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I see what they are doing here. Looks like Orchards are one of those clever, clever pop bands like Everything Everything, Foals or Dutch Uncles injecting complexity and math rock into stadium leaning indie tunes.  The Brighton quartet are aiming for the stars here and this ...view item »

Jamie Lenman

For any Reuben fans out there, you'll know Jamie Lenman all too well. The charismatic and quirky looking front man has been conjuring his own music for quite a while, but there is something even more special about this record. Lenman has taken everything brilliant about Reuben but given himself full artistic ...view item »

Quiet Slang
Everything Matters But No One Is Listening

It’s the band that just won’t stop playing their songs. Loud and quiet and then quiet and loud again, Beach Slang seemingly understand two things about music and do a good job at both: they make those records proper, where they bash out distorted indie emo jams for all those among us who want nothing more than to access our feelings ...view item »

Beach Slang
Broken Thrills

Beach Slang have never released anything in Europe until now. Broken Thrills brings together their first two EPs, which were released stateside last year, as one album. This will appeal to fans of The Gaslight Anthem as Beach Slang bring a similar level of streetwise rock to the party. ...view item »

yndi halda
A Sun Coloured Shaker

Lower case post-rockers yndi halda were one of the original scene-brokers back in its heyday, but they made a surprise return with Under Summer a couple years back. Their new EP promises more serenity, and a patch update to their instrumental sound -- vocal harmonies filter in this time, the songs ta...view item »

Recreational Hate

Nearly 15 years in the game for Lemuria now, and on fourth LP Recreational Hate the band wed the maturity of their years to the spunky charm that has long been their biggest asset. The grunge-pop stylings of Get Better are still intact, as demonstrated by songs like ‘Sliver of Change’, though the pr...view item »

Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving Parts specialise in a sort of post-hardcore pop-punk, with tight instrumentation, barked vocals and slamming choruses. It’s eerily like listening to Blink 182, Sum 41 and all those other early 2000s bands - only in 2017! Even the song titles - ‘Applause’, ‘Smo...view item »


Holy hell, Tricot, I simply can’t move this fast. The whole time I’ve been listening to the furiously mathy, jubilantly emo ‘3’, I feel like I’ve been in a widescreen chase with this Japanese rock outfit, hoping I’ll catch a shortcut and meet them ‘round the way. Moving from their own label to the aesthe...view item »

Slaughter Beach, Dog

Slaughter Beach, Dog (yep, that comma is integral to the band’s name) is Jake Ewald’s band, formed as an alternative outlet to his other group Modern Baseball. The new ventur...view item »

Beach Slang
We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags [Quiet Slang]

Overwrought pop-punk noise-warning achievers Beach Slang here retool themselves as "Quiet Slang" for a record of solo versions from frontman Jame Alex. Sorta like a garage rock band but with instruments for chamber music, these renditions have cello and piano and none of that pesky distortion that usually...view item »


Cassels are here, and they are doing that life in a small English town antagonism thing via the medium of chunky-chuggy fast rock-metal. The lyrics are verbose and sarcastic but very firmly down to earth, which I guess earns them their crucially valued authenticity. ...view item »

Kamikaze Girls

Straight outta the Leeds DIY scene burst the duo of Kamikaze Girls. Their debut album, Seafoam concerns itself with mental health issues and is full of personal and candid anecdotes. They explore a gamut of influences spanning shoegaze, punk / Riot Grrl and fuzz pop along the way. A couragous, positive and imp...view item »

Single Mothers
Our Pleasure

These are shouty. They make incendiary punk rock with snarly vocals spat out over the top. The singer sounds like Craig Finn's snottier nephew as the barrage of words cascades over some quite tuneful guitar rock. Bet they are a blast live but until they come to your town it could be a good idea to shout along to the vinyl.  ...view item »


I think all of my old opinions on Gnarwolves were based on some guy in my first year of University who I didn’t like very much liking them. That broken chain of events steeled me against their super-whined emo punk, but now I feel bad -- since then I’ve listened to a hell of a lot of pop-punk revisionism -- I’ve heard Joyce Man...view item »


Self professed queer punk duo PWR BTTM are nothing if not empowering. Just be your damn self is basically tattooed across the front of this. Their second full length release, and Pageant is filled to the brim of self love and righteous joy. Real self celebratory party punk. It’s bloody great. And so are you....view item »

Modern Baseball / Thin Lips / The Superweaks

Now this is pretty damn sweet isn’t it. All three bands finished and released a full length in 2016 - so, fair enough, they jump on a bus together and tour support each other. Now for the final farewell they put together this little love gem. A spanking new and unreleased track from each band. Those indie pop-punk lovelies....view item »

Beach Slang
A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings

These are the guys I go see play a gig and one night in 2010 I’m like wow that was a life-altering experience I am ready to die and then I go in 2016 and I’m like that was really, really, unfathomably decent. Pop-punk with a kind of weird vocal growl that doesn’t fit, Beach Slang have been making a lot of music of late...view item »

yndi halda
Under Summer

It’s been eight years since yndi halda released Enjoy Eternal Bliss. The Brighton-based post rock, neo-classical five piece have a new album, Under Summer, which has the exuberant highs, the beautifully serene passages, craft and heartache that will be familiar to fans but this time they’ve added to...view item »

Dust and Disquiet

Caspian formed back when post-rock was inviting any old sentimental riffer in, back when the genre was at its peak for dilettantes and disappearing acts. In 2007, also known as pre-2010, they might have seemed like a fresh enough thing, only four years removed from the genre’s peak beautification in ‘The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Plac...view item »


Math punk. Is that a thing? Apparently so, it's just like math rock but punkier. This lightning-paced riff-loaded offering from London-based Axes (a four-piece hailing from Scotland, Denmark, Iran and... Essex) is fast, frantic and very fun. The sleeve features the band members on horse back. I hope the noisy music didn't scare the poor things t...view item »

New Topographics

Talons return this week with 'New Topographics', an album which sees the band move from the alt-folk prettiness of previous releases into epic instrumental territory. The press release says "the band have incorporated a stronger neo-classical influence, as well as employing a much more rhythmic and expansive sound, heightening their emphasis on ...view item »

Minus The Bear
Lost Loves

'Lost Love' follows up Minus The Bear's fifth record, 'Infinity Overhead', celebrating the band with a collection of recordings culled from the last decade or so. The math, prog and all things complex outfit consider these songs more than merely rarities or b-sides, though, having carried them in their heart for years but never found the proper ...view item »


Skater beardy bros Gnarwolves have always been something of an oddball in the orgcore scene; rather than be there because of their lyrically potent punk rock and warbling anthems, it's as if their sound has been stitched together through a few different genres. They remind me of early Joyce Manor in the drumming department, in that the dude behi...view item »

Into It. Over It

Into It. Over It. have become a group that show us that the innermost workings of one mind can represent so many. All different. All the same. Intersections is colorful but not full of drivel or loquacious exposition. It isn't pretentious. It's just raw and fucking heartwarming. The record’s high peak, “Upstate Blues,” displays...view item »

Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine's crowd-funding campaign was a harrowing success and produced 2 new studio albums, one of these is Bubblegum. The electric counter-part to sister album Bulldozer, Bubblegum is rollicking pop-punk played with the assistance of The Goddamned Band. Kevin Devine channels contemporaries Motion City Soundtrack and ...view item »

Kevin Devine

Perhaps low on funds, Kevin Devine funded his first in a series of new albums using a crowd funding campaign - long story short it was an immediate success and his admiring fans soon got the new album Bulldozer. Filled with Devine's own brand of pop-folk fusion Bulldozer is crammed with soft little ditties. Look out for the tracks Little Bulldoz...view item »

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