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Sarah Hennies

Bespoke Slovakian label mappa (Diatribes, MP Hopkins) gave composer Sarah Hennies and vibraphone player Lenka Novosedlíková a brief for this new record - compose something that would fill the space of a decrepit-yet-beautiful church they had found in the tiny village of Kyjatice. Sisters, the resulting LP, is a wonderfully stilling experience. Novosedlíková’s vibraphone resonates gorgeously in the space, and Hennies’ eerily beautiful music is reminiscent of Bernard Herrmann or Terry Riley.
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  • mappa

Conversaphone Plus

First album from six years from improvisational group IQ+1. Here, on Coversaphone Plus, the six band members create six tracks of fully liberated, and unconstrained collective mayhem. The most compelling thing about the record is how non-hierarchical it sounds, with no one member ever taking precedence over the others. On mappa.
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  • mappa