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Pat Dam Smyth
The Last King

Pat Dam Smyth makes music influenced by various life-affecting events. He grew up in Belfast during the troubles and experienced psychosis whist in Berlin. He also takes influence from the artwork of Nirvana’s In Utero, although seemingly not the music. There are, however, musical nods to Pink Floyd, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.

Elma Orkestra and Ryan Vail

Two of Derry/Londonderry’s brightest and most talented musicians over the last five years eventually meet on Borders. Eoin O’Callaghan (a.k.a. Elma Orkestra) and Ryan Vail unite contemporary classical and cutting-edge electronica music on this thrilling set of compositions that urge togetherness in a divided world. 

Beauty Sleep
Be Kind

Beauty Sleep are a trio from Belfast who play ‘80s influenced synth pop, or dream pop as it tends to be called these days. They love what they do and it shines through in their positive pop. Be Kind is their debut album and follows on from a couple of successful singles, 'Until We See The Sun' and 'All In'. On Quiet Arch.