one and only EP ever produced by Dead Can Dance, Garden Of Arcane Delights, gets a repressing on 4AD. The hard-to-define Australians sound plenty dark and ethereal on this 1984 release, one of their earliest. And to give you more Dead Can bang for your buck, this reissue also includes two Peel S...view item »

D.D Dumbo
Utopia Defeated

Can music get any more ridiculous? Half way through the opening track here 'Utopia' there's a moment which will surely be familiar to any fans of Spinal Tap's 'Stonehenge' as the music halts and the band lurch into some kind of Irish jig. The remainder of the tune takes it's inspiration from ...view item »

Tim Hecker
Love Streams

Here he is. The man of the hour, the one who said a nervous ‘hi’ to me at Belgrave before disappearing behind a thick wall of dry ice. The one who loves streams so much that there isn’t a stream for this in sight. The one who silently accepts that one of the 4AD fools (citation needed) has ruined the surprise by letting the who...view item »

Cocteau Twins
Blue Bell Knoll

Released in 1988, ‘Blue Bell Knoll’ is the Cocteau Twins’ fifth studio album.  A beautiful record that showed the band’s continued maturity, it also included one of their most enduring songs, ‘Carolyn’s Fingers’. Now re-issued on heavyweight black vinyl and are being cut from brand-new HD ...view item »

Holly Herndon

Holly Herndon has generated a considerable buzz since she released ‘Movement’ on RVNG intl. in 2012. Her music seems to straddle progressive electronica, contemporary pop and avant garde composition; all bundled together with a hefty conceptual dose of technological evangelism. Describing ‘Platform’ is her ‘paradisi...view item »

David Byrne / St Vincent
Love This Giant

What is this unholy pairing? I have to admit to be kinda surprised these two were collaborating to make an album and I was equally fascinated by the chin mangled artwork. I feel bizarrely transfixed by David Byrne’s bumchin which has kept...view item »

With Love

At last. When embarking on a reviewing marathon, it’s a challenge enough to try find a record you actually like. Phil has just wandered over with the new Zomby record. It’s a double album, 33 tracks and I have...what? 30 minutes to dissect it and tell you all about it. Luckily, my job has been made...view item »


It’s been a strong morning today. First I had the delights of the new Still Corners and Georgiana Starlington LPs to review, and now the new Deerhunter has turned up! Thi...view item »

Somewhere Else

I was curling my top lip out five minutes ago in frustration, trying to think who the second track here reminded me of. It was then that the dreadful image of Peter Cetera singing a ballad by Foreigner came floating sinisterly into the vacuous and hideously-lit main arena of my mind and I realised this is where the post-...view item »

Scott Walker
Bish Bosch

Experimental pop godfather and widely acknowledged “godlike genius” Scott Walker is back with only his fourth proper solo album since the Walker Brothers disbanded in 1978, and first in six years. I’m afraid that I&rs...view item »

St. Vincent
Strange Mercy

I don't know about you but I don't trust anyone with curly hair. From Leo Sayer to Malcolm McLaren, you have to give them a very, very wide berth. St Vincent is a lady from New York who once toured with Sufjan Stevens, a man I had a bizarre dream about last night where he turned out to...view item »

Atlas sound

Ryan Adams recently commented that he felt his career had been derailed by the sheer number of records he shoved out.  People couldn't keep up and so lost interest. Some may argue that many of them were terrible and that Adams has often behaved like an egotistical clown but he has a p...view item »

w h o k i l l

Who the hell IS this Woman? I really enjoyed bits of her last record and was especially impressed by the accompanying DVD which gave the general public a revealing glimpse into her innovative recording, looping & layering techniques. Accompanied by just one fellow equipment manipulator she sculpted an astonishingly vibrant sound-world from o...view item »

Atlas sound

I passed on the last Atlas Sound LP even though I really like Deerhunter, it just didn't quite do it for me the way some of Brad the lad's other stuff does. Logos is his new one under this name and I'm sure he's probably accidentally leaked this album and the next three on his blog by now so I'm sure I won't be telling you anything you don't alread...view item »

Blonde Redhead
Penny Sparkle

Feel privileged to be reviewing the new album by these NY pop classicists. Once unfairly derided as some sort of Sonic Youth hanger-on/rip-off outfit, they've gradually metamorphosed over the past 15 years into a fine atmospheric progressive pop band, albeit one with left-field aspirations & integrity. I missed their last album, heard a coup...view item »

Halcyon Digest

Deerhunter can't do too much wrong can they? Well 'Microcastle' was a bit of a disappointment after the majesty of their breakthrough monster 'Cryptograms' and its equally stunning follow up 'Fluorecent Grey' but they were back on track with the more recent releases leading up to this, probably their most anticipated album. Its starts slowly wit...view item »

The Birthday Party

Well it’s good to see this back on vinyl! This deluxe reissue not only has the entire LP but also a bonus 7” and a CD with all the tracks from both records. Nice! It probably doesn’t need a lot of introducing but I’ll jump at an opportunity to say some nice things ...view item »

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Before Today

I've not really heard a huge amount of Ariel Pink's output but on staff recommendation I took the promo home for a little listen and was pretty much blown away, especially by the single 'Round & Round' and late night electro drifter 'Fright Night (nevermore)'. Now i've got a bunch of catching up to do!!! Damn! Anyway, so this is Haunted Graf...view item »

Dead Can Dance
Within The Realm Of a Dying Sun

This is music for the soul-satisfying moments that find my feasting eyes reading by candlelight in a dark and breezy room. The mixture of Celtic, African, Middle Eastern, and other musical traditions always makes Dead Can Dance a great bet for a very good album. Brendan Perry's voice has somewhat of the tone or sound of Tony Bennett, Dean Martin...view item »


Let’s take it back to the world of 90’s indie rock with this reissue of Belly’s debut album. Star is what happened after Tanya Donelly split from Breeders and ...view item »

Dark Was The Night

Just landed is a 2CD and 3LP compilation on 4AD entitled 'Dark Was The Night' and it's a release to raise funds for The Red Hot Organization which is a charity that is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for HIV and AIDS. The artists on there all provide exclusive material which will get some of you salivating. Peep the cast list: Antony, Arca...view item »

The Breeders

Pod was so refreshing when it came out in 1990. For those of us who loved Kim Deal's contributions to the Pixies this was a whole album of the stuff and waaay superior to Pixies lacklustre Bossanova of the same year. Pod was more leftfield, more spindly and taut than anything they did later and if it sounds a bit like Slint at t...view item »

Dead Can Dance
Into The Labyrinth

Into The Labyrinth was the sixth album by Dead Can Dance. Released in 1993 it was also one of their most commercially successful outings. The Australian duo of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard wrote their songs separately highlighting their individuality for the first time. The album is a...view item »

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