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Burnt Friedman
Musical Traditions In Central Europe

Burnt Friedman presents his new record Musical Traditions In Central Europe, an album that plays around with some of the assumptions often present in albums with these kind of titles. Burnt has engaged with certain European peoples in the creation of this album, and his rhythms rub up against all sorts of other sounds and textures for an interesting adventure. Out on Nonplace.

Drums Off Chaos

The late Jaki Liebezeit is of course best known as the innovative and influential drummer of Can. In recent years he often discussed his self-styled binary theory of rhythm, put into practice on this percussion-only EP with the help of three other drummers. The style conveys echoes of various African, Asian and Indian percussion styles, as well as the cyclical grooves and recognisable drum tone that were a feature of his tenure in Can. Hardly surprisingly, it’s hypnotically engrossing stuff.

Burnt Friedman & Daniel Dood-Ellis
Skies Okay Blue

More sophisticated electronic creations from Friedman who manages to impute so much subtle complexity into his rhythm that they actually sound like real drummers! There's a tangegible air of jazz fusion about the music which still retains that Berlin dubby edge. Also feature vocals by Texan Daniel Dodd-Ellis, cut-up and reconstructed by Friedman.


Tohuwabohu are all about questions -- to who about who? This 4-track joint effort of Chronomad (Saam Schlamminger) and Burnt Friedman is their dubtechno fueled effort to answer all the questions, and then some, and then ask another final question: Tohuwabohu? Don't ask how it will make you feel, just ask how quickly we can get it to you.
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