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Vitamin D

The title of producer Matti Gajek’s latest album Vitamin D refers to the old East German practice of injecting newborn babies with high doses of the vitamin shortly after birth, something that happened to him as an infant. That sense of the legacy of disappeared, redundant worlds still echoing in the present is present throughout this meticulous record, full of beautiful digitally rendered soundscapes and haunting lyrical images. 
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Kiri Variations

Clark deals us his first LP since 2017’s Death Peek. Kiri Variations grew out of the music that Clark made for Euros Lyn’s BAFTA-nominated Kiri, and the album maintains the strange tension of that show. Clark says he wants people to listen to Kiri Variations ‘in the same way they would read a set of Roald Dahl short stories’, which we take to mean anticipating spook and eeriness at every turn. Try UNKLE out for a similar artist.