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Sarah Hennies

Bespoke Slovakian label mappa (Diatribes, MP Hopkins) gave composer Sarah Hennies and vibraphone player Lenka Novosedlíková a brief for this new record - compose something that would fill the space of a decrepit-yet-beautiful church they had found in the tiny village of Kyjatice. Sisters, the resulting LP, is a wonderfully stilling experience. Novosedlíková’s vibraphone resonates gorgeously in the space, and Hennies’ eerily beautiful music is reminiscent of Bernard Herrmann or Terry Riley.

Conversaphone Plus

First album from six years from improvisational group IQ+1. Here, on Coversaphone Plus, the six band members create six tracks of fully liberated, and unconstrained collective mayhem. The most compelling thing about the record is how non-hierarchical it sounds, with no one member ever taking precedence over the others. On mappa.
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