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SteXis / Jonnie Common

Fence Records have sent us another of these split 10”s on their ‘De-Fence’ offshoot imprint. These have tended to have pretty illustrious artists doing something a bit different on them so it’s always interesting to give them a listen. This ti...view item »

Scott Twynholm
Alasdair Gray, A Life In Progress

Some warm gestures from Scott Twynholm. Alasdair Gray, A Life In Progress is the soundtrack to the film by director Kevin Cameron about Glaswegian author Alasdair Gray. It's a lesson in production and captures a multitude of human emotions and feelings. With luscious synths, spacious production and arrang...view item »

Ministry of De-Fence

Another 10" EP from various artists on De-Fence label's 10X10:10. The vinyl makes it's way through hip-pop, hazy indie, synth pop to end with spacious angst. Spanning quite a variety of choonage, 10X10:10 sets an upbeat mood with the first 3 tracks, until the end brings you back to the terror of reality. The record flows i...view item »

Malcolm Middleton / River Of Slime

I can't lie to you and say I'm a fan of Malcolm Middleton's stuff. His work with Arab Strap used to well and truly piss me off as a younger man (I don't feel much better about it now) but you know, I've got a job that requires me to have fair and balanced opinions on any number artists an...view item »

H.M.S. Ginafore/ Iona Marshall

Already confusing me by the label being all on one side and the info on another (but not on the sleeve as its a promo), I finally made it to the Iona Marshall side when Dave shouted out 'Is this The Coors?'. So cruel, so so cruel. And now its Phil's turn 'Is this The Cranberries or The Coors?' Ok, ok its a bit Celt influenced and the vocal ...view item »

On The Fly / Reporter

A rumbling bass & some languid breakbeats overlay some bleakly pastoral, melancholy electronics & restrained synth washes on the first De-Fence release. This is the experimental electronic offshoot of Fence records. They're doing a whole series of rather tasty limited split 10"s & ON THE FLY + REPORTER...view item »

Con Brio/ Viva Stereo

VIVA STEREO: "Alpha State" / CON BRIO: "Indiana Bloom", Third missive on this split 10" series with accompanying cd release on Fence records offshoot De-Fence. Viva Stereo's contribution is a slice of electronic pop with vocals put through...view item »

Found/ Weasel Squeezer

Here's another of those De-Fence Fence related 10"'s things... Part 4 in the series which is a split by Found (of Creeping Bent infamy) and Weasel Squeezer (of errr.... Weasel Squeezer fame). Found do 4 tracks of spliced up crazed wierd edited up pop which has Arab Strap meets Aphex Twin bandied around the office. It's crazy stuff but it works...view item »

Ministry Of De-Fence

A newie 10" on De-Fence which is a various artists thing that features Eyechilds, On The Fly, Con Brio, MC Quake, Clock, On The Fly, WiQwar. It's called 'Ministry Of Defence'! This is kind of melancholy electronica with nice organic sounds. The drums sound particularly good. I've just flipped it over and there is some big bottom end pumping ou...view item »

Seven Sang/ Love Stop Repeat

We got another one of those 10"s on Fence Records offshoot De-Fence.... Slight distraction.. erm the new Razor Light LP has arrived and we've collectively gathered around it for a mocking of the sleeve. That idiot singer is wearing a pearl necklace on there. I kid you not.... Anyway back to the 10" and its very nice indeed. This is a spli...view item »

Jon Hopkins/ Reuben Taylor/ King Creosote

Those cheeky Scottish scamps De-Fence have another of those bleeding split 10" jobs out again. I'm too hungry to give this a fair write up. So I'll have a strawberry chew. Yum. That tastes delicious. Oh what's this gentle, pastoral piano & subtle electronic wonderment i'm hearing? That yearning highlands murmer sounds...view item »