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Steven Stapleton & David Tibet
Dead Memory

Another collaboration between two masters of the esoteric English underground, David Tibet of Current 93 and Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound. These are musicians whose trajectories are very much tangled together, a fierce collaborative spirit forged between the pair. These are two outtakes that didn’t make it onto their ‘Threats of Memories’ project.  
  • Vinyl LP (DPROMLP146)


Blabbermouth is the fun new project from Lu Edmonds (of The Damned and PiL) and Mark Roberts (of D-Ream and The Godfathers). On Hörspiel the pair provide a soundtrack varying from industrial to ambient while a synthetic speech robot reads texts found on the internet in different languages. Artificial-intelligence-anxiety-core.
  • Vinyl LP (DPROMLP145)
  • CD (DPROMCD145)

Steven Stapleton / David Tibet
The Threats Of Memories

The Threats of Memories is a collection of tracks by David Tibet from Current 93 and Steven Stapleton from Nurse With Wound. It features tracks from previous collaborations The Sadness of Things, Musicalische Kürbs Hütte and previously unreleased outtake from Musical Pumpkin Cottage. The album was originally made available at the Current 93/Nurse With Wound London gig in October ‘17. LP on Dirter.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DPROMDLP141)

Capri-Batterie & Stewart Lee
Bristol Fashion

Fascinating collaboration between stand-up legend Stewart Lee and the Exeter free-jazz trio Capri-Batterie (Kordian Tetkov on drums, Tim Sayer on trumpet & electronics and Matthew Lord on Bass & Saxophone) that proves an assertion Lee has made many times in the past: there’s a lot more humour in avant-garde music than is commonly let on. The recording took place in Bristol over an hour, with the resulting record untampered with.
  • Vinyl LP (DPROMLP143)
  • Limited edition

Nurse With Wound
NWW Play Changez Les Blockeurs

To mark the 35th anniversary of The New Blockaders’ self-released debut album they asked Nurse With Wound to remake it, as Stephen Stapleton is a notorious fan, and who better to take on the experimental and abstract noise that it contained. Comes with brand new artwork from Stapleton and an article by Paul Hegarty.  Very limited release, of course.
  • CD (DPROMCD138)

Thank Your Lucky Stars

You may have noticed that Whitehouse’s 1990 LP Thank Your Lucky Stars shares its name with a Beach House album that came out a couple of years back. That is where the similarities between the two groups end. Steve Albini had a hand in producing this collection of nasty, grizzled power electronics. This long-overdue reissue comes with four bonus tracks.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DPROMDLP135)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Andrew Liles
The Flesh Creeping Gonzoid: Speciality Offal & Other Choice Cuts

Andrew Liles has worked within Nurse With Wound, Current 93, as well as with the likes of Gnod, Faust, and Cosey Fanni Tutti and many more plus his immense solo back catalogue. Here we have a massive box set of 6 CDs of unreleased material, with a bonus DVD of bonus goodies such as outtakes limited releases. Limited to only 500.
  • CD box set (DPROMBX128)

Merzbow/ Richard Pinhas
Keio Line

  • Vinyl Triple LP (DPROMTLP67)

Andrew Liles
Groundhogs / Split Up - A Exhumation By Andrew Liles

An interesting release here, as Nurse With Wound’s Andrew Liles takes tracks from Tony McPhee’s 70’s rockers Groundhogs and ‘exhumes’ them. That effectively constitutes throwing lots of modern effects into the mix, reimagining McPhee’s meager 1971 pedal board as a sprawling FX-monster. Groundhogs / Split Up - An Exhumation By Andrew Liles is out on Dirter.

Andrew Liles
Cover Girls

Cover Girls is a cunningly diverse collection of women-only covers curated by Nurse With Wound’s Andrew Liles. Featuring the likes of Elisabeth Oswell, Gena Netherwood and Alex Jako covering everything from The Buggles to Einstürzende Neubauten to David Essex. Out on CD digipack from Dirter.
  • CD (DPROMCD111)

Nurse With Wound
Sinister Whimsy For The Wretched

2CD set of the out of print Nurse With Wound albums, Sugar Fish Drink and Large Ladies With Cake in the Oven. Can the music live up to the oddness promised by the titles of these things? Honestly, probably. Some of the tracks might be familiar to fans of Nurse With Wound but appear here with different names.
  • CD (DPROMDCD140)

Nurse With Wound / Band Of Pain

Nurse With Wound
The Swinging Reflective

The Swinging Reflective is a 1999 compilation that gathers up Nurse With Wound’s collaborations over the preceding nineteen years. And the list of collaborators is pretty extensive, taking in Stereolab, Whitehouse’s William Bennett, Foetus, Jim O’Rourke and Current 93. So many goodies. Double CD reissue on the Dirter label.
  • CD (DPROMDCD136)

Cut Hands
Volume 4

  • Vinyl LP (DPROMLP107)

Cut Hands
Volume 3

  • Vinyl LP (DPROMLP106)

Hyakki Echo

Whilst pushing the 300 album mark, Japanese extreme noise pusher Merzbow is never short of a new idea. Dialing back the noise somewhat, Hyakki Echo is less of a brutal assault of the senses but a freeform experimental affair. Plus, this badboy comes on a CD which is also a vinyl… so… be careful with that. “Compact Vinyl” on Dirter.
  • CD (DPROMCV133)
  • Limited edition

Od Serca Do Duszy

  • Vinyl Double LP (DPROMDLP36)

Dedicated To Peter Kurten, Sadist And Mass Slayer

William Bennett (Now known for his works as Cut Hands) fronted power electronics outfit Whitehouse were the antithesis of the morality campaigner they took their name from. Cold, sadistic and punishing noise filled with distorted scraping metal and piercing electronic screeches. Originally released in 1981 Dedicated…. Was made with then member Peter McKay. Remastered and offered up on green or black vinyl. Very limited.

Fall Seliger Geister

RLW, aka Ralf Wehowsky, pulls together field recordings, some instrumentation, and large quantities of unidentifiable sounds for Fall Seliger Geister, which follows through on the ghosts of the title with a dark smeared-horror aesthetic. Fall Seliger Geister is constructed with Wehowsky’s full brace of electroacoustic and musique concréte powers, and makes for a rewarding listen. CD on Dirter.

Wildwood II

Merzbow follows up last year’s Wildwood CD with an LP of new and complementary material. Again, the proceeds go to the Wildwood trust in Kent, meaning that the king of Japanese harsh noise is directly involved in goings on in the heart of English conservatism. Nice. Fierce textures as ever from Mr. Masami, released by Dirter.
  • Vinyl LP (DPROMLP126)

Andrew Liles
Diario de un Monstruo

Andrew Liles, who always keeps himself busy even when not participating in Current 93 and / or Nurse With Wound, releases a homage to one of his favourite albums: Diary Of A Madman by Ozzy Osbourne. The Liles version, Diario de un Monstruo, is a very different beast, featuring plenty of weird and wonderful textures and tricks from a master of the craft. Edition of 500 LPs on Dirter.
  • Vinyl LP (DPROMJETLP237)
  • Last copy

Flurry Of Delusion

Flurry Of Delusion was originally a collection of sounds improvised with Giuseppe Ielasi. But of course, as with anything that comes from the mind of RLW (Ralf Wehowsky), nothing is as it seems. A vibrant mix of improvised industrial and computer-music gives birth to this disparate CD. Encased in a charming full colour digipac on reverse board.
  • CD (DPROMCD129)

True Believer / The 10/40 Window

Contrastate’s dark and wild world is full of looming shapes, hard to identify. This new 7” from the veteran outfit is a two-track slice of strange electronics and uneasy experimental vocals, adding up to an immersive sound experience that follows its own ritualistic rules. True Believer / The 10/40 Window is out on The Dirter.
  • Vinyl 7" (DPROMEP115)

Nurse With Wound
Dark Fat

Dark Fat is what happens when Nurse With Wound elect to record all their live performances for a whole decade and then turn their curious eyes to the task of forming some new creature from the audio morass. What we get is a whole new set of compositions: you might catch the ghost of a gig you remember, but don’t bet on it. Double CD on Dirter.
  • CD (DPROMDCD120)

Andrew Liles
A Million Infant Breaths

This shiny new 10” release from Nurse With Wound / Current 93 collaborator Andrew Liles finds him in mixed company. On the A-side he performs a short story written by proper author Michel Faber, whereas on the flip he covers Hawkwind, alongside former Hawkwind member Dave Anderson! Such range. 300 copies only, on Dirter.

Pietro Riparbelli

Pietro Riparbelli is an Italian sound-artist / composer, and Vacuum is a full-blown, forty-minute, six-part suite made up of old analogue synthesisers and reverberating field recordings of empty spaces. The CD on Dirter is packaged in a slick, mini-gatefold style sleeve, in a limited edition of 500 copies. A cozy sound pressing.


Ah, Whitehouse… You ought to know already if you'll like this or not. Halogen is their 1992 album, brought out here for the first time on the vinyl format. All your favourite Whitehouse tropes: sex, abuse, violence, general nastiness. This unpleasant material comes luxuriously pressed to 180g vinyl, on the Dirter label.
  • Vinyl LP (DPROMLP109)


Brand new Merzbow all up in your life, with the kind of ferocity only the Japanese master and a select few other high-functioning noisers can bring. Wildwood is, in accordance with Masami’s hardcore animal welfare principles, a benefit release for a bear rescue charity in Kent: look, there’s one on the cover! I wonder what the bear lovers of Kent will make of this?
  • CD (DPROMCD116)

Nurse With Wound
Sylvie and Babs (Expanded Edition)

Sylvie And Babs is an old Nurse With Wound favourite, reportedly recorded With Titillating Orchestrations By someone named Murray Fontana, although I wouldn’t believe a word these guys tell you, to be honest. Here the record is reissued as a double CD, boosted with rare and unreleased material and a 12 page booklet.

Andrew Liles
First Monster, Last Monster, Always Monster

'First Monster Last Monster Always Monster' is a labour of love project from sound artist and multi instrumentalist Andrew Liles. Claiming a deeply personal, emotional connection to the 1985 Sisters Of Mercy classic album ‘First And Last And Always’ as his motivation, Liles has reimagined this timeless masterpiece in the form of an instrumental electronic homage.

Bliss Torn From Emptiness

'Bliss Torn From Emptiness' is a pretty apt album title for Nadja, the ambient metal band who drone endlessly but somehow also tear shit up. Aidan Baker's and Leah Buckareff's 2008 effort is finally being released on vinyl after years in the waiting, showing off soundscapes of unrelenting feedback and drum warfare that recalls Earth. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (DPROMDLP103)

Consumer Electronics
Estuary English

Whitehouse fellow Philip Best joins forces with Sarah Froelich and Russell Haswell to make some more intimidating, totally ridiculous music under the Consumer Electronics moniker. Here the noisemaker Best spouts, spits and scowls a lot of spoken word nonsense over abrasive industrial sounds and flat-lining beats -- sounds that move at the speed strobe-lights do. 

Michel Faber & Andrew Liles

Ohrwurm is of course the German phrase for Earworm, a tune that tunnels its way into your head. But will this release get stuck in your head? Well given that it is a dark and creepy story from author Michel Faber accompanied by Nurse With Wound and Current 93 member Andrew Liles, you might hope that it doesn’t...

Kylie Minoise / Junko

A Breeding Ground For Flies

  • CD (DPROMCD91)

Nurse With Wound
A Sucked Orange / Scrag

  • CD (DPROMDCD101)
  • Label(s):
  • Dirter

Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers

  • CD (DPROMCD93)

Husk / Band Of Pain

Nurse With Wound

East Of Sweden - Live At The Melloboat Festival 2008

  • CD (DPROMCD85)

Merzbow/ Band of Pain
Reptile/ Insect

Cosey Fanni Tutti & Philippe Petit
Mist While Sleeping

Andrew Liles/Jean-Herve Peron

  • Label(s):
  • Dirter
  • Label(s):
  • Dirter

James Johnston & Philippe Petit
Fiends With a Face

Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Good-Bye John Peel : Live In London 2004

  • Artist(s):
  • Label(s):
  • Dirter

Nurse With Wound
Huffin' Rag Blues

  • CD (DPROMCD63)
  • Label(s):
  • Dirter