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'Interlocked' is a flashback summoning the pure energy and buzz of classic old skool early jungle/hardcore. The thrill of vintage rave tapes, pirate radio and the intricacy of broken beat collide across eight relentlessly inventive tracks. Despite being previously unreleased old material, these tunes sound remarkably fresh and exciting. Drumskull cut his teeth as stickman in various skate-punk bands - his knack for driving rhythms is equally as fierce in his electronic productions. There's even a deep house cut to help us catch our breaths.
  • Vinyl Double LP (SR083)
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REQ & Smudge
Smudge's Coffee

Ian Cassar, an icon(oclast)ic beatmaker, producer and graffiti artist known better by his alias REQ, returns to vinyl after almost two decades. On this four-track collaboration EP Smudge’s Coffee, made with fellow producer Smudge, he hits the high-points of his legendary output with the Warp and Skint labels of the Nineties. 

Tusken Raiders
Bantha Trax Vol. 3

Bantha Trax Vol. 3 is a set of archive music from Planet Mu label head Mike Paradinas, under his Tusken Raiders moniker. Acclaimed for the first volume 25 years ago - released on the legendary Clear label. These eight previously unreleased tracks (presented across two DJ friendly plates) date from his Lunatic Harness sessions from 1998. 
  • Vinyl Double 12" (SR085)
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Low End Activist
Game Theory

An essential double 12” vinyl release on Seagrave Records from this enigmatic British electronic artist who also goes under various other handles; Helium III, Paranorman, Pat Ca$h, Patrick Conway. On Game Theory, he throws all the hardcore elements of British dance music history, from jungle and drum & bass to garage and grime. Pay As You Go / Roll Deep badman MC Flowdan spits bars on the title cut to devastating effect. 

REQ / Rob Euroh

Brighton-based producer, DJ and graffiti artist REQ AKA Ian Cassar and turntablist Rob Euroh were part of the TDK crew which stood for The Dusty Knights or Tea Drinkers Crew, depending on who you ask. The name was also a famous brand of cassette that a significant part of many people's collection existed on back in the day. The cassette album goes back to the 90s - early ‘00s featuring evocative b-boy, lino breakdancing stuff alongside some high energy dancefloor bangers.
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Renick Bell
Turning Points

A set of tracks made by live coding leads to a set of lurching, glitchy electronica. Who’d have thought... Anyway, Renick Bell is one of the best in the business for this sort of thing, and new tape Turning Points demonstrates exactly why. Frenzied IDM, digital MIDI-bap and slamming Szare-like techno all rear their head here in Turning Points' first three tracks alone.
  • Tape (SR064)
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Warp Purpose Vol. I

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Tape Transport: 1994​-​2000

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