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The Weed Tree

Here's an Espers album. I was a bit late to pick up on the debut album which is a true psyche folk classic but I got there in the end. This album is a mixed bag of covers and odds and sods. Expect covers by Durutti Column, Nico, Michael Hurley, Blue Oyster Cult as well as 2 traditional folk songs and one new Espers track. They have their own sound-...view item »

Paul Metzger
The Uses of Infinity

The power of one a single man and a 23 string Banjo should never be underestimated and Mister Metzger is a testament to that. Here he takes us on a forty minute journey through the cosmos using the instrument way beyond our expectations of its limits. He plucks away through tone scales like a real demon moving from tender and sensitive fingering...view item »

Ethan Rose
Ceiling Songs

 Locust records bring us a record by Ethan Rose. This is truly lovely. It's comprised of warm organic found     sounds, broken music boxes , dodgy piano rolls, papers scratching. It reminds me a bit of some of Jim O'Rourke's more left field stuff and also of a more organic Fennesz. The sou...view item »

Cast King
Saw Mill Man

Starting with an LP by Cast King. A very old man it has to be said. He is 79 and this is his debut album......this makes me feel much better of lots of things. Anyway this sounds very much like an even more wizened Johnny Cash. Dark stories from rural America. Will appeal to fans of Harry Smith, Doc Boggs etc....view item »

Lau Nau

Over to Finland now courtesy of Locust Music. They've released a fine LP/CD by Lau Nau called 'Nukkuu' which is Finnish for 'Sleeps' (something I just don't get enough of though I have found myself having little daytime naps at the weekend now). It must be something in the water in Finland as the folk that comes from there is proper wonky. This wom...view item »

Sir Richard Bishop
While My Guitar Violently Bleeds

Sir Richard Bishop of thee Sun City Girls has his new album out this week. Actually it did launch (my new word) sometime back on CD but now the vinyl is in we'll say it's out proper now. 'While My Guitar Gently Bleeds' is a complex album to review properly but as we only do 2-3 line snippets (more review-ettes really) then I'll proceed before I was...view item »

Starless & Bible Black
Starless & Bible Black

I'm currently listening to (and thoroughly enjoying) the debut STARLESS & BIBLE BLACK CD on Locust Music. Locust tend to do some pretty out there stuff, but this album by said bunch (from Manchester we think) is a more accessible pretty folky thing. The 1st track starts it off badly for me as it's like a hoary old 70's ...view item »

Josephine Foster
A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Classic renditions of German poems that have been previously released and (as some of you may have noticed) have sold out on all platforms....until now! This is a remaster of A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing sung by Josephine Foster with brand spanking new artwork. But act fast because this is limited to 1000 copies and will ...view item »