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Milk Kan
The Glitch Country EP

I wasn't expecting to see a reference to witch house in a press release in 2018, but hey what can you do. The Glitch Country EP is the first physical release from Milk Kan since 2011 and as it's name suggests, offers up a short meal of improbable fusions. Glitch and country, drill and witch house. ...view item »

Brix & The Extricated
Moonrise Kingdom

With the Fall seemingly on their last legs maybe there is a place for the more nostalgic sound of Brix and the Extricated in 2017. Originating as a 'tribute' to the 80's wallop of the Fall, Brix Smith and Co are soon to release their debut album of originals (and the odd the Fall re-work). Ahead of that though is this 7" which c...view item »

Sterling Roswell
Atom Brain Monster – Rock!

Look at that title...'Atom Brain Monster - Rock!'. Just look at the word 'Rock!'. This is the latest missive from former Spacemen 3 traveller Sterling Roswell. It's swampy, fuzzy rock and roll that seems to be a comment on a certain British leader who allegedly has a fondness for a type of snorting mammal.    ...view item »

Brix & The Extricated
Damned For Eternity

‘Brix vehemently spits out her lyrics’ is how Brix Smith-Start the lead singer of Brix & The Extricated is described on this the first official new release entitled Damned For Eternity. Pretty much a supergroup of renowned ex the Fall musicians, this record is a great piece to listen to ...view item »

Brix & The Extricated
Something To Lose / Faced By Time

Excitement for long running the Fall fans with this limited 7" of demo material from Brix Smith-Start's spin off project Brix and the Extricated. Initially formed to play the sort of material Mr Smith & co have long left behind they soon started writing their own songs and have an album coming out later this year. Also featu...view item »

Sterling Roswell
Give Peace Another Chance (Remixes)

Sterling Roswell (The Darkside, Ex-Spacemen 3) takes his track Give Peace Another Chance from his 2014 album The Call Of The Cosmos and puts it in the hands of electronic producers Max 2Ksub, Martin Lefteri, and Tim Sheridan. B...view item »

Tav Falco
The Drone Ranger / Tram

Tav Falco is best known as the founder of the Memphis band Panther Burns, but here he turns out two tracks of solo surrealism. That said, former Panther Burns member (and current Bad Seed / Grinderman) Jim Sclavunos also helps out on one track. ...view item »

Alarm Bells

Based in Liverpool and made up of school friends Luke, Ollie and Irishman Villy, Alarm Bells is the latest release from Sheepy. Having started to gain some high profile national recognition the indie-rock trio decided to give us a twelve-track record that combines experimental-pop...view item »

Thee Cee Cees
Solution Songs

Thee Cee Cees do that rare thing of explicitly positioning themselves as a political group. So here, with Solution Songs, we have 11 tracks that take on the political status quo with anger, vigour, and old-school rhythm’n’blues. Featuring members of The Bluetones and Joe Strummer...view item »

Malcolm Kaksois
Sexy Dentist/ Heartbreak Hotelli

Here's the debut 7" by Malcolm Kaksois which is the most ridiculous tale of a guy who fancies his dentist. He likes the way she drills... he eats toffees so he can go back to see her and she can fix his unrequited love infested tooth cave. There's an enormous whiff of Half Man Half Biscuit about this and it's an absolute joy from start to end ...view item »

Dan Edelstyn and The Orchestra Of Cardboard
Germans In Space

Now then, Dan Edelstyn & The Cardboard Orchestra and their 'Germans In Space' 7". You may or may not be surprised to hear that this is a reasonably dodgy 'comedy indie' record that in sound terms reminds me a bit of such late 90s post-Beck dross as Bran Van 3000. I bet Jo Whiley's probably got one of these at home....view item »

Sheepy / Lucy’s Diary

It’s always nice when labels pay attention to the inherent symmetry of split singles. Here, the Blang label fill each side of this 7” with a quick burst of pop-punk, one male vocalled, one female vocalled, both contemplating relationships and that. Sheepy and Lucy’s Diary both do a great job, n...view item »

Sergeant Buzfuz
Balloons For Thin Linda

Sergeant Buzfuz return with an intriguingly promising new seven piece line-up comprising of Willie Barr, Ian Button (Death In Vegas, Wreckless Eric, Go-Kart Mozart, Darren Hayman), Joss Cope (Julian Cope, Weather Prophets), Stu Crane, Polly MacLean, Eilish McCracken (Rose McDowell) and Joe Murphy. ‘Balloons For Thin Linda’ is Sergean...view item »

Corporal Machine And The Bombers
Richard Feaver In Goal

One in and gone! Corporal Machine And The Bombers first and last hit 'Richard Feaver In Goal' scores! Sadly it also marks the band's hiatus before splitting up. Essex finest sons Euan, Matt, David, Liam, Tony, Sean’s street punk is now available on vinyl! And it even manages to capture some of the raw, scruf...view item »

David Cronenberg's Wife

I don't like David Cronenberg's Wife as a band cunjures up images of other rubbish band names I have seen like Sean Beans Legpit or Rumpleforskin (Actually I like that one!). The new LP retains the Fall-esque sound of their other releases, rambling stream of-conscious vocals, tight musicianship and "humourous" lyrics. The first track is...view item »

David Cronenberg's Wife
Bluebeard’s Rooms

Not content with flooring me with their last single, David Cronenberg's Wife continue to conjure up the affectionate memories we all have for the John Peel show by being witty, twangy, additively catchy & resolutely old school in their vision of 21st century indie. Their debut album is here, 'Bluebeard's Rooms' and its blend of ramshackle, chimin...view item »

Filthy Pedro
Rock 'n Roll Points/ History Lover

Filthy Pedro have a 7" out called Rock N Roll Points which is chirpy old style indie which reminds me a bit of Camper Van Beethoven. That kind of thing. Not bad at all...... On Blang Records....view item »

Milk Kan
God With An Ipod/ Prozac Blues

Milk Kan have a 7" out on Blang. Normally a label to be trusted, what with top releases by David Cronenburg's Wife and that top single by Malcolm Kaksois. 'God with An Ipod' is as daft as it sounds. It's also as annoying as it sounds. It's unbelievably chirpy and cheeky and it's one of those novelty records you'll possibly enjoy on 1st listen ...view item »

Sergeant Buzfuz
Here Come The Popes Part 3/Dentist To The Stars

Sergeant Buzfuz are a much more trad indie affair. 'Here Comes the Popes (pt3)' is somewhere between Dexy's, I Ludicrous & Hefner, lolloping bass, a kind of baggy back beat jiving with some perky strings and some arch witty yelping lyricism from the bloke on the mic. It's a pretty unfashionable record, the sort I just wish people would make a l...view item »

David Cronenberg's Wife
I Couldn't Get Off/ My Date With Jenna Bush

Band name of the week goes to David Cronenberg's Wife with their shambling debut I Couldn't Get off/ My Date With Jenna Bush. This is fun. Extremely Fall-esque sounding wonky lazy sounding indie which brought a smile to my face. That's something which doesn't happen too much anymore. Excellent stuff....view item »

Dexter Bentley
Killer Kane/Swansong

Dexter Bentley has a 7" out on Blang which is a great little melodic number with wonderful harmonies, a strummy stroll down memory lane called 'Killer Kane'. It's got that old fashioned classic radio hit all over it with impassioned campfire folk vocals, rustic acoustic guitar and a foot stomping spirit. I'd like to think he looks like David e...view item »

David Cronenberg's Wife
My Best Friend’s Going Out With A Girl I Like/Altair Voyager

Even on first listen i'm totally digging this 7" by David Cronenberg's Wife. It's a cyclic, twangy piece of wax called 'My Best Friend's Going Out With A Girl I Like' which recalls The Flaming Stars, Bailter Space & maybe old London bands like Breed. There's a bit of a Velvets/Spacemen 3 feel to the atmospherics, the lyrics are a monotonou...view item »

Milk Kan
Here Ya Come Again &; Again

Got a bit of an oddity here from Milk Kan featuring Dolly 'Boobies' Parton. This has got me remembering the KLF collaberating with Tammy Winnit. This is like Just Jack with the sample of said country lovely. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? I can imagine a load of pissed up karaoke fiend...view item »