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Glass Museum

Lying somewhere between the free-form classical / jazz of contemporary acts like Dinosaur or GoGo Penguin and the glacial electronica of George Fitzgerald, Antoine Flipo and Martin Grégoire deliver a second Glass Museum album, titled Reykjavik. It should deliver more of the same audial pleasures that their breakthrough debut, Deux, did a couple of years back. 

John Ghost
Airships Are Organisms

Are they? Are they now. I thought they were flaming death traps. Anyway John Ghost is a collective not a man and come from the Belgian town of Ghent. They make exploratory jazz-influenced stuff that takes on board influences from minimal music and neo-classical. All the way through this description I've been thinking about the band Jaga Jazzist and there it is in the press release... they are comparable to Jaga Jazzist.  

Artificial Horizon

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