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Nkem Njoku & Ozzobia Brothers
Ozobia Special

Nkem Njoku & Ozzobia Brothers only made one album together but it is a good one. Originally released in 1981 it is a Gospel-tinged feast out of Ghana which highlights sharp brass, energetic percussion and distinctive guitar work. Certainly one of the best of the West African productions of the era, the album now sees a re-issue on BBE Africa. 

Sidiku Buari
Revolution (Live Disco Show In New York City)

Revolution (Live Disco Show In New York City) by Sidiku Buari displays different aspects of the artist. Side one is supposedly, although not definitely, recorded live at a show in NYC that may or may not have happened. Their disco sound is anchored by heavy bass. Side 2 shows the versatility of the band with a couple of politically charged numbers, a Christmas song and some afrobeat grooves.

Eze-Nri Royal Drummers
Eze-Nri Royal Drummers Vol. 1

Eze-Nri Royal Drummers were a percussive group from the Nigeria region of West Africa who play a traditional form of African music featuring several forms of drums and percussion. This is seen as a particularly culturally significant release as the music remains unchanged from the music that was made in the region thousands of years ago.   

Sidiku Buari
Disco Soccer

The first ever vinyl re-issue of Disco Soccer, the 1979 album from Alhaji Sidiku Buari. Originally an athlete, a music scholarship in America turned the Ghanaian-born star into a musician when he became attracted by baseball and was noticed as a potential music star because of the team chants he developed. If you’re a fan of disco or boogie, Disco Soccer is a true lost gem of the late Seventies. 

Sidiku Buari
Feelings / Sidiku Buari And His Jam Busters

A beautifully packaged re-issue of two unbelievably rare Afro-disco records from Sidiku Buari and his backing band, courtesy of BBE Africa. Originally released via the oft-collected Precious Records in the late Seventies, Feelings and Sidiku Buari & His Jambusters both represent a unique take on the lush, detailed Studio 54 productions coming out of New York at the height of disco. 

Nkono Teles
Party Beats

Throughout the 80’s the late Nkono Teles was one of West Africa’s most prolific producers, providing countless artists with a slick, funky reinterpretation of Afro-disco for the new decade. He occasionally made music of his own too, releasing three solo LPs during his lifetime. Teles plays all of the instruments on Party Beats to create a set of sophisticated tunes befitting of the album’s title. Now Party Beats has been reissued through BBE Africa.