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Bestselling artists on Souk Records this year: Only Now

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Only Now

Souk Records snapped up the acclaimed Only Now - a.k.a. musician Kush Arora - after a trio of self-released records earlier in 2019. Built from five tracks, Captivity is a whirling cloud of riotous broken beat and heavenly atmospherics that’s reminiscent of the best Warp releases and the likes of F**k Buttons. 

Grup Ses and Ethnique Punch
Deli Divan

Interesting stuff here from Grup Ses, with an album of two halves The intoxicating beat tracks that Grup Ses puts together, using distant Turkish samples and flavoured grooves, are powerful both on their own and supporting vocals, and that’s what we get on Deli Divan: the same tracks twice, once with verses by Ethnique Punch and once without. Fabulous beat atmospheres on Souk Records.

Que Jue?

Romperayo is Pedro Ojeda from Colombia. Pedro is primarily a drummer, but on second Romperayo album Que Jue? he also picks up a bunch of samplers and instruments in order to go it alone. The resulting tracks are vivid and intensely rhythmic, with sounds piling up on top of each other without ever quite falling over. Out on Souk Records.