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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Meat And Bone

Jeeeesus, I thought these were permanently gonna be on the W-A-T-N? dumper, the geezer singing on the opening tune doesn't even sound much like the man my friend Charlotte once proclaimed "the sexiest man on the planet" after watching him simulate sex with a theremin for 10 minutes at a f...view item »

Soft Rains

This would appear to be a sonic adaptation of a Raymond Bradbury short story, taking as as base layer the 1975 reading of the story by… Leonard Nimoy! Around Nimoy’s dulcet tones, Zarelli’s Carwyn Ellis builds up a primarily electronic structure, echoing the h...view item »

Miraculous Mule
Blues Uzi

Miraculous Mule filled in the gap between their debut Deep Fried and their new full-length Two Tonne Testimony with 2014’s nice little mini album, now reissued. Blues Uzi is full of soul and fire and groovy energy, perfect for keeping modern fans of bluesy gospel rock satisfied. Vinyl reissue wit...view item »

Boss Hog
Brood X

16 years down from the last Boss Hog release and the formula remains unchanged. Christina Martinez sneers effusively in a manner pitched somewhere between Kathleen Hanna and Debbie Harry; Jon Spencer’s licks haven’t lost any fuzz even if he may have acquired some gre...view item »

Candy Bomber
Volume 1

Bass player Paul Lemp named the Candy Bomber project after his own recording studios. He got together with a bunch of like-minded musicians to realise a dream of free musical expression. Bad Seeds drummer Thomas Wylder and Ingo Krauss, a collegue of the legendar...view item »

Boss Hog
Brood Star

Boss Hog is one of the slightly lesser-known projects of big rock & roll man Jon Spencer, forming a potent double act with the fierce Cristina Martinez. Brood Star is a brand new release issued as a preview for a forthcoming full-length, although it makes a potent enough mark in jus...view item »

The Still
The Still

As well as Chris Abrahams, the pianist in The Necks, this Berlin-centric ensemble features Rico Repontente, Derek Shirley, Steve Heather...view item »

Gemma Ray
The Exodus Suite

Gemma Ray’s new album was recorded in Berlin, in the former Tempelhof Airport. The Exodus Suite is a dramatic set of tunes, a grown-up pop record with superb piano touches from Carwyn Ellis. The LP edition bumps 2 of the tracks from the CD edition onto a bonus 7”, packed alongside. On Bronze...view item »

United Sounds of Joy
United Sounds of Joy

A stunning self-titled debut from United Sounds of Joy. Both artists originally worked together in Dream City Film Club, but as a duo make a downbeat dream-pop with experimental tendencies hidden in catchy hooks.  A really lovely slice of psychedelic noir powered by sultry vocals and elegant arrangements....view item »

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
That's It Baby Right Now We Got To Do It Let's Dance! (Live in Tokyo 2015)

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - That’s It Baby Now We Got To Do It Let’s Dance (Live In Tokyo 2015) Captures the world’s wildest rock ‘n’ roll three-piece on top form. Armed with only two guitars, a drum kit and a theremin, JSBX burn through songs from their Freedom Tower...view item »

Monk Parker
How The Spark Loves The Tinder

Here we have the debut solo album of Monk Parker, although it has quite a few musicians on it for a solo album (more than thirty). How The Spark Loves The Tinder is one of those indie-ish americana records, Parker's wearied vocals providing a strong centre for these woozy songs. On Bronzerat ...view item »

Heavy Trash

Remember The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion? Of course you do. Well this is a side project from Jon alongside Matt Verta-Ray. Heavy Trash are in parts as cool as their name, documented perfectly here on Noir!. A collection of outtakes, experiments and improvisations that explore the dark heart of the blues. Out on vinyl LP...view item »

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Freedom Tower - No Wave Dance Party 2015

At Lollapalooza in New York in 1995, Thurston Moore, of Headliners Sonic Youth, proclaimed Jon Spencer to be the king of New York as he dedicated a song to him. 20 years later comes Freedom Tower - No Wave Dance Party 2015, the new album from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion...view item »

Krzysztof Komeda
The Dance of the Vampires

This is the first ever release of Polish Jazz legend Krzysztof Komeda’s score for Roman Polanski’s 1967 camp horror classic ‘Dance of the Vampires’. The music consists of terrifying choirs and rising and falling bass motif’s giving a generally chilling atmosphere.  Yet it  sometimes slides into  reall...view item »

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
Zim Zam Zim

Entering the kaleidoscopic state with The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. Zim Zam Zim is the latest odyssey from the archaic acid warriors. Full of tripped out horn harmonies, Brown's idiosyncratic vocal delivery and all the neo-psychedelic vibes you would expect. Think Zappa, Beefheart and the rest. Out on vinyl...view item »

Ned Collette & Wirewalker
Networking in Purgatory

Networking in Purgatory is the latest vinyl & CD from Ned Collette & Wirewalker. Evoking the spirit of acoustic troubadours Nick Drake, Neil Dimond and the alternative-pop procession of the Arcade Fire. If you like End of the Road festival, Bon Iver and loads of serious songs from Australia via Berlin then what ...view item »

Gemma Ray
Milk For Your Motors

Gemma Ray's new album, 'Milk For Your Motors', brings together dark pop tones, goth folk and noir with a more conventional girl-group aesthetic, recalling a sound championed by Marissa Nadler and Zola Jesus.    Tracks: The Wheel ...view item »

Gemma Ray & Sparks
Gemma Ray Sings Sparks (With Sparks)

Wow. Gemma Ray takes on two classic Spark's tracks with the help of...of all people, the brothers Sparks. Can't say I've heard of anything like this before and I'm surprised it sounds so good. Gemma Ray goes at these songs with confidence, fitting her noir style breathy vocals around the g...view item »

Clear Air Turbulence

This is right up my street. Matt Thompson from Guapo and Zoltan has put together an album of horror-inspired synth worship. I like the photo-collages on the sleeve too, they help add to the feel that it's some lost recording from the early '80s. It isn't, although Thompson is using exclusi...view item »

Gemma Ray
Down Baby Down

Gemma Ray's new fantasy soundtrack album somewhat precariously showcases her skills as a multi-instrumentalist. Alongside Thomas Wydler (drums), Rory More (organ) and Wilhelm Stegmeier (bass), Gemma handles the vocals, guitar, piano, clavioline, glockenspiel, melodica and even the dulcimer, to bring us a short but oh so sweet sonic experience th...view item »

Solex Ahoy! The Sound Map of the Netherlands

Elisabeth Esselink, aka Solex, has been teasing our ears for years now with her marvellous future-pop constructions built from samples, live instrumentation electronics and vocals, all melted together into a totally accessible whole. For this album she and partner in sound Bart van Poppel navigated Holland&rsqu...view item »

Gemma Ray
Island Fire

I think this is an excellent album. I heard one of the songs, "Flood and Fire" on the TV show "The Killing" and it made a big impact on me; it was just so haunting. Minimalist production which wisely keeps Ms. Ray's voice front and centre. I like the guitar sound she uses and I think her voice and phrasing are wonderful. I'm a fan of other femal...view item »

Gemma Ray
It's A Shame About Gemma Ray

I really like this album, it's timeless and unique. I don't care if they're covers of songs they are all just straight slick diamonds o' coolness. You can't go wrong, and if you do, it might as well be with Gemma Ray singing ya down the waterslide at her simply-super-fly finest. Go ahead and buy this for Halloween and it will taste just like can...view item »

Solex vs Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer
Amsterdam Throwdown King Street Showdown!

Bizzarathon collaboration from dextrous queen of sampledelica & rare Dutch groove - Solex, and Mr. & Mrs. Jon Spencer. A record bursting with Psychedelic 'n' tripped-out lounge-hop & groovy art-house blues, all brimming with a mildly kaleidoscopic & woozy essence, that's the delicious result. The old squalling electrified fuzz-...view item »

Gemma Ray
Light Out Zoltar

This music is almost impossible to categorise. On the surface, you'll find intelligent songwriting and highly diverse soundscapes. Below the surface you'll find dark lyrics painting pictures of worn emotions and far-away places. You get the psychedelic orchestrations of "Snuck a Peek" and minimalist psychedelia of "Dig Me a River" to the Field M...view item »

Seasick Steve
Dog House Music

Steve's raw and honest delivery is not the sound you'd expect to find being played at a nice club, but rather a dive bar alongside the swamp or busking on a dirty street. I wouldn't want it any other way. There are a few stories and humour in these songs but overall I was impressed by this joker’s serious songwriting, singing and playing. ...view item »