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Jim O'Rourke

Jim O'Rourke is a man of many talents that's for sure. Not only was he a prominent member of the later incarnations of Sonic Youth and the primary music consultant in Richard Linklater's 'School of Rock', he's released hundreds of avant-garde albums and plenty of excellent pop records too. 'Eureka' not only boasts a hilarious sleeve, it's got a league of charming and humorous tracks which vary from orchestrated pop to lounge and indie. You'll also find a pair of Burt Bacharach and Ivor Cutler covers.
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Joanna Newsom

Remember the hype on this? Everyone and their dog proclaiming it to be Album of All Time before it was even released. What do you all think now? Probably that it's ok, that it goes on a bit or that Van Dyke Parks arrangements are as beautiful as they were on first listen. Or maybe you love it like your only child. It's certainly an ambitious work, harps topped off with a squeaky door on tunes that wander thither, hither. If nothing else it still is a unique piece of music.   

Box of Chocolates
Fearful Symmetry

A re-issue of Fearful Symmetry from Box Of Chocolates, a band formed largely through circumstance while living together in Brooklyn at the end of the Eighties. Including some future stars of indie like Brute Rake, Mickey Hawaii and Wayne Oliphant, Drag City tool it up with new artwork and a handful of new and rare tracks. 

Lama Lobsang Palden & Jim Becker

Compassion is the beautiful but unlikely result of a collaboration between veteran Chicago-based guitarist Jim Becker and energy healer Lama Lobsang Palden. Arising from a healing session that Becker sought out nearly ten years ago, the various chants, bells and percussion used in the therapy are resolved to make something deeply evocative. 

A River Ain't Too Much To Love

A River Ain't Too Much To Love was the eleventh and final album Bill Callahan released under the name Smog. It was also the first in three albums not to be release with parentheses around the name. Make of that what you will. Anyway it shows him further refining his increasingly distinguished song craft adding in piano and violin textures to add further melancholy to the the words spouted by that rich chocolate voice of his.  

Jim Woerhle & Michael Yonkers
Borders of My Mind

Michael Yonkers recorded an album way back in 1968 which passed by unnoticed until it was released again a decade ago and he finally got the acclaim that he so richly deserved. This is another of his earlier pieces, showing the folksy heart of the man along with his friend and co-musician Jim Woerhle. Recorded on one mike in a living room, you can even pick up the telephone ringing in the background. Lo fi folk loveliness. Vinyl.
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Jim O'Rourke
Bad Timing

A classic from the infinitely capable Jim O’Rourke, treating the listener to four ten-ish minute guitar-led instrumentals, the guitar augmented with various other sounds. For all the noise-making found elsewhere in O’Rourke’s career, he certainly has a way with a melody, and each of these tracks leisurely explore the space around one. I’ve listened to Bad Timing many times, and suggest you do the same.

BBC Radio 1

Om are a heavy metal band who were formed as a duo by Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius from stoner metalers, Sleep. Hakius has since left the band. They have expanded to a trio with the addition of Emil Amos and Tyler Trotter. BBC Radio 1 is a session they recorded at the legendary Maida Vale studios in spring 2019. Among the four tracks are the OM classics Gethsemine and State Of No Return.
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The Doctor Came At Dawn

If you don’t have a bit of Bill Callahan in your life then you’re not really doing music right. Arguably the pre-eminent American singer-songwriter of the past couple of decades, Callahan did a lot of his best work under the name of Smog. The fifth Smog LP, 1996’s The Doctor Came At Dawn, is a masterful example of Callahan’s quiet power, all lamp-lit acoustic guitar and portentous musing. The Doctor Came At Dawn was crafted with the help of his sometime collaborator Cynthia Dall.
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Sir Richard Bishop
Oneiric Formulary

The lofty American guitarist and experimentalist Sir Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls, Rangda et al.) or Sir Rick to his friends, returns after fives years of travel and exploration with Oneiric Formulary. It is his first album since the rather brilliant Tangier Sessions. His last two albums have been based around specific themes. Here the theme is much looser as he creates a collection of dream states, using different instruments on every track, drawing on different sounds from around the world.

Bill Nace

Bill Nace has been a collaborator with a list of people as long as your arm. Artists such as Thurston Moore, Chris Corsano and is half of Body/Head alongside Kim Gordon to name but a few. But other than a few obscure cassettes, he has yet to produce a solo work of note. This is all set to change with Both which showcases his improvisation-heavy guitar skills and ability to make big noise out of little equipment. 
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No Age
Goons Be Gone

Their second album for Drag City and their sixth overall, Los Angeles noise-rock duo No Age present possibly their most luxuriantly loud album yet. Harking back to the EPs that first made their name at the end of the Noughties, Goons Be Gone gleefully piles self-recorded samples and basic, noisy riffs on top of one another. 

Silver Jews
American Water

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No Trend
Too Many Humans / Teen Love

No Trend were a notorious collective out of Maryland who set about baiting the left-leaning do-gooding hardcore punk communities of the early '80s with a surreal and hostile sound that nevertheless saw them support the likes of Sonic Youth and the Flaming Lips. Drag City has put together this lavish box set of all of their recorded work and early demos complete with photos, flyers and other detritus from the time. 

Masaki Batoh
Smile Jesus Loves YOU

Smile Jesus Loves YOU is the fifth solo album by Japanese musician Masaki Batoh, formerly of psychedelic rock band Ghost and The Silence. It’s his second album in two years following a seven year period which saw him concentrating on his band The Silence. This album sees Batoh playing guitars, mellotron and shenai and is backed with sax, flute, piano, lap steel, bass and drums. Every note is played by human hands and is recorded to tape. 

Ty Segall
First Taste

Perhaps they should have got someone who knows about Ty Segall to write about 'First Taste', but no, it's me. Lead single 'Taste' sounds like what I think Segall sounds like, catchy fuzzy guitars accompanied by catchy fuzzy vocals. The album even features some dual drumming with Mr. Segall bashing away on one of the drums. Very enticing!

Bill Callahan
Gold Record

Knaresborough-raised troubadour Bill Callahan returns with Gold Record  - an album made whilst he was preparing to tour his previous album Shepherd In A Sheep's Vest. A lot of the album is culled from tracks he'd written over the years for other artists to sing  - all recorded on the hoof in an intuitive and creative burst with some good friends helping flesh the sounds around that rich, warm baritone.  

Joanna Newsom

Indies of the world delight! A new record from the unique Joanna Newsom! Five years on from Have One On Me, Divers continues her life-long mission of creating immaculately arranged songs, each seemingly containing a universe. Divers is available from Drag City on diverse formats: double LP, CD, or cassette.

Silver Jews
The Natural Bridge

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Jackie Lynn

Jackie Lynn is a band made up of Cooper Crain, Rob Frye and Dan Quinlivan of Bitchin Bajas and Haley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux. Their self-titled debut album from 2016 promised much, with the electronics of Bitchin Bajas melding with the song-orientated approach by Haley Fohr. Everything had seeming gone quiet, but now they return with a second album, Jacqueline. Lead single Casino Queen takes the electronics of the first album and injects them with a blast of steroids for a pumped up motorik sound.  

Bill Callahan
Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest

Guess what? Bill Callahan got married....and fathered a child. Lovely news but what it has meant is that Bill's music has taken a back seat in recent years to the rigours and glories of family life. He's more that made up for it though with this 20 track album of new material. Don't panic though, not an endless double album these are short, sharp compositions exemplifying his songwriting talents.         

David Berman
Actual Air

The world lost a beautiful talent on 7th August 2019 when David Berman sadly passed away. He was best known for being the only constant member of Silver Jews. His last record was under the name Purple Mountains, released just a month before his death. Alongside his music, he wrote poetry. His book of poems, Actual Air, was first published in 1999 and in hardback in 2003. Here we have a new hardcover edition which features new artwork, larger typeface and is bigger in size overall. 

Purple Mountains
Purple Mountains

Here it is then. Purple Mountains. The new name for David Berman. The new name for Silver Jews. We were promised hand crafted country rock full of wit and wisdom and and that's exactly what we got. It's rare a late career album builds so thoughtfully on a musical legacy. From 'Magaritas at the Mall' to 'I Loved Being My Mother's Son', 'Purple Mountains' is an instant classic.

Silver Jews
Tanglewood Numbers

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Sean O'Hagan
Radum Calls, Radum Calls

The lead singer of The High Llamas and a regular member of Stereolab, Sean O’Hagan is one of these islands’ most formidable avant-pop musicians. But it’s been a whole 29 years between his two solo albums, with Radum Calls, Radum Calls appearing on Drag City. Full of intriguing collaborations and O’Hagan’s typically understated, sideways lyrics, it’s great to have him back! 

Joanna Newsom
The Milk-Eyed Mender

This was the time we first heard Joanna Newsom. It was one of those moments where you hear something so original you aren't sure whether to cover your ears or bounce around the room proclaiming a new genius in town. Her's were wandering songs of a distinctly folky tone but played on the most exquisite harp playing of all time. Then she sang, a sort of high-pitched child-like squeak that wandered over the songs like a dog's squeaky toy in search of a resting place. Lovely though.  

Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas

Natural Information Society are a group headed by improvising bass and Gnawan lute player Joshua Abrams, and Bitchin Bajas are vintage electronics fans. They've teamed up here for this record, and Autoimaginary is an exciting trip through wild jazz, four-four electronics, and eclectic groove music. LP or cassette on Drag City.

Six Organs of Admittance
Companion Rises

Guitarist Ben Chasny returns with a new Six Organs Of Admittance album, Companion Rises. It his first since 2017’s Burning The Threshold in what is a well populated back catalogue. The album develops on the groove he created on tracks such as Taken By Ascent from Burning The Threshold. It also sees Chasny reverting back to analogue lo-fi recording techniques of his earlier work.

The Weed Tree

The Weed Tree was the second Espers album which featured several covers by the likes of Nico, Blue Oyster Cult and Michael Hurley as well as some interpretations of traditional tracks. It was a grab bag assortment from the psych/folk band who had released their hugely acclaimed debut album the previous year. Now re-issued on Drag City.  


While they quietly disbanded in 2009, American psychedelic folk act Espers have enjoyed a cult reputation ever since, with new fans continuing to enjoy the beguiling melodies and textures created by core duo Meg Baird and Greg Weeks. Drag City now re-issues their excellent 2004 self-titled debut album. 

Ben Chasny
The Hexadic System

Intriguing and unusual new ‘release’ from Ben Chasny of Six Organs Of Admittance fame. The Hexadic System is a book, detailing a mystical-sounding new approach to compositional craft that involves use of a deck of cards. An excellent way to rouse yourself from creative torpor, or to acquire an insight into the mind of Chasny.

John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch
John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch (Original Soundtrack from the Netflix Special)

At the end of 2019 a special children’s show appeared on Netflix called John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch. It was written and created by 6ft tall, 38 year-old comedian John Mulaney with producer and writer Marika Sawyer. Shows such as Sesame Street served as the inspiration. Here we have original soundtrack recording, released through Drag City.


Hamerkop is a duo made up of New Zealander Annabel Alpers, known for being in the group Bachelorette and Adam Cooke, a drummer and studio engineer from Baltimore who has worked with Beach House, Wye Oak and Future Islands. Remote is a collection of songs, made from field recordings, synths and tight, minimal drumming, about the mundanity of life that are put together so well they become incredibly engaging. Swooning and cosy all at once.  

Eiko Ishibashi
The Dream My Bones Dream

Eiko Ishibashi is a remarkable artist, somehow equally at home singing heartfelt, delicate lounge-jazz pop music and collaborating free-improv style with Darin Gray and, er, Merzbow. The Dream My Bones Dream is a songs record, though it is rich with details of instrumentation and texture. Jim O’Rourke fans should know that Eiko’s playing is all over his recent work, and he returned the favour by mixing this. On Drag City.

Jessica Pratt
On Your Own Love Again

On Your Own Love Again is Jessica Pratt’s second album following her 2012 debut. It offers dreamy, subtle, folk melodies punctuated by Pratt’s beautiful, childlike voice which almost has a Bob Dylan lilt to it. It beautifully chimes along with American folk from the 1960s. A charming record to get lost with on a Sunday morning.

Silver Jews
Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

Ah...well we thought this might be back in stock this week. Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea was the final Silver Jews album before David Berman disbanded the group for the unusual reason that his musical output could never undo the damage his dad (a corporate lawyer) had done to the world. It's probably the Jews most polished record and sees Berman's distinctive baritone sitting on top of lush country-ish arrangements. Album highlight San Francisco DC is a hilarious seven minute narrative that is not to be missed.  

Xylouris White
The Sisypheans

Australian drummer Jim White and and Cretan laouto player George Xylouris have known each other since the early ‘90s when Jim White played in Dirty Three with the Bad Seeds Warren Ellis. They have collaborated several times before. The Sisypheans is the duo’s fourth album, the concept of which came from conversations the pair have had over the past 5 years.

Russ Waterhouse
1 Minute 2 Midnight

1 Minute 2 Midnight is the second solo album by Russ Waterhouse. Waterhouse was one half of the experimental duo Blues Control who are currently on indefinite hiatus. Here, Waterhouse finds his inspiration at the scene of a historic chemical spill in the city of Hopewell, Virginia, expressing himself through tense electronics, field recordings and a caustic guitar finale.
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Bill MacKay & Katinka Kleijn

New album from Chicago resident and serial collaborator Bill Mackay alongside cellist Katinka Kleijn. Here the duo use the Hermann Hesse’s novel Steppenwolf as a basis for a series of sketches that draw from the worlds of chamber music, jazz, folk and avant-garde. Expect an inquisitive, exploratory and improvisational work from these curious musical pals.   

Purple Mountains
All My Happiness is Gone

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U.S. Maple

Twenty years has passed since the release of Talker, the third studio album by noise rock experts U.S. Maple. It was recorded by Swans Michael Gira (who knows a bit about noise himself) and showcased a darker, more sparse sound for the band. It may all have been left in the annals of 90s underground if it weren't for this re-press by Drag City which includes all the original bits of stuff that was in the original version.    

Eiko Ishibashi
Car and Freezer

Infectious Japanese piano driven indie-pop from Eiko Ishibashi. Car and Freezer is brimming with catchy hooks and generous harmonies. The arrangements and instrumentation exemplify Eiko's influences, spanning decades of pop, indie, folk and roots music from east and west. There are also plenty of collaborations, which brings a level of diversity to the record. Vinyl LP out on Drag City.

Knock Knock

Knock Knock. Who is there? Bill. Bill who? Bill from Knaresborough....the Smog guy. Ah. That terrible sleeve adorns a work of rich majesty that now enjoys a 20th anniversary re-issue. Smog's previous album Red Apple Falls showcased the singer using ever more adventurous recording techniques and actual singing to showcase his rich brown autumnal songs. Knock Knock is a beaut. He's the Leonard Cohen of the '90s and a ladies man to match.  

Alasdair Roberts
The Fiery Margin

The Fiery Margin is the 13th solo album by Scottish folkie, Alasdair Roberts. Roberts has been known to mix traditional songs with originals. Here, on this collection of original material, he takes his inspiration from songs, performance and thoughts from the last 2000 years or so. It’s fair to say it’s a well researched record.  

The Silence
Metaphysical Feedback

Enjoy the Silence. Mind you, a shared interest in all things quiet is really where the similarities between Depeche Mode and this Tokyo-based quartet end. The ambitious psychedelia, Krautrock and free music of the Silence's fourth LP 'Metaphysical Feedback' pretty much couldn’t be further from the slick grooves of Fletcher, Gahan et al. Can and Neu! are the obvious touchstones here.


The first album in two years from West Coast psych outfit Wand and for this they've added two new members which has brought about a much more democratic songwriting process than before. The album was borne out of improvisational sessions which yielded dense and wildly chromatic music, pushing the envelope of their previous psych fuzz sound.  

The Red Krayola
Amor And Language

Experimental and psychedelic rock band, The Red Krayola were formed in Texas in 1966 by singer, guitarist and visual artist, Mayo Thompson. Their career has spanned five decades, always operating under the radar. Amor and Language was originally released in 1995 by Drag City during the band's most prolific period.

Chris Gantry

Check it out, someone found a new way to refer to Nashville in their album title: Nashlantis! Amazing. Nashlantis belongs to veteran country songwriter Chris Gantry, who here treats us to the benefit of his five decades of rich experience. He gets respect from the new guard too, with guest vocals from Edith Frost and big Bill Callahan on here. Out on Drag City.

Major Stars
Roots of Confusion Seeds of Joy

Arriving much quicker than normal between your average Major Stars albums, Roots of Confusion Seeds of Joy finds the Massachusetts sextet in fertile creative form. New vocalist Noell Dorsey adds harmonic elements to the mix, while their typical formation of three guitars up-front in the mix remains. 

Papa M
A Broke Moon Rises

The main morsel of information to glean from the press release is that David Pajo's son is at least 29 years old.  Dad meanwhile after having thrown it all out there with the cathartic 'Highway Songs' returns to a more acoustic based sound using layers of guitars to build up his affecting compositions. This could be very lovely indeed. 

Ty Segall
Fried Shallots

Being a non Ty Segall fan I am currently saving a whopping £58 per year not buying his endless stream of records. Someone please tell Martin Lewis. However this new 6 track EP from the garage rock rackateer gives its profits to the American Civil Liberties Union -  a charity protecting the civil liberties of people living in a country dictated to by an orange clown. 

Ambarchi / O'Malley / Dunn
Shade Themes From Kairos

Imagine if there was apocalypse right now and the only people left on earth were Oren Ambarch and Stephen O'Malley, and they had to repopulate the world with guitar drones. That's what happens in 'Themes From Kairos', more or less, with the two drone merchants on the bill scoring Randall Dunn's film. The two artists make an evocative soundtrack of guitar, loops and analogue synth. 

Laughing Matter

L.A.’s psychedelic rock sons, Wand, return with their 5th album, Laughing Matter. Despite the Ty Segall connections (Evan Burrows and Corey Hanson played in Segall’s backing band The Muggers), They seem to be moving away from a fuzzed-out rock sound to more contemplative Radiohead-ish territory. Plenty of experimentation going on, so all is good. 

Mike Donovan
Exurbian Quonset

Right so here’s the thing - since Tyga released his smash hit ‘Rack City’ back 2011, whenever this particular Norman Records™ poundo’flesh comes across an LP released on Drag City he immediately starts singing the song in his head. This is unfortunate not because he doesn’t care for ‘Rack City’ (au contraire), but more because he now finds it hard to take anything released on the esteemed indie-rock imprint seriously. For instance, how about Mike Donovan’s third solo LP Exurbian Quonset. It’s an album of excellent leftfield garage-fuzz from the former Sic Alps fellow, but no matter how many times this thing gets spun it’s still ‘ten ten ten twenties’ this and ‘fresher than a [redacted] peppermint’ that.

Six Organs of Admittance
Burning The Threshold

The inside of Ben Chasney’s head must be like a forest. His music sounds like a brave guitar player treading through a maze of brown branches and red leaves, never breaking his pace. The result is, invariably, an album full of hypnotizing songs, and Six Organs of Admittance’ latest is no exception. Burning the Threshold features guest musicians on vocals, drums and keys, but the sound is unmistakable: uncompromising, almost tribal, acoustic music.

Ty Segall & The Freedom Band
Deforming Lobes

It’s rare that there’s a time without a new Ty Segall studio album either newly released or on the horizon. Just to make sure you don’t forget he exists there’s Deforming Lobes, a live album recorded live to tape in LA by Steve Albini. He’s backed by The Freedom Band who’ve been his musical unit of choice since 2016. LP, CD and Cassette on Drag City.

Bill MacKay
Fountain Fire

Seasoned guitarist Bill MacKay returns to Drag City with new LP Fountain Fire. The Chicagoan’s latest effort is a collection of sprawling and psychedelic instrumental Americana. The likes of ‘Pre-California’ find a sweet spot between the widescreen vistas of Wilco and the peyote haze of Hejira-era Joni Mitchell.

Motel In Saginaw

Interesting tale behind this one. Stumpwater are a very little known Illinois band whose private-pressed 1975 folk-rock single caught the ear of the Galactic Zoo label. After a bit of searching, they found the still-existent Stumpwater and discovered that they had recorded a whole concept album in 1973 that had never been released at all! And that is Motel In Saginaw, which you now see before you at last. Cool.

Tim Presley's White Fence
I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk

The germination of Tim Presley’s first LP as White Fence in four years came when he was crashing at the house of fellow DRINKS member Cate Le Bon. Unsurprisingly there is a bit of the Le Bons to the oddball pop of I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk. We reckon he's probably been listening to some Spiritualized too. Lead single ‘Lorelei’ has nothing to do with the Tom Tom Club song of the same name.

Papa M
Highway Songs

Suprise! David Pajo (who became known from his time in Slint) releases a new solo album under his Papa M alias, the first for absolutely ages. Nine tracks of American sound that we predict, on the basis of the single ‘Walking On Coronado’, to be excellent. LP / CD / cassette tape editions available on Drag City.

Masaki Batoh

Ghost founder Masaki Batoh drops his fourth solo LP via Drag City. Nowhere is a record of trippy folk songs. The delicately picked guitars here come laced with reverb and delay, and Batoh’s wistful lyrics reflect on ageing and memory. The Beatles, Incredible String Band and John Martyn all spring immediately to mind.

Pearls Before Swine

Proper classic of underground psychedelic-folk right here. Drag City have done us all the immense courtesy of reissuing ‘Balaklava’, the 1968 epic by Pearls Before Swine. It’s a record that flits from more earnest and stripped-bare balladry to spots that are genuinely exploratory and compositionally audacious. Needless to say this is an essential listen, and it’s been made easier than ever with this run of reissues available on both LP and CD.  


Who's up for some B-sides and loose ends? Hopefully, Cave fans: these kraut-psychers released their colourful new record 'Threace' last year, and they're following it up with a record of unfinished ideas that didn't have anywhere in particular to go. 'Release' brings together tunes that didn't quite fit on anything else the band has cooked up thus far, which, for Caves, is an exciting prospect: it's the sound of a chaotic band letting go of a hundred ideas at once. 


Heady funkadelia jammers Cave are back, so come a-diving into their… rock chamber. Once again on Drag City, the nowadays quintet put this one together after a world tour and it’s quite a melting pot of giddy grooves. There’s electric bass, acid bass, gentle crescendos, muzak vocals, lots and lots of guitar and lots and lots of funk.

Dead Rider Trio
Dead Rider Trio featuring Mr.Paul Williams

Those Dead Rider boys welcome in an extra pair of hands to give them additional power: Mr. Paul Williams, an idiosyncratic and intriguing figure. Dead Rider Trio jam live and chunky rock music while Williams opens his mind and pours out the words that seem most relevant at the time in his mystic-English-country-gent voice. Out on Drag City.

Gastr Del Sol

Camoufleur was Gastr Del Sol's final statement and the most compelling album made in their short lifetime. The duo of David Grubbs and Jim O'Rourke had previously made some brilliant but oddball records that sounded something like the Red Krayola updated with 90s technology. Camoufleur though invested their stuttering song craft with orchestral, chamber and harmonic pop, folk and a haunting quality that sounded something like the ashes of Surf's Up-era Beach Boys scattered in a woodland glade. A superb record and one of the very best of the '90s. 

Bitchin Bajas

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Olivia Wyatt & Bitchin Bajas
Sailing A Sinking Sea

Olivia Wyatt recently made a documentary film about the Moken people. This is the soundtrack. Rather nicely, this vinyl release contain both the original incidental music by Bitchin’ Bajas and the field recordings and sounds of the sea that Wyatt collected. It also contains a DVD with the Sailing A Sinking Sea film in full! On Drag City.

Papa M
Whatever Mortal

Papa M’s 2001 Drag City LP Whatever, Mortal is one of the great overlooked gems of turn-of-the-Century popular music. Taking the reins from artists like Bonnie Prince Billy and Low, the sophomore full-length from Papa M (real name David Pajo - he of Slint fame) is a record of brooding folk and country plagued by dark visions. It is deeply beautiful.

Hippo Lite

Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley reunite as DRINKS for the project’s sophomore LP. Le Bon and Presley have always been the sort of friendly weirdos you could take home and show off to your mum, and Hippo Lite captures their playful sides. Singles like ‘Real Outside’ promise an album of weirdly beguiling music-box pop ala Micachu and the Shapes. Out on 4/20.

Cosmic Invention
Help Your Satori Mind

Masaki Batoh was more than a decade deep into his time with Ghost when he formed Cosmic Invention. Intended as a fun and carefree endeavour to contrast with the intensity of his commitments with Ghost, Batoh and his group made one LP, 1997’s Help Your Satori Mind. More than twenty years on and Drag City are issuing the album on wax for the first time. It’s a nice hybrid of classic psych- and hard-rock styles - the guitar parts on ‘Blue Link Sky Was Falling’ are particularly lovely. This re-release also marks the first time that ‘Long Jamming’ has appeared on the record.

Ty Segall & White Fence

The Second Coming Of Marc Bolan aka Ty Segall releases his umpteenth album, and this one’s a collaboration with fellow retromaniacs White Fence. Joy - the pair’s first LP together since 2012’s Hair - sees the duo sticking to their guns and cranking out fifteen tunes of melodious, Aladdin Sane-aping niceness. Out via Drag City.

Al Cisneros
Ark Procession / Jericho

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John Renbourn
Live In Kyoto 1978

John Renbourn passed away a couple of years ago, but his contribution to the folk revival of the 60s and 70s means his memory should live on a fair while. LPs like Live In Kyoto 1978 will help, too. This intimate recording is a fine example of Renbourn’s talent as both a guitarist and vocalist. His quicksilver playing and fine tenor are reminiscent of his contemporaries John Martyn and Bert Jansch. Out via Drag City.

The 4th Movement
The 4th Movement

The recent revival of interest in 1970s Detroit proto-punk trio Death has lead to a re-release for an album the brothers Hackney made under the name The 4th Movement. Originally self-distributed in 1980, The 4th Movement sees the group retain the fuzzed hard-rock sound of Death but narrow their lyrical focus to one thing - our saviour Jesus Christ. This new pressing comes courtesy of Drag City.

Nuno Cananvarro
Plux Quba

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Although it runs to over half an hour, this thing from LA psych-pop luvvies Wand is technically an EP rather than an LP. Either way, Perfume is a substantial new release from a band who only dropped their Plum full-length last autumn. There are some cracking songs on here - ‘The Gift’ sounds like Atlas Sound’s ‘Modern Aquatic Nightsongs’ as re-imagined by My Bloody Valentine. Elsewhere the likes of ‘Pure Romance’ demonstrate a good mastery of the loud-quiet-loud formula.

Rafael Toral
Wave Field

Rafael Toral’s classic ambient record Wave Field gets a reissue courtesy of Drag City. Originally released in 1995 via a bunch of labels (Jim O’Rourke’s dexter’s cigar handled it in the U.S.), Wave Field must have been a breath of fresh air when compared to all the six-string angst around at the time. These lovely, serene guitar-scapes are reminiscent of Fripp, Eno and Cage.

Rafael Toral
Sound Mind Sound Body

Early work from Portuguese sound-worker Rafael Toral. Sound Mind Sound Body is composed almost entirely out of guitar sounds, though the processes Toral has used in the devising and processing of the work have smoothed out the instrument almost completely, into a rich, ever-stretching plane of ambient drone. This is a reissue of the 1999 edition of this album.

Mike Donovan
How to Get Your Record Played in Shops

San Fran rocker and Sic Alps & Peacers lead singer Mike Donovan is in the mood for dishing out advice on his latest solo outing, How to Get Your Record Played in Shops. He’s often in a gentle, piano-led garage or rock & roll mode for this collection, with a lot of peace and a spot of love to offer. Listen and the title soon makes sense.

Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse & David McGuiness
What News

Classic Scottish folk singer (he hates that term that's why I put it there) Alasdair Roberts lurches out of his comfort zone on this his twelfth solo album by casting away his guitar and collaborating with Concerto Caledonia director David McGuinness. McGuinness was charged with arranging Roberts songs and he brought in sonologist Amble Skuse to add electronic treatments.   

Ty Segall
Freedom's Goblin

Freedom’s Goblin, the new album from Ty Segall, is a biggie. 19 tracks that eek out every emotion from the listener on the way. This time out, Segall’s fuzz wraps itself around elements of r’n’b, synths, horns and harmonies, but is still very much Ty Segall in identity. Engineered by Steve Albini and recorded in various places from LA to Memphis. Double vinyl LP, CD and Cassette on Drag City.

Your Food
Poke It With a Stick

Fascinating. Here is a re-issue of these Louisville legends who once blew the mind of the then 11 year old Britt Walford (Slint). They were a crazed raggle- taggle collective sonically out of kilter with the then thriving hardcore scene with songs that referenced ESG and Bush Tetras. They didn't last long but were huge influences on what later came out of Louisville.   

No Age
Snares Like a Haircut

Been a while, hasn't it? Fuzz punks No Age have been dwelling in slumber since they released An Object, their last and most thoughtful record in a back catalogue full of discarding and distorting. Here comes the shred: they're back with Snares Like a Haircut and it sounds like they're gonna make one of their famous, churning rackets.

Hexadic III

Six Organs of Admittance guitarist Ben Chasny has this compositional method called ‘The Hexadic System’. He’s done talks on it and written a book about it and, after two records composed by Chasny adhering to its principles, it’s now starting to be adopted by other artists. These other artists include Richard Youngs and Moon Duo and Stephen O’Malley, and their attempts at the form appear on Hexadic III. Tape and LP.

Bill Callahan
Woke Up On A Whaleheart

Well we've all done it haven't we? This was Bill Callahan's debut solo album but as we know he'd previously been recording all but solo albums as Smog. There's no real departure here to warrant the change, just more of his soft baritone and lyrical prowess emboldened by Neil Hagerty's twinkling production which adds a prettiness to his slo-mo soundscapes. 

Cory Hanson
The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo

This is the first solo record from Cory Hanson, of the psych-rock band Wand. It turns out that, without the band back-up, Hanson is a rather sensitive folk voice, almost recalling some of the more interesting artists of the '70s. The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo is available via LP, CD and cassette editions, on Drag City.

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