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Chicago-based producer and Sooper Records owner Nnamdi Ogbonnaya releases another album as NNAMDÏ, arriving three years after the critical success of Drool. Mixing up hip-hop, DIY indie, gospel and West African music, Brat is more introspective than its predecessor but no less dazzling or defiant of arbitrary genre-labelling. 

Blacker Face
Distinctive Juju

Fiery punk rock may not be the logical next step for a gospel singer, but for Jolene Whatevr it was. She fronts Chicago blast furnace Blacker Face who, on Distinctive Juju, drive their forward-thinking political vision with the power of high energy punk rock. Didtinctive Juju is the full-length follow-up to the 2018 EP Think Piece.

Next to The Sun

Kaina Castillo, born in Chicago but whose Guatemalan and Venezuelan heritage is evident in her pulsating music, has taken three years of strong EPs and singles to get to the release of her debut full-length album Next To The Sun. Exploring ideas of identity through Latin-influenced R&B joints, it could be one of the year’s finest debuts!