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Dead Wood
Plotting And Backstabbing

Andrew Perry/Dead Wood
The Victory EP

I Before E
Time Is No Healer

Le Storie Che Invento Non le so Raccontare

Got a few lathe cuts in this week from Dirty Demos, the majority of which are in super limited numbers like 20. They've pressed a few more of this K-Conjog 7" (80!!) so we thought we should give it a whirl and tell you what we think. Well, K-Conjog knocks out ultra lo-...view item »

Dead Wood
Polystar/Blotch Yea

Here's Dead Wood with a super-limited lathe cut 7". This, Phil tells me, is the first black lathe cut record he's ever seen. It's limited to 50, too, so these will basically sell themselves whatever I say. We've got a droney noise on one side of the record and another droney noise on the other side of the record. The one on the first side I ...view item »

Suckinim Baenaim/Batalj

Sound_00/ Iversen

oooh lets check this 7" by Sound_00 and Iversen. Well, if you've ever wanted a record with minimal, spacious recordings from the depths of hell, in Siberia, then the 1st side of this record is for you. Like Satan's breath curling through a crumbling church at 3 0'clock in the morning. Or it could be at the wrong speed. Sinis...view item »


I've been given a single to do by Blackpepper on Dirty Demos. its called 'VQarekk'. I'm not sure what that means. Anyway its decent breakbeat electronica with nods towards Chevron, early Squarepusher, stuff on Planet Mu. Lots of skittery drums, bleepy electronics and booming sub bass. Nods here and there to old jungle type stuff with the effected s...view item »

Explosions & Screaming
Infinitely Huge & Endlessly Loud

Dead Wood
Same Place Different Weather

Preliminary Saturation
Staring At Empty Eyes

The Four Fishmermen
Fallen Oak

Jason Kerley

Here's another CD on the ole Dirty Demos label. This one is by Jason Kerley who a handful of you may of heard of from his work in Blackpepper (nothing to do with Salt & Pepa). Here you get a whole album of experimental electronic droney ambience which veers on the sound art side of things. That said it's quite listenable for sound art and it's ...view item »
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Sindre Bjerga
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

Again on the same label we have SINDRE BJERGA with I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, to which the response would be ok flowers are out but do I really deserve this!! Wave and waves  of grimey distorted sound gush from the speakers. Shame Ant isn't here because he would love this sort of  noise ...view item »
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Joe + n
Head Cold

Again on Dirty Demos we have JOE + N . with Head Cold. Funny thing is I've got a head cold and ear infection and this noisy guitarist isn't helping. They describe it as New York Guitar Sprawl. Its sound a bit like some kid who's just got an electric guitar and amp for his 16th birthday and is bashing...view item »

From Being to Annihilation

Cool little CD here on Dirty Demos, packaged in a felt tigerprint jacket thing. On From Being to Annihilation Heliotaxis remind me a fair bit of Heavy Winged, having that same clanging, lo-fi improv jam thing going on. It sounds like it was recorded in a toilet and mixed by a man with mirrors where his ears should be.. That's a good thing in this...view item »

I Before E
Track and Field

Got a pretty cool CD on the ever impressive Dirty Demos label from I Before E which is the work of Adam Baker (Dead Wood/No Context) and Nick Davidson (Pinkeye/Orange Eye). It's a suitably fine soundtrack for my current state of sore throat, tooth ache and pre-christmas work mentalism. Its a s...view item »

Black Serama
Holy Subversive

Black Serema are a brother and sister duo from Sheffield and they have their debut release out on Dirty Demos. It goes under the wonderful title of 'Holy Subversive' and it's pretty fucking crazy sounding with it's spooky female vocals and disturbed guitar wails and strange electronics. Brian reckons it sounds like someone doing elephant impression...view item »

Stompa Og Stine


Sindre Bjerga
Split Series #2 Cam Deas

Never one's to shy away from the strange and experimental side of things are Dirty Demos who seem to unleash things in batches. This week we're blessed with a few exciting things. One of which has found itself in front of me. A slick little packaged discie which is the second installment in their split series. This comes from Norwegian drone master...view item »
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Little Village Suite

Making Clocks

'Making Clocks' is a CD by Gish is one of those abstract sound manipulators who is spot on when you're mourning Turkey losing against the ever dominating German footy team. I mean, why does the underdog always get a kick in the teeth just when yr roaring for them? I think I'll go listen to some wobbly, off kilter plinking underlaid with some cheeky...view item »
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Guillaume Gargaud
Le Lieu

More lovelyness from the Dirty Demos label this week. Always an interesting label challenging the boundaries of music. How grown up did that sound.... Here's Guillaume Gargaud with a CD pressed a digipack edition of 150 copies in total. I feel like I've just done a bunch of droney noise CD's and here's another one. I like is sort of music a load of...view item »
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To Semiturn
A Journey At Sea by Lois Laplace

Dead Wood/ Red Needled Sea
Split Series #3

The first release is a split CD by Dead Wood which is label head honcho Adam Baker and Red Needled Sea who I think is some Greek dude. If I'm wrong then apologies in advance but after years of experience running an international mail order company I've never heard of anyone called Panos who ain't Greek. Eggs is eggs, yer mam's yer dad and...view item »
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Kasper Van Hoek
Den Haag/ Groningen/ Froombosch

Also on the Dirty Demos label is a CD by Kasper Van Hoek: 'Den Haag/Groningen/Froombosch' which is 6 tracks of field recordings which are named after the streets they were recorded in. It's all quite fuzzy and distorted and it's not an easy listen by any stretch of the means. Tonal crackles and whizzles aplenty, it's like being the piece ...view item »
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A Whole Day

Aarde next with a 6 tracker CDr on Dirty Demos. 'Little Hug' is a mighty (sometimes a smidge dark) ambience which long term readers/sufferers of our review pages will recall I once thought was pointless. After I found my ears in the back of the wardrobe a couple of years ago, I've developed a fondness for computer generated ghostly tendrils of digi...view item »

Lille Hus

Sinnataggen:'Little Hus' (Dirty Demos) Is pretty 4 track three inch CD that makes a lovely racket out of acoustic and synthetic instruments, turns vocals and sound FX inside out and round and round to dizzying effect through it's contagious whirling sound program, out of breath pace and backwards and forwards directions. What's good about this is i...view item »
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Dead Wood, Sindre Bjerga, Various
The Doors of Dorset Is The Doorway To Norway

V/A: 'The Doors Of Dorset is The Doorway To Norway' (Dirty Demos) Is a limited edition self made CDR release (of 40) that compiles the work of Dead Wood: tonal drone-work in the higher register, Anders Gjerde: buzzing low end waves, Jason Kerley: spectral whisperings from an emotional soundtrack, Sten Ove Toft: muted, ghost-like interjections clima...view item »
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Textured Bird Transmission
Singing Through Trees

Textured Bird Transmission: 'Singing Through Trees' (Dirty Demos), limited edition of 50 3" CDR's housed in a purple velvety pouch. A kind of deep listening experience that floats just around the threshold of the barely audible revealing aerospace atmospherics and cloud bursting dynamics that punctuate the near-silence. ...view item »
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All Worlds

Ant here with some words about stuff....Iamblichi have a cool disc out on Dirty Demos. 'All Words' is a ltd edition of fifty copies and is a hand sprayed CDr in clamshell case. It captures the sound of the label perfectly with a broad range of electronic sounds. Ambient drones, Raster Noton style minimal electronics, pops, glitches, field recording...view item »
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Disabled Algebra

We have a smart little 3" CD from Blackpepper on Dirty Demos. 'Disabled Algebra' is a wonky breakbeat 4 tracker that reminds me of Aphex at times. Quality mashed up breaks and that. 'Polygon Corn Flour Decay' Has a cool squelchy analogue synth riff to get your brain dancing. Edition of 100 numbered copies with hand drawn insert and free 'Patte...view item »
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King Razor/ Posset
Split Series

Bjerga/Iversen, Various
Observation Point Volume 2

It's always a pleasure to get some Dirty Demos CD's in my review pile. For me they embrace everything I love about DIY culture. The music is always forward thinking, the packaging always looks great and they always have that special handmade touch. You can just tell it's done with passion and a genuine love. You may remember the 'Observation Poin...view item »
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Location Study

For all those agoraphobics and those among us who are spooked by silence we have a cure of sorts. Its called LOCATION STUDY, A Collection Of Field Recordings And Found Sound. Basically it's people recording sounds from around the world and offering them to us for our listening pleasure. So we're taken from ...view item »
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The Domestic Front

Not one but three new releases on Dirty Demos have just arrived. THE DOMESTIC FRONT 3" CD 'Datenschutz' sounds particularly interesting as it uses raw data from digital sources imported into a sound editor to produce noise and rhythms. A process I find intriguing but regardless of this, the results are a good old mix of e...view item »
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Red Needled Sea
Signal Transmission

The second 3"CD in on Dirty Demos is RED NEEDLED SEA's 'Signal Transmission' which is a single 16 minute 44 second  piece which uses sinister ambient drones, static hisses and distant melodies  to produce a track that will make you feel like you've been sniffing petrol. I do recommend listening to this however&n...view item »
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Patchwork Connect - Deadwood remixed

...If  that's not enough for you then there's 'Patchwork Connect' a 19 track compilation of  Dead Wood tracks remixed by BJERGA / IVERSEN, MATTHEW, OZKA, BLACKPEPPER, STEN OVE TOFT, ORANGE EYE, POSSET, THE APPLESEED PROJECT, PATTEN, EVERY KID ON SPEED,SOUND_00, SWAMPS UP NOSTRILS, MAKINOIZE, OAK etc Again this is bl...view item »

Pink Eye Ft. Linda, Sound_00, Thee Moths, Various
Observation Point Vol 1

Now for something that truly is worthy of your attention. The damn fine Dirty Demos label have spoiled us rotten this week with a bargain priced compilation CD entitled 'Observation Point Volume One'. This features a whopping 17 tracks from LOISL, MATTHEW, LITTLE BOAT, NOW, SOUND_00/IVERSEN, O.M.S, THEE MOTHS, DEAD WOOD etc. Q...view item »

Germlin & Thee Moths
Beau Chien