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The Clandestine Quartet
One for the Fossa, Two for the Wolverine

Powerhouse weirdo skronk outfit, assembled for a (one-off?) St John Sessions gig (and accompanying studio session) by Alan Bishop. He roped in his Sun City Girls brother Richard Bishop and his Rangda associate Chris Corsano, as well as Corsano’s fellow-traveller Michael Flower, meaning that this here Clandestine Quarter has both incredible firepower and wonderful dexterity. If any of the names involved is known to you, One for the Fossa, Two for the Wolverine is a must!

Ben Vince
Don’t Give Your Life

Ben Vince has many strings to his bow (reeds to his saxophone...?). He is a saxophonist, improviser, producer, you name it. Returning with his second solo LP 'Don't Give Your Life', you can expect sax experimentation that bridges the gap between Terry Riley and Gilbert Artman. Double elpee on Thirty Three Thirty Three.

Oren Ambarchi, Mark Fell, Will Guthrie, Sam Shalabi
Oglon Day

Since there ain't much at all online about this upcoming collaboration between various psych/electronic luminaries, all I can really say is that firstly the cover is superb (it's what covers should look like), and, secondly, it sounds from the press release like a vital and visceral musical experience that will probably take in psychedelia, krautrock, and experimental electronica. 

Keiji Haino & Charles Hayward
A Loss Permitted To Open Its Eyes For But Three Hours And There Glimpsed, Finally In Focus A Mystery That Begs...

Now THIS looks interesting. Experimental pioneer Keiji Haino (a collaborator with Faust, Boris, and Stephen O'Malley, among other things) and Charles Hayward (founding member of legendary experimental outfit This Heat) came together in 2016 to play an improvisational set at the Copeland Gallery in London. Thankfully, it was recorded and now Thirty Three Thirty Three are putting that recording out - wonderful news for fans of all things a bit weird. 

Ryuichi Sakamoto & Taylor Deupree
Live In London

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